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graphs of polynomial functions

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graphs of polynomial functions

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A game modeled after the tv show "The Weakest Link". Students in groups try to answer each problem correctly and earn as many points as possible. If a team answers correctly and hasn't banked their earnings, they loose all of there points. Topics include zeros, end behaviors, multiple zeros, numb
10th - 11th
This resource focuses on students learning about the key feature of end behaviors for functions. Follow the dot dudes along the function to the left and right to help build the concept. The idea of End behavior of functions is developed graphically and then connected to polynomial functions writte
Students will work through 20 task cards using knowledge of even and odd degrees, positive and negative leading coefficients, end behaviors, zeros, factors, and generating equations.
This activity sheet, containing ten exercises, focuses on the students analyzing the graphs of polynomial functions. These analysis skills can be applied as students continue their study of graphs in other mathematics classes. Students will graph some functions by hand and others with a graphing ca
This is an assessment that I use for my Algebra 2 class in the middle of the third unit. Topics include sketching the general shape of graphs, writing functions given graphs, writing polynomials given zeros (real and imaginary solutions), finding all factors and zeros of polynomials (degrees of 3 an
10th - 12th
graphing polynomilas functions that have been factored by finding the intercepts and end behavior and writing equations of polynomial functions when the graph is given.There is a (free) video lesson that goes with each of the guided notes on my YouTube channel called "Janice Parks".
9th - 12th
Power Point presentation, 21 slides, Explaining how to Identify a polynomial function by its graph, based on IB Mathematics: Analysis and approaches, Higher Level Syllabus.More resources www.mathssupport.org
The following product has been used as a booklet for notes on analyzing graphs of polynomial functions. This product can be used in many different ways as a resource/notes/homework in the classroom.
10th - 12th
Students must work with a partner using the Rational Root Theorem and the Remainder Theorem to identify four points on their cubic polynomial. Using the points to set up a system of equations and a system of matrices they solve for the coefficients and constant term of the polynomial that passes th
The objective for this lesson is How to sketch the graph of a polynomial function. I go through the features of a graph - including the end behavior as well as number of turns. These lessons are done in Smart Notebook. Each lesson contains an Opening Activity (bell ringer);an objectives slide, whic
9th - 12th
Polynomial and Rational Functions (PreCalculus Curriculum - Unit 3) DISTANCE LEARNINGUPDATE: This unit now contains a Google document with: (1) Links to instructional videos. Videos are created by fellow teachers for their students using the guided notes from the unit.  Please watch through firs
10th - 12th

Also included in: PreCalculus Curriculum

Students will write the linear equations for 18 graphs using Google™ Sheets. Two levels provide easy differentiation:Level 1: Write in Slope-Intercept FormLevel 2: Write in Standard FormCorrect answers will be indicated by the text color changing from red to black and students will be rewarded with
Students will solve 15 algebraic equations using Google™ Sheets. Four levels provide easy differentiation:Level 1: Graphing MethodLevel 2: Substitution MethodLevel 3: Elimination MethodLevel 4: Any MethodCorrect answers will be indicated by the text color changing from red to black and students will
These two sorting activities will help your students practice identifying end behaviors for polynomial functions. They will classify each function according to its end behavior using cards with a mix of equations, explanations, and graphs. ** This resource is also available as part of a DISCOUNTED
10th - 12th, Higher Education
The digital version of my popular ALGEBRA 1 WARM UPS Bundle (ENTIRE YEAR of Bell Ringers/Exit Tickets) is now available! The entire year of BELL RINGERS / WARM-UPS / EXIT TICKETS with over 200 algebra problems is available in digital format via 72 Google Forms to meet the needs of teachers incorpora
7th - 10th
Students sketch polynomial equations written in factored form and write the equations of polynomial graphs in this task cards activity. 16 of the cards ask students to sketch given equations and 12 ask them to write the equations of given graphs. This activity can be used as extra practice, given as
This Mega Bundle of 70 Interactive Algebra 2 Activities with Google® Slides, is Paperless and No Prep for you and will be engaging, fun learning for your students. This works well with and supplements almost every Algebra 2 Curriculum and is perfect for Distance Learning as well as in the traditio
Students will write the linear equations in Slope-Intercept Form for 18 graphs using Google Sheets. This resource currently contains just one Level.Correct answers will be indicated by the text color changing from red to black with a green highlight and students will be rewarded with colored pixels
In this lesson, students discover end behavior of polynomials functions. Students also explore characteristics of functions, including local/absolute maxima, local/absolute minima, y-intercept, x-intercepts, intervals of increase/decrease, and turning points.Included• Video Warm-Up: Students preview
Use as an end of year review for Algebra 2 final exam OR as a summer math for students who have just completed Algebra 2 to maintain their knowledge in the summer OR for back to school in Pre-Calculus with a quick review! It also works well as a no-prep emergency sub packet! Examples, explanations
Great intuitive activity. Students determine the equation of a polynomial function from a graph guided by notes and examples.This activity is designed for PreCalculus. Students determine the minimum degreed polynomial in factored form from a graph. The problems includes repeated roots and also find
9th - 12th, Higher Education
Your Pre-AP PreCalculus students will graph and analyze polynomial functions, describe basic characteristics, determine points of inflection, extrema, concavity and use IVT.What is included in this resource?⭐ Guided Student Notes⭐ 3 Options for Bound-Book-Style Foldables⭐ Fully-editable SMART Board®
Polynomial Functions - Real World Applications: these handouts challenge students to apply their algebra skills in real world situations. The applications can be used as a way to measure student growth or for review. Topics included are: • Graph and evaluate polynomial functions • Identify minima a
Students will solve 12 systems of equations using Google™ Sheets. Four levels provide easy differentiation:Level 1: Graphing MethodLevel 2: Substitution MethodLevel 3: Elimination MethodLevel 4: All 3 Methods(Note: This differentiated resource is designed for each student to complete just one of the

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