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Greek and Latin Root Center
This product, a Greek and Latin Root Center, includes all that is needed to execute an engaging literacy routine and/or center that introduces and supports the learning of 37 common Greek and Latin Roots. Through the use of word study, vocabulary strategies, picture cues, comprehension pages, and f
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Greek and Latin Roots Center Cards and More
This is a download that has task cards and other resources to use when teaching Greek and Latin roots. These task cards could be used for whole class or small croups, as well as in centers. Includes the following: - Teacher Instructions - Why study Greek and Latin Roots Handout - How to Create a St
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Greek and Latin Roots Word Wall
This large collection of Greek and Latin roots word wall has everything you need to create a color-coded, organized display aligned to your curriculum. All the common Greek and Latin roots, suffixes, and prefixes are covered, along with simple instructions for easy printing in a variety of sizes. Th
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Greek & Latin Roots Word Study BUNDLE - Full Year Vocabulary Program - Gr. 3-4
A comprehensive vocabulary program for grades 3-4!Students will learn common morphemes (root words, prefixes, and suffixes) and practice using them to decode unfamiliar words. Download the bundle preview for one free week, and to see all of the morphemes included in each unit. Purchasing this bundle
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Greek and Latin Roots Grades 3-5 YEARLONG Program! 36 Units of Stems and Roots
Are you looking for a COMPLETE yearlong word stems and roots program designed just for students in grades 3, 4 and 5? This one set includes EVERYTHING you'll need to teach a 36 weeks of ready to go stems and roots lessons complete with word wall posters, slideshows, worksheets, interactive notebook
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Greek and Latin Root Word Puzzles {40 Puzzles for Middle Grades}
While I explicitly teach root words through our vocabulary program, my 5th graders still need more practice. I created these 40 root puzzles to use during the ‘Word Work’ section of literacy centers. I choose 7-8 puzzles for students to practice each week. Included in this resource… Notes to the T

Also included in: Prefix, Root Word, & Suffix Puzzle Bundle {100 Puzzles for Middle Grades}

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Greek and Latin Roots Activities Bundle
The original Greek and Latin Roots Coloring Activities are designed to use the right side of the brain to commit Greek and Latin Roots to memory. They help students visualize the meaning of Greek and Latin Root words and have lasting impact on their learning and retention. Over 2,000 copies of the
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Greek and Latin Roots all school year! This vocabulary resource combines a hands-on interactive fan, vocabulary doodle notes pages, the digital versions compatible with Google Drive. Teachers will love the instructional options. For every Greek and Latin root, your students will be able to build the
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Greek and Latin Roots Morphology Activities for the Orton-Gillingham Approach
Updated 10/16/17 Greek and Latin roots are the building blocks to thousands of words. If we can teach them to students in a meaningful way, we open the doors to stronger vocabulary and better reading comprehension. Students who study morphology are taught to use a critical eye when approaching words
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Greek and Latin Root Word Memory Game
Greek and Latin Root Word Memory game. This classroom tested game has the students actively engaged in learning Greek and Latin Roots. They talk the roots out while trying to find matches between the root itself and the definition. There are three levels, with 24 roots each (for a total of 72 r
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Greek and Latin Root Word Trifolds
Greek and Latin Root Word Trifolds Within this pack are 72 of the most commonly used Greek and Latin Root and Affixes in the English language. Designed in a student-centered and easy to use "trifold" (brochure style) page, the students will learn 4 roots a week. For each of the roots, the student
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Greek and Latin Root, Prefix, and No. Prefix, & Suffix Activities MEGA BUNDLE
Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes, Number Prefixes, and Suffixes Coloring Activities MEGA BUNDLE includes 150 unique coloring pages. These activities help to get the right side of the brain, the creative side, involved in the learning process. When both sides of the brain are involved, then students
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Greek and Latin Root Word Games: Hands-on Learning
Roots are a powerful tool for solving for word meaning. While I explicitly teach Greek and Latin roots through our weekly vocabulary program, I have found that my students need constant review and practice with these roots. In this hands-on resource, I have provided four games and activities for he
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WORKSHEET BUNDLE Parts 1-4: Greek & Latin Root Words and Prefixes
Introduce Greek & Latin root words and prefixes to your middle school students with this money-saving bundle! Use these worksheets throughout the school year or as a unit on their own. Be sure to download the preview for 4 worksheets to use in your classroom! Included in this package are 50 w
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Greek & Latin Roots Word Study Vocabulary UNIT 1 for Grades 3-4
A comprehensive vocabulary program for 3rd and 4th grades!Students will learn common morphemes (root words, prefixes, and suffixes) and practice using them to decode unfamiliar words. Download the preview for one free week, and to see all of the morphemes included in each unit. Includes:*5 words per

Also included in: Greek & Latin Roots Word Study BUNDLE - Full Year Vocabulary Program - Gr. 3-4

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Greek and Latin Roots Game for Literacy Centers: U-Know {Vocabulary Game}
Greek & Latin Roots can be fun for you to teach and for students to learn to help students better understand text! Let them practice with this engaging game that will make the skill of identifying the meaning of Greek & Latin roots something students WANT to do! Works great for literacy cen

Also included in: Literacy Games Mini Bundle 1: U-Know ELA Games

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Greek & Latin Roots 40 Week Study : Lesson Plans, Games+ BUNDLE Grades 4 5 6
Greek & Latin Roots 40 Week Study : Lesson Plans, Games+ BUNDLE This is a complete 40 week morphology study of Greek & Latin word parts (prefixes, suffixes, and roots.) I personally use this for both vocabulary and spelling. I found that having separate word lists was often overwhelming
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Greek and Latin Roots PowerPoint and Activities
This bundle includes all you need to teach Greek and Latin roots. It has many examples of English words with those roots. Use this lesson so students can hit the ground running with vocabulary development. It's also great for review prior to state testing. ******************************************

Also included in: Language Arts Power Point Bundle with Activities

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Greek & Latin Roots {word wall cards}
75 Greek and Latin Root cards to post on your word wall or just to aid as a visual for students. The root word is located in bold print on the right of each card. A picture is at the center of each card. Finally, the meaning and root origin is printed in small text on the left of each card. Wo
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Prefixes, Suffixes, Greek and Latin Roots
Understanding the prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots that make up our language is essential for building vocabulary. This resource will help students learn to recognize those word parts and their meanings. This pack includes:• complete word wall• word-of-the-day activity• word building ca
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Greek and Latin Roots Puzzles Level 1
This pack contains 10 different word puzzles to help your students practice those ever important Greek and Latin Roots. This is Level One of a three part series designed to get your students proficient in the meaning of the roots and help them to translate words with the roots in them. The 24 root
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Greek & Latin Roots Card Game "Build A Word" Prefixes, Root Words, & Suffixes
Build A Word Card Game: Greek & Latin Prefixes, Root Words, & Suffixes Are you looking for an educational game to help support learning Greek and Latin affixes and roots? Build A Word is an original, rummy style card game that reinforces 8 prefixes, 8 roots, and 8 suffixes. Students of mo

Also included in: ELA Test Prep Bundle 5th Grade: 4 Games & 1 Reading Practice Test FSA

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Greek and Latin Root Word Vocabulary Program - Daily 4th Grade Language Practice
✓ Item also available as a hard copy: 4th Grade Vocabulary Program ✓ For additional product reviews click on the link above to the hard copy format. ***************************************************************************** This Greek and Latin vocabulary program was developed to create a solid
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Word Work Book for Intermediate Grades (4-6) - Greek & Latin Roots
This product is PERFECT for a Word Work Center in Daily Five! It also addresses Common Core Standards for Intermediate Grades (4-6). Each root has an activity/sort for each week. Activities vary to keep students engaged. If you and your students like doing the same thing every week, then this proba
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