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Force and Motion: These force and motion cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about force and motion vocabulary. Force and Motion Vocabulary Terms: ♦ Force, Motion, Inertia, Energy, Gravity, Speed, Velocity, Acceleration                              
Parts of this Can be used as a Distance Learning Packet. Gravity and Mass Unit for Middle School: Students will learn that gravity is a force that attracts and it is influenced by mass and distance of interacting objects. Students will construct arguments based on evidence to support the claim that
This lab is an incredibly fun and easy way to teach students about gravity and to record measurements in weight and length/distance. Literally all you need? A little bit of tape and a meter stick... that's it! Students will absolutely understand more about gravity and mass after completing this in
In this cooperative learning activity, the students will explore the following concepts: 1) The more mass a planet has, the more gravity it has. 2) Planets which have more mass than Earth would have more gravity than Earth. 3) A person would weigh more on these planets than they do on Earth. In
In this one page foldable graphic organizer students will learn the difference between mass and weight. Students will also convert their weights into their mass and use it to calculate how much they will weight in outer space and 11 different celestial bodies. There are three types of foldables
Students will use weights to explore how changing mass impacts gravity. They will then explore the relationship between mass and gravity in space. The product contains three complete labs that are differentiated for all of your students. BUNDLE AND SAVE $$:Buy the Complete Inquiry Labs Bundle and S
This middle school text is a fun read that helps students break the common misconceptions associated with the difference between mass and weight. At a two levels (approaching & on grade and at 750+words) it is perfect for a close read to integrate science and ELA. Comes complete with ELA-style q
⭐ ❤️ A classic fun lab activity made for older students! Grades 7-11! Learn and practice the topics of mass, weight, and gravity. No prior knowledge needed and lots of fun!⭐ This Lab is Broken Down Into 5 Different Tasks ⭐•Task 1- Pre-Lab: Students watch two different short videos about mass, weight,
What is the relationship between weight, mass, and gravity? This concept comparison helps Ss contrast being heavy, to just being. The Concept Comparison Routine is designed to help students understand concepts by analyzing how they are the same and how they are different. Through use of the routi
This worksheet contains basic conceptual questions about Mass, Weight, and Gravity.What’s included in this resource?Printable and editable Student Worksheet (PDF and Word document)Paperless digital version for use in Google Drive (Prepared with Google Slides)Complete Answer KeyFor updates about sale
SIMPLE but effective for middle school students - perfect for interactive notebooks!This properties of matter worksheet provides students with 9 phrases that relate to mass, weight or gravity. Students cut out the phrases and place them in the appropriate boxes on a graphic organizer. Main ideas i
Use this exit ticket as a formative assessment at the end of a lesson on the relationship between gravity, mass, and distance.. There are 4 higher order thinking questions for students to respond to.Each question is a different question style. This exit ticket can also be used as an interactive no
Newspaper formatted Science Literacy Article with 10 question Formative/Summative Assessment. Detailed description of the relationship between gravity, mass and distance on earth as well as in space. Real-life examples assist students with reading comprehension. Use for Pre-test/Post-test to measure
This is another interactive chart that allows you to DRILL your students on the relationship between Gravity, Mass and Distance. You should make a class set that's double-sided. Review the chart side with your students. Quiz them with the other side. Or, just use the quiz by itself. Students should
This resources includes an illustrated 43-slide presentation on Forces and Motion.The topics explored in this lesson are:1) What is a force? 2) What can forces do?3) How do we measure forces? What unit do we use?4) What are contact and non-contact forces? Give examples of each.5) What is friction? W
Having students plan and carry out an investigation they created is powerful! The first thing you need to have going into this activity is patience and knowing that the data collected won’t be the prettiest. Allowing students to design an experiment also takes time, that’s why this resource is 3-5
This Google Slides, digital AND printable science lesson includes two warm-ups (Slide 1), Cornell notes (Slide 2), a lab activity with directions (Slide 3 and 4), a slide presentation to follow along with the notes, an evaluation sheet for students and/or teachers to use (Slide 5) and answer key (Sl
The animations in this presentation will help students understand why objects orbit, free fall, and experience weightlessness depending on other forces acting upon them.
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ This is a 30-Question Multiple Format EDITABLE 2-Page Handout with questions about gravity, weight, and mass.⭐ Students Will Answer ⭐- 15 Multiple Choice Questions- 5 True or False Questions- 5 Fill-In-Blank Questions- 3 Gravity Calculation Questions (using the simple m x g = w equation)- 2 Sh
This resource begins with a 1 page lecture or handout (you choose how to use it) on NGSS Physical Science 9-12.PS2.A focusing on the calculations of gravitational force on an object. It goes through step by step how to calculate weight of an object (dependent on its location, as the acceleration du
This packet contains 6 pages on the following concepts: * Unbalanced/Balanced Forces * Using Vectors (Net Force Arrows) * Finding Mass, Weight and Gravity on other planets An Answer Key is included.
This is virtual lab intended for students to learn and to understand the difference between the three as well as the interaction of weight, mass and gravity. The app is free and this is the lab sheet that students use to navigate through the app to ensure they are learning the necessary information
This collaborative, hands-on station rotation is loaded with resources that will engage students in deep analysis - and deep space! Although this is a materials-heavy project, you’ll hear your students speaking like Astrophysicists by the end of class. This activity has students conduct hands-on res
PDF slides and engaging guided notes for gravity, weight and mass!

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