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graphing jeopardy

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This product features a powerpoint jeopardy-style review game focusing on the standards of graphing. Question categories include: - Tally charts - Pictographs - Bar Graphs - Line Plots - Survey Questions **Question types include 1 and 2-step questions. Question types vary but get harder as th
**Check out more second grade Jeopardy games here!****Check out more third grade Jeopardy games here!****Check out more fourth grade Jeopardy games here!**This Jeopardy game is a great review for bar graphs and picture graphs!There are 2 different bar graphs and 2 different picture graphs in this ga
This is a jeopardy review game for an algebra linear graphing unit. It covers slope, slope-intercept, point-slope, and standard form. There are 30 questions and answers, and the board is well-designed so that anyone with a projector & a computer made after the 1990s should be able to do it. A
Do you need a FUN engaging activity to review GRAPHING? This GRAPHING JEOPARDY style game show is your answer! There are 4 categories with a total of 20 questions: Agree or Disagree (Students agree or disagree with statement given with a graph.) Bar Graphs Line Plots Pictographs All catego
This interactive jeopardy game includes 20 review questions, in 4 different categories: Pictographs, Bar Graphs, Line Plots, & Mixed Bag.
This jeopardy game runs like the real thing. It reviews the standards below using word problems, graphing, and tables. SWBAT describe and represent relations using tables, graphs, and rules. SWBAT create rules to explain the relationship between numbers when a change in the first variable affect
7th - 9th
This product is perfect for review of data and graphing! It is made around Chapter 10 of GoMath for 1st grade but can be used with any curriculum to review early addition strategies.This works very well with Smart/Interactive Boards!
K - 2nd
***These games require PowerPoint!*** These are five separate games to help students review the Linear graphing, exponents, polynomials, quadratics, and systems units for an algebra class, plus a bonus game for matrices. The preview file contains only snapshots of a few of the slides in PDF format
A fun and exciting way for students to review Graphs, Probability, and Combinations/Outcomes. This game is similar to a Jeopardy Game where students will answer the questions to earn points! This game puts a little twist on regular Jeopardy by turning it into what I call "Jailbreak Jeopardy". The st
Jeopardy game. Students practice concepts by choosing from categories Graphing Quadratics, Factoring Quadratics, Completing the Square, and the Quadratic Formula. Teams earn points for correct answers. Power point links home screen directly to questions as they are chosen by students. Then connects
Integer, Absolute Value, and Coordinate Graphing Jeopardy Review Game!Fabulous review game going over all things integers, absolute value, and coordinate graphing!*Game includes 5 topics (Integers - Absolute Value - Graphing (1) - Graphing (2) - Miscellaneous) with 5 questions each, as well as a cha
This lesson is a powerpoint Jeopardy game about writing and graphing linear equations. There are six different sections of questions that include: Slope, writing equations, intercepts, slope intercept form, graphing equations, interpreting graphs. Each section has a question for $100-$500, totaling
This is a fun class activity to review solving systems of equations. It comes with a worksheets that all students will fill out as the class moves through the game. There are five categories each with five of its own problems. Kids enjoy it for the competition, teachers love it for all the review.
★★★This is a fun interactive way to review bar graphs and picture graphs! This PowerPoint game is fun, engaging, and easy to use! This would be perfect before a test on this skill. I have used this in my own classroom and my students love it! There are so many ways you can play Jeopardy with your st

Also included in: Math Games Growing Bundle

This jeopardy game is a great review activity for your kiddos!Watch the video preview to see how it works. Lessons covered in the game: - Addition (including missing addend) - Subtraction (including missing addend) - Place Value (building with base ten blocks, expanded form, comparing numbers) - Gr
This jeopardy is perfect after you have gone over graphs and data in class. The students have to correctly read graphs, identify what is missing from a graph, and find the mean, mean, mode, or range of a set of data.
4th - 6th
Categories: Slopes, X and Y Intercepts, Graphing Lines, Slope-Intercept Form
7th - 10th
An engaging & super fun way to assess student knowledge of speed, velocity & acceleration and recognizing graphing scenario! Students either answer vocab and equation questions or have to identify the graphing scenario presented OR draw what graph the scenario is talking about! While worki
7th - 10th
Jeopardy game that covers MD.4.9 and MD.4.10. Students interpret bar graphs, pictographs, and line plots.
Algebra 1 - Graphing Jeopardy Review Game The review game is a Jeopardy style game. There is a PowerPoint file that contains all the questions and answers. The categories are slope, intercepts, graphing in slope-intercept form, graphing in standard form, and graphing in point-slope form. When
7th - 9th
This in an interactive Jeopardy Game created by Ms.MathHelps that you can use as a class activity. The 5 topics include: Interpreting graphs, estimating in word problems, primes and composites, fraction of a picture as a pictorial and in word problems, and division of fractions. This is something I
5th - 7th
This PowerPoint presentation provides a review for students in graphing and data. It aligns with a widely-used Math curriculum and addresses the following Common Core standards: 3.MD.3, 3.MD.4

Also included in: Math Jeopardy Bundle

This Jeopardy focuses on what makes a relation a function, linear functions, and absolute value functions. It is common core aligned for Algebra 1. Its columns are as follows: Functions (is it a function? domain and range), Linear Parts (y=mx+b, slope, intercepts), Graph Me (Graphing a linear equati

Also included in: Jeopardy for Algebra

This is an interactive Smart Notebook file that will have your student that will have your students on the edge of their seats as they review graphing radical equation concepts. The game consists of 20 questions and the answer to each question is hidden on the slide, making it quick and easy to all
8th - 9th

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