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Roots are a powerful tool for solving for word meaning. While I explicitly teach Greek and Latin roots through our weekly vocabulary program, I have found that my students need constant review and practice with these roots. In this hands-on resource, I have provided four games and activities for he
Greek & Latin Roots can be fun for you to teach and for students to learn to help students better understand text! Let them practice with this engaging game that will make the skill of identifying the meaning of Greek & Latin roots something students WANT to do! Works great for literacy cen
Greek & Latin roots can be fun to review and practice when you use Greek & Latin Roots Game Show! Students will beg to play again and again. Perfect for test prep! ✩Put students in up to 6 groups to play this Jeopardy style game! Review days can be dull and kids just don't listen. But if yo
Build A Word Card Game: Greek & Latin Prefixes, Root Words, & SuffixesAre you looking for an educational game to help support learning Greek and Latin affixes and roots? Build A Word is an original, rummy style card game that reinforces 8 prefixes, 8 roots, and 8 suffixes. Students of morp
This classroom tested Memory game has the students actively engaged in learning Greek and Latin Roots. They talk the roots out while trying to find matches between the root itself and the definition. There are three levels, with 24 roots each (for a total of 72 roots), including one blank sheet to
Teach your students Greek and Latin roots using a fun and interactive card game! This resource includes 2 decks of cards and covers 120 different Greek and Latin roots. You will love the flexibility this resource offers; it can be used with any vocabulary program and is easily differentiated to mee
Have fun with this Greek and Latin Roots Memory Game! Although I made this for a memory game, feel free to be creative and use it for other activities, such as for matching up partners (give one card to each person in class, match up for a partner activity), use them for a writing topic in a writing
Greek & Latin Roots 40 Week Study : Lesson Plans, Games+ BUNDLE This is a complete 40 week morphology study of Greek & Latin word parts (prefixes, suffixes, and roots.) I personally use this for both vocabulary and spelling. I found that having separate word lists was often overwhelming fo
Greek and Latin Root Word Sneak: A Super Fun Root Word Review Game Have you seen Jimmy Fallon play Word Sneak on The Tonight Show? If not, look it up and laugh at how hilarious such a simple word game can be! This game taps into the fun of Word Sneak by having students sneak root words into a con
This game contains 28 cards related to Greek and Latin roots. This is a great activity if you are looking for an opportunity to engage your entire class!Each card lists three words, and the students must listen and determine the common root in all three words AND its meaning.Roots include: aqua, un
Greek & Latin Roots 10 Week Study: Lesson Plans Games+ UNIT 1 This is a complete 10 week morphology study of Greek & Latin word parts (prefix, suffix, and roots.) I personally use this for both vocabulary and spelling. I found that having separate word lists was often overwhelming for stud
With this download, you will get 3 separate products! Prefix SPOONS Game Suffix SPOONS Game Greek and Latin Root SPOONS Game These games are so much fun, and the students will love them! Breaking apart words can be difficult if you are not familiar with affixes and roots. They are like built-in c
Prefix Suffix and Greek and Latin Roots 'I Have Who Has' Game Bundle. In this bundle you get the 'I Have Who Has' bundle of Prefixes, Suffixes, Greek Roots, and Latin Roots. There are 56 examples of Greek and Latin Roots and 58 examples of prefixes and suffixes referenced in this game bundle which i
Three games for Greek and Latin roots:• I have, who has?• BINGO• ConcentrationAlso included is a study guide for 30 common Greek/Latin roots: bio, aster, audi, photo, ped, centi, kilo, graph, dem, poly, therm, trans, zoo, cred, ology, inter, super, vert, phobia, anti, geo, auto, chron, quart, polis,
Greek & Latin Roots 10 Week Study : Lesson Plans, Games+ UNIT 2 This is a complete 10 week morphology study of Greek & Latin word parts (prefixes, suffixes, and roots.) I personally use this for both vocabulary and spelling. I found that having separate word lists was often overwhelming fo
EASY TO USE PRODUCT! PURCHASE-PRINT-USE IN YOUR CLASSROOM TODAY!!! I had been looking for Greek and Latin root word flash cards or games online, but could not find anything I really liked, so I decided to make my own. :) I detailed each piece so it could be used with little guidance. Naturally
Understanding the meaning behind common Greek and Latin root words is an essential skill for upper elementary students. Students use root words all the time when using context clues and acquiring new vocabulary. This Greek and Latin Root Word BINGO game can be a fun and engaging way to teach or revi
Students will love practicing their Greek and Latin roots using SPOONS. This product takes the traditional game and makes it academically relevant to word study using 24 roots that students see all the time! Seeing the roots and their meanings repeatedly in a fun, engaging game helps the students to
This bundle contains the Word Study for the year along with instructions for the students to independently add a page each week to their Interactive Notebook and the Game Bundle. My students were not remembering anything from our standard Greek and Latin Word Study. Something needed to change. I sta
Gather for a game of root words BINGO! Root words are useful for strengthening vocabulary, understanding language, and are even important for STEM fields as well. If you have any budding doctors, biomedical engineers, or medical professionals, root words will become a building block of their educati
Greek and Latin Roots: 'I Have... Who Has...?' game bundle. There are 56 examples of Greek and Latin Roots referenced in this game which is a great tool for memorizing the meaning of these roots. Players can play in groups of two or three. Just print, cut out and laminate the cards. Each of the Gr
This Latin and Greek Roots Game will give your students lots of practice defining the meaning of Latin and Greek roots and examples of words with them while solving puzzles in a fun game format. There are two sets of 16 puzzles included in the Latin and Greek Roots Game and they work well as languag
This 67-page SMART Notebook file allows students to review concepts and knowledge about common Greek and Latin roots in TWO jeopardy-style trivia games! This file is fully interactive, linking each Trivia category button to the question for that price level, then on to the scoreboard screen, then
This puzzle piece matching game is a perfect review of Greek and Latin Roots. Copy and laminate the pieces to use repeatedly in a center or give each student copies to complete independently. (You can copy 2 per page to make the pieces smaller and save on paper!) There a complete list of all 30 Gree

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