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Ancient Greece Culture: Olympics, Mythology, Fables, Arts, & More! Google 1:1 Compatible! This Ancient Greek culture lesson is included in the larger "Ancient Greece Unit" located here: Ancient Greece Unit: 15 engaging lessons to teach Ancient Greece! Buy the bundle and save a bundle! -
This slideshow helps elementary students quickly learn about famous landmarks, food, art, and the culture of Greece. You can use this slideshow at the beginning of a unit on Greece, the Greek language, or mythology. You can also print it out and use it as a book for student research. This slideshow
Your students will learn about Greek contributions including mythology, pottery, columns, the Olympics, the Parthenon, and direct democracy with these social studies activities. This product includes:Match the description to the Greek artifact/symbol (column, template, vase, Pegasus, Aristotle, Gree
This video worksheet allows students to learn about music in Ancient Greece. The worksheet helps students better understand the culture and history of Ancient Greece. The video is great for visual learners and helps break up class time so students are more focused throughout the entire period. My st
Revised and Updated JANUARY 2012: Since there is often not enough time to go through all the varied cultural topics as a whole class, this project allows students to act as presenters/experts/teachers to their peers on one specific aspect of ancient Greek culture, This is my culminating student pro
Have your students learn independently as they read, annotate, create a "quick facts" concept chart, and answer questions! This student-centered resource helps to enhance literacy, as well as provide students with a fundamental understanding of the culture of Ancient Greece. They will learn about Gr
Organized "webquest" assignment used in a 9th grade Global Studies class. This assignment typically takes 2 class periods (80 minutes) and a short class discussion to complete. However, it is easy for students to complete on their own. Student will explore the culture and achievements of the ancient
2 page text, maps & pics about How Greek culture spread to the eastern world and Egypt. Greek root vocabulary, map, worksheet, comprehension questions, and photos will explain how Greek culture spread. by Don Nelson
21 slide power point lesson that comes with 2 pages of guided notes. This lesson discusses the ideas behind the culture of Greece. This lesson includes the following: Greek Religion Oracle Architecture Sculpture Drama Writing of Histories Philosophy Sophists Socrates Plato The Republic Ideal State
This Google product contains the third of five lessons from Ancient Greece (1750 B.C-133 B.C) in World History.Lesson objectives:Describe the influence of Ancient Greek concepts related to the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.Identify the culture and values shared by Ancient Greeks.Summari
The assignment contains 32 questions about the arts and culture of Ancient Greece. Students will use kid-friendly websites to answer the questions. I have included an answer key. Please message me if you have any questions. *No prep lesson plan! *The document can be uploaded to your website or Googl
This presentation explains the history and culture of Ancient Greece, from the Minoan Civilization to the conquests of Alexander the Great. It discusses in detail how Greek culture forms the basis for Western civilization. This resource is fundamental for AP European History or World History.
I created this last year as apart of my Ancient Greece Unit. This lesson focuses on the formation of Greece, early Greek culture, geography, trojan war, Greek mythology, and more. It uses pictures, symbols, and other eye catchers to keep the students attention. I have also included notes for the tea
This 43 slide interactive powerpoint can be used as an independent exploratory assignment to dive into information that will help answer the question "How has the Ancient Greek Culture Influenced our Lives Today?" *It can be assigned to students using the "make a copy for each student" option in goo
PowerPoint: 11 slides with transitions animation, and 2 embedded videos. You can purchase “Ancient Greece: Student Notes Outline & Key,” and students can fill it while you go through the PowerPoint. • Animated PowerPoint with transitions • 11 slides • 2 embedded internet videos • Mountains • S
Engaging History Presentations     Mr. Harms has designed a number of PowerPoint and Keynote presentations with keySocial Studies Concepts and Critical Thinking Questions to help students understand history. Designed by a teacher for teachers, this PowerPoint focuses on "Greece: Cultures of the Moun
Each game comes with the 15-slide interactive PowerPoint AND the printable one-page answer key (in PDF and MS WORD). Each unique resource has six different game rounds (with six different questions), and each of the questions has 4, 5 or 6 answers waiting to be revealed. This original format wa
This assignment has students explore museum collections on Ancient Greece from the Google Arts & Culture website. Students will view sculptures, paintings, pottery, architecture, 360 degree views of museums around the world, and more. A great way to engage students in learning about Ancient Gree
This independent project can be completed in a few different ways. You can provide your students with the information to fill out their note pages, or have them find the information through Internet research. They're perfect to pair with a YouTube video and a relevant book for a mini unit study. CLI
GreeceTo differentiate 3 versions of difficulty are providedGreeceHellenic Republic Parliamentary republic AthensGreekEuroMediterranean Sea thousands of islands Aegean SeaIonian Sea Peloponnese Pindus mountain Vikos Gorge Mount Olympus NefosParthenon Acropolis Olive treesloggerhead turtle maquisVoul
A teacher-created worksheet containing objectives, vocabulary, graphic organizers and content for Chapter 5 Lesson 1 of the Journey Across Time text. The lesson is intended for students to complete as a reading comprehension introduction to the lesson. It also functions as an excellent review guide
This PowerPoint lecture is used in a World History class to explain the Geography and Culture of the Classical Greek people. Recommend you also purchase accompanying Guided Lecture Notes handout. Note: Thumbnail preview pics are not an accurate representation of actual slides. Formatting appears
This handout accompanies the Classical Greece Geography & Culture PowerPoint Lecture. This is for the students to fill out while they listen to the lecture. Note: The thumbnails show some formatting changes. I assure you that the downloadable product is nice and neat.
Students learn about Greek geography and culture through a variety of activities, some of which are interactive. Map work orients them to the world around them. Interactive work acquaints them with Greece's development over the centuries and the country's legacy to the world. The Time Line puts e

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