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Explore everything from our increasingly concerning world’s population growth trends, globalization, and eco footprint consumption of natural resources with this eye-opening Global Issues PBL unit. By the end of this unit, your students will able to: - Articulate exactly how surging and declining po
Explore all that brings the world together with our Globalization 3-book BUNDLE. About this Resource: Start off by helping students make informed decisions about civil matters with Culture, Society & Globalization. Explore the negative impacts of the spread of Western culture to the rest of th
Globalization Differentiated Reading PassagesPrintable + Digital Paperless Versions IncludedWith this resource, students will learn about recycling through reading an engaging passage on differentiated reading levels. There are 8 original reading passages included on 4 reading levels covering grades
Globalization Webquest IKEA, COKE, WALMART, MCDONALDS Geography Culture Webquest Activity Need a computer with internet access. Explore the globalization of four companies with this webquest.
Teaching interdependence is a tough subject. It's even difficult for adults to grasp the enormity of this topic! I designed this packet to be a simple introduction to economic interdependence and globalization. It satisfies the core standards to teach how technology has shaped globalization. The pac
This exploration in which students will explore where their stuff comes from is set up like a lab. Social studies students can use this exploration to identify how connected they are to the rest of the world in the globalization era. Students will collect and analyze data about clothing, food, and o
This is an introduction to globalization designed for a world history survey course. It discusses the implications of globalization as it relates to technology (as it advances and connects us), economics (as our international economies are tied, with a brief Persian Gulf War focus), and internationa
Globalization, Trade, and Poverty: Crash Course Economics Video Analysis with Key- This is a 10 page document that contains a video analysis assignment and a completed teachers key for easy marking. It contains 36 questions based on The Crash Course Economics video: Globalization, Trade, and Poverty
Learn how the global economy functions and how the world relies on each other to survive. Our resource debates the pros and cons of nationalization and privatization as it relates to the global economy.About this Resource: Review the early history of currency, from the barter system to metal money,
Enter a world run on technology and find out why disparities exist between developed, developing and underdeveloped nations. Our resource helps students comprehend the process of globalization through technology.About this Resource: Write a screenplay about an inventor whose work influenced globali
Reading comprehension worksheet on the Post-Cold War era and the key events that occurred during the time period. Worksheets have key information and reading comprehension questions with space to answer each one right on the page. Topics include: The end of the Cold War Developing countries The Gr
Make the hard-to-grasp concept of “globalization” real for your students with a scaffolded analysis of Thomas Friedman’s best-seller book, The World Is Flat, the eye-opening documentary, Two Million Minutes, and the largely unheard-of disruptor—open courseware. Culminate their learning with a poster
Directions: This webquest is devoted to the influence of globalization. In order to study this theme we should learn some information about the term globalization, the historical background of this notion, anti-globalization views, pro-globalization views. At the end of this, we will debate whether
Welcome to the NYS Grade 3 Social Studies Inquiries!Have you read through the Inquiries and don't know how to get started? Are you struggling to organize the content and engage your learners?Download the Inquiry from the links provided, print and prep all your needed materials, and you will be ready
Explore everything from our increasingly concerning world’s population trends to global industrialization to our eco footprint consumption of natural resources with this eye-opening Global Issues PBL mini unit. By the end of this mini unit, your students will be able to: - Articulate how surging an
EconomicsInternational TradeExports and ImportsFree Trade and Trade Barriers This learning package focuses on the basics of international trade. It is easy to implement as a lesson or as self-guided work. The material is sequenced, scaffold, and simplified in order to enhance overall learning compre
Help students make informed decisions about civil matters and lifestyle choices that affect themselves and the world. Our resource provides students with the building blocks to understand the debates and issues surrounding globalization.About this Resource: Go back in time to experience the influen
This 33-slide Power Point presentation includes a skeleton outline for easy student note taking. This presentation is designed to cover some of the key concepts in the Geography unit for AP Human Geography but is also great for an economics class. The presentation begins with a detailed definition
In which John Green teaches you about globalization, a subject so epic, so, um, global, it requires two videos. In this video, John follows the surprisingly complex path of t-shirt as it criss-crosses the world before coming to rest on your doorstep, and eventually in your dresser. (Unless you're on
This is a worksheet to accompany the crash course video for World History #41: Globalization I. Answer key is included as well.By purchasing this file, you agree not to make it publicly available (on websites, etc.) or to share with any other teachers. It is intended for classroom use only.=====Inte
Students are going to see how Globalization Effects them everyday through the lens of music! They are going to analyze their own Musical Interests and see where their music comes from! It is crazy to see how Dynamic Music is and where it comes from, and your students are going to illustrate this to
Don't you just love the John Green Crash Course Videos? Green manages to cover so much information in just 10-15 minutes. They are great for review or for a preview of new information. The problem is...sometimes he just talks so darn fast, that it can be easy to miss the important information! That'
This activity allows students to consider their and other's beliefs about the causes and consequences of globalization. Four Corner Discussions are an amazing way to get students out of their seats and talking! Sometimes though, students have the tendency to camp out in one spot, follow their frien
**This is the chapter slice "The History of Currency Gr. 5-8" from the full lesson plan Economy & Globalization Gr. 5-8**About the FULL RESOURCE:Learn how the global economy functions and how the world relies on each other to survive. Our resource debates the pros and cons of nationalization and

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