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Results for graduated cylinder

120+ results

Graduated Cylinders - Measuring the Volume of a Liquid {FREEBIE}

Having a hard time finding assessments for measuring the volume of a liquid? I always pair this assessment with real, hands-on practice in the classroom. I’ve also used it to introduce this topic with the assessment first so the students know how to read the graduated cylinders before you give them one with water in it. There are 6 questions on this one page assessment and an answer document that goes with it. You can use them as exit tickets, homework, class practice, final assessments or in a

Measurement Volume (Graduated Cylinder),Temperature & Mass (Triple Beam Balance)

Created by
This worksheet has basic practice reading volume with a graduated cylinder, reading a thermometer in degrees Celsius, and reading mass on a triple beam balance. This would be a great review or homework assignment following a measurement lab.

Graduated Cylinders & Displaced Volume (Irregular Shaped Objects)-FREEBIE

These displaced volume exercises will give your students the practice they need to master this difficult skill. I always pair this assessment with real, hands-on practice in the classroom. I’ve also used it to introduce this topic with the assessment first so the students know how the process works before giving them the hands-on practice.There are 4 questions per page. You can use it as an exit ticket, homework, class practice, final assessment or in any other way you see fit. Enjoy! Included

Reading a Graduated Cylinder Lesson Presentation

Click here for the Google Slides Version!This presentation walks students through reading a graduated cylinder. Guided practice encourages students to practice skills throughout the presentation!Please let me know if I could add or change anything to make this product even better! Your feedback is always appreciated!!Also see my presentation on Metric Length (FREE!) and Metric Conversion!

Reading Graduated Cylinders - Student Reference Pages {FREEBIE}

This FREE reference was designed to help students learn the steps to measuring the volume of a liquid. They can be used a variety of ways and I have carefully crafted them to be very step-by-step and detailed. Enjoy! Included in this package: ✔ Student Handout “What is a meniscus?” ✔ Student Handout “How to Read a Graduated Cylinder” This zip file contains PDF files only. If you are having problems opening this zip file, please take a look at this first (Zip File Help). If you are still havin

Graduated Cylinders Clip Art

I have created two graduated cylinders for third grade math common core activities. These can be printed out and pasted on student work or pasted onto Power Point/Smart Board/Promethean Board presentations. One suggestion: paste them into Power Point and draw a rectangle over the cylinder(s) to represent the exact amount of liquid. Set the transparency to 51% and it will look nice! To do it: Right click the rectangle; click Format Shape at the bottom of the drop-down menu; make sure you ha

Warm ups measuring graduated cylinders and triple beam balances

Created by
LLT Science
The first sheet has 3 triple beam balances and 3 graduated cylinders to measure, The second sheet is a simple worksheet we use to write down the objective for the day and a space for the students to write down the question and their answer.

Liquid Volume: Measuring with 30 mL Graduated Cylinders FREE Worksheet

Created by
Elly Thorsen
Give your students practice measuring liquid volume in 30 mL graduated cylinders with this free worksheet. In the worksheet, students record the volume of liquid in graduated cylinders and shade the graduated cylinders to show specific volumes. The tick marks on the graduated cylinders count by one. The graduated cylinders in this worksheet show liquid with a meniscus instead of a straight line. This one-page worksheet includes a complete answer key. This free worksheet is a sample from my Liqui

Reading Graduated Cylinders Task Cards

This product includes 16 task cards asking students to read the volume of various sized graduated cylinders. There are four of each 10 mL, 50 mL, 100 mL, and 250 mL sized graduated cylinders to read. Just print, laminate, and cut for use again and again every year! This would be a perfect science station, review, partner work, gallery walk, etc.! Student record sheet & answer key included!

Reading the Volume of Graduated Cylinders

Created by
Jodi's Jewels
Students will read the minor grids, record the volume, and draw the meniscus of graduated cylinders. Can be used in a lab station or as a quick equipment quiz.

Using a Graduated Cylinder: a fun lab activity

Created by
Stuart Giller
This is a fun and educational lab for students to do while learning how to measure liquids in a graduated cylinder. It involves minimal equipment and a very easy lab set-up. Students actively participate in this lab by handling simple equipment, using metric measurements, and making observations and basic calculations.

Measuring Liquid Volumes Using a Graduated Cylinder (ENGLISH AND SPANISH) Part 1

Title: Measuring Liquid Volumes Using a Graduated CylinderThis product is an interactive science lab which focuses on measuring volumes of liquids using a graduated cylinder. It is also shown to the students that the measurements obtained with the graduated cylinder can be corroborated by pouring the water into a rectangular container and measuring the height of the liquid using a ruler. This scientific laboratory contains activities to Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend, and Evaluate. Several par

Graduated Cylinder Test

Science Graduated Cylinder Unit Test (with high quality professional looking images)This graduated cylinder unit test is a shorter version of the paid test without a short answer section or answer key. This test is fully capable of testing student knowledge and understanding of how to use and read graduated cylinders correctly.Note: If you are from a country that usually refers to "graduated cylinders" as "measuring cylinders", please contact me through questions and I may release a "Measuring C

How to Read a Graduated Cylinder

Details on how to read a graduated cylinder with a small example image. This follows the Pearson Physical Science textbook lessons. This is centered to fit into a graphic organizer/interactive notebook.

Journal Topics: Graduated Cylinder and Metric Ruler

Created by
Riki Campbell
Science Journal topics are designed to be a short, reflective part of every class. They can be given at the beginning (following a lesson from the previous day) or end of every class (following the lesson from that day). Statistics show that journaling is very effective for maximizing retention for all level students. These topics are over reading the graduated cylinder and a ruler. This includes four days of journal topics that build on one another. These topics can be written on a white board,

Measuring Volume with Graduated Cylinder

Created by
Bradley Carson
This worksheet contains illustrations of segments of graduated cylinders that have a mark with a meniscus. It is a good introductory exercise for helping students learn volumetric measurements like those found on pipettes, syringes, and other instrumentation in a chemistry lab. Please be sure to rate and follow! Thanks!

Finding Volume Using a Graduated Cylinder

Created by
Miss Reid Reads
Takes students step by step how to find the volume of an object using a graduated cylinder.

Science investigation: Rainbow graduated cylinders

Created by
Clancy Wiesner
This is a basic lab to help students learn how to use different scientific instruments

Reading a Graduated Cylinder

Created by
Violet Science
Graphic to help students understand how to read a graduated cylinder.

Rock and Mineral Density & Identification Worksheet

Created by
The Middle Brain
Students will use graduated cylinders and scales to determine the density of various minerals. Then they will answer questions about hardness and the chemistry of rocks and minerals. I provided students with a box of rocks from which they had to identify quartz and pyrite and then measure the densities of both.

Density Measurement Practice: Find the Density of Everyday Objects.

Created by
Students use a balance and a graduated cylinder to find the density of some everyday objects. Definition of density is included as well as some practical uses/questions about density. Quick, easy and effective! This lesson is part of the following bundle-Check it out! Measuring and Calculating DENSITY Introduction Lesson and Experiment (4) Bundle Check out these other density lessons too! Which bubble gum has more sugar? Density Experiment Scientific Method Density Inquiry Activity Experiment

Styled Stock Photo 3 [Lab equipment 1]

Photo of laboratory glassware - beaker, flask, graduated cylinder. Photo resolution is 300 ppi in JPG format and provided in three sizes: - 11in x 8.5in (landscape) - A4 (landscape) - 8in x 8 in (square) Photo is taken by Beverly O’Loughlin of Bev’s Learning Hut. Please send me a message for any stock photo requests or if you require a custom styled photo. Photos do not have watermark. You can check out the rest of my styled stock photos HERE. *******************************************

How to measure volume Video Notes and Automatic Assessment

Simple visual explanation of what a graduated cylinder is used for, how it is useful because of it's gradations. How to identify and read a meniscus. Proper technique of squatting down to read the meniscus and which graduated cylinder to select when measuring is also discussed. Finally students practice with an online game that gives them automatic feedback.Scaffolded notes are provided for students to have a resource to refer back to in future assignments. Differentiated- some students will

Measurement Unit Quiz

Quiz on different forms of measurement (ruler, thermometer, graduated cylinder, displacement, etc)
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