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Mass and Weight Worksheet: A Science Measurement Resource
This one page worksheet contains ten questions about mass and weight and has a complete answer key. The questions involve the definitions, differences, units of measure, measuring tools, and gravity’s affect on mass and weight.This Mass and Weight Worksheet can also be purchased at a discount as par

Also included in: Science Measurement Worksheet BUNDLE

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Mass and Weight in Space
A resource for teaching the difference between mass and weight in space and the effects of gravity. There is a body kinesthetic activity where students translate Earth jumping distances into how far they could jump on the moon! This packet also describes an integrated math activity and provides a p

Also included in: Outer Space Bundle Stars and Constellations

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Mass and Weight Stations: A Science Measurement Activity
These stations will give your students practice with the difference between mass and weight. The stations cover the following concepts:--Definition, units, and tools used to measure mass and weight--Gravity’s impact on weight--Mass staying the same, regardless of gravity--Measuring mass using a bala
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Attention Getting Question: Would the mass and weight of your body be the same on the moon as it is on Earth? To answer that question, we must learn more about mass and weight. Introduction: What are Mass and Weight? Mass is one of the properties of matter that can be measured. Mass is the amoun
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Matter, Matter, Everywhere! PowerPoint
This PowerPoint is VERY interactive with the students as it introduces the topics and continues to review concepts. There are activities for class or group discussions, journal entries, a lab, and many oral responses. Topics covered: What is matter? Physical properties of matter Mass vs. gravity M
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Weighty Matters!  A Science Measurement Game
Weighty Matters is a fun game for middle school students to help them stop confusing weight, mass, volume, and density! My own students really enjoyed playing and they finally learned the difference between these types of measurements. Your purchase includes: 1. A product description, including h
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Force and motion module
The module introduces students to 4 force and motion lessons. In linear motion students learn about force, mass and motion of a body. Through experimentation they understand effect of gravity on motion uphill and downhill. Lesson two contains activity that enables students to develop understandin

Also included in: Force and Motion Unit

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Racing Cars - A Unit About Force and Motion
This unit is designed to be project based, and teach students how forces affect the motion of car as it moves down a ramp. Students will gain deeper understanding of mass, air resistance, gravity, friction, inertia, and acceleration. Students will explore forces through inquiry-based learning where
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