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Looking for a Greek mythology unit for an older audience? Take those beloved mythological stories and ramp them up with this MASSIVE bundle that includes SIX WEEKS OF COMPLETE LESSON MATERIALS designed for advanced middle school students and high school freshmen/sophomores as they connect their stud
A great resource to use when you are studying about Greek Mythology or when you are reading a book like, "The Lightning Thief", by Rick Riordan! Students must research using books and/or the Internet in order to fill in information about 16 different gods and goddesses. The 12 main Olympians are i
Challenge your students to identify Greek gods, goddesses, monsters, and other mythological legends. This activity contains twenty-five colorful Who Am I? riddles along with extra task cards for students to create riddles and graphics of their own. Use as a fun review game for my Greek Mythology M
Collaboration for Greek mythology is fun with this poster for your social studies teaching lessons or English language arts teaching lessons. Teachers will receive 3 size options to use for this Greek Gods writing activity poster. The Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades images are licensed and put together f
In this activity, students design a "profile" for a Greek god or goddess. It requires researching a god or goddess and identifying important information about him or her. Students then create either a hand-drawn poster or a computerized profile in the style of a Facebook page.
Students are given a list of Greek gods with a brief synopsis of each. They use this information to locate each god on the attached picture of gods on Mt. Olympus. Students enjoy this activity and it is a good introduction to greek mythology.
These task cards are great to use for elementary teachers teaching Greek mythology. The cards are colorful and the graphics kid friendly. A great supplement when teaching Greek mythology or the novel Perseus Jackson and the Olympians. These task cards include the following: Zeus Hera Poseidon Hades
Help your students keep track of all the Olympian Gods and Goddesses with these attractive research charts. Each chart features a different God or Goddess with prompts to research the God's symbols, characteristics, family relations, spirit animal, and domain. These charts can be give as a homewor
This power pack (a 33% discount over buying a la carte) includes everything you need to study Homer’s The Odyssey, beginning with background on the Greek Gods and Trojan War, all the way through to projects and a review Jeopardy game. 1. Greek/Roman & Norse Mythological Gods Booklet- Greek, Rom
Purchase this bundle and $ave over 20%! Greek Mythology Posters Bundle This is a Bundle of these Two Products: Greek Mythology Mini-Posters Mythology Poster Profile Cards I also have a Bundle of 3 PowerPoints on Greek Mythology -- 25% $aving$! ... Can be Purchased Here: Coming Soon! The
This product is a great way to introduce Greek myths, gods, goddesses, monsters and heroes to your class. These can be a stand alone unit or be the intro for a study of Greek myths, any books in the Rick Riordan series, or other books based on Greek mythology. There are activities to focu
Use these Greek mythology posters to learn about the different Greek gods, mythological characters, beasts, and creatures and the Greek heroes. Display these 48 posters as a resource for students to learn and identify characters from the Greek myths. Use them in conjunction with a literature unit
Great QR activity to reinforce the qualities of the 12 major Greek gods. Students take the clue square and, after reading it, write the name of the god or goddess they think its referencing. Students then scan the QR code to see if they were correct or not. Instructions for folding the squares are i
⚡⚡⚡Holy Zeus!⚡⚡⚡ Get your students fired up with this creative writing activity and research project that features 14 Greek gods and goddesses from Mount Olympus. This ready-to-go activity is sure to get your students excited about Greek Mythology. Decorating your classroom has never been easier, a
Greek Myth is one of my favorite freshmen units to teach! However, many students struggle to remember the Greek pantheon family tree. I created this family tree graphic organizer to help students make the connections between the various gods and goddesses. It has been a game changer for my students,
Perfect Grab and Go Lesson! We can all agree that providing students visual content enhances instruction…Especially this generation of students. One of the easiest ways to do this is show your students a video. The only problem is there is just so much video content out there that it is nearly impos
The Gods of Ancient Greece are one of the most common allusions in literature. Every reader should be familiar with them. With this packet, students read about the Greek Gods using mythweb.com and take notes on a worksheet. A quiz using matching and pictures is also included. **Accompanying PowerP
Quiz your students' knowledge of the Greek gods and goddesses using this crossword puzzle. A great supplemental activity to any Greek mythology unit that could be used for homework, classwork, or a just-for-fun exercise! Great for world history, Greek mythology, Latin class, and more! ⭐ FOLLOW MY ST
Here is an easy matching sheet that can be used as homework or a quiz when studying the main god and goddesses of Ancient Greece. The D"AULAIRES' Book of Greek Myths is an excellent book for finding the answers for a study guide. Comes with answer key.
In this zipped file, you will find a poster and presentation project for the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece. Students use their budding research skills to look for information on their assigned god or goddess. I like to use a lottery method for assigning. Used as a kickoff for my mythology
This study pack (a 17% discount over buying a la carte) introduces students to the main Olympians, valuable background knowledge. Pairs well with mythology, the Odyssey, etc. 1. Greek/Roman & Norse Mythological Gods Booklet- Greek, Roman, and Norse cultures have all had an enormous impact on ou
The Gods of Ancient Greece are one of the most common allusions in literature. Every reader should be familiar with them. With these flashcards, students can keep track of and study the descriptions and Roman names of the major Greek Gods. **Accompanying PowerPoint and notes packet with quiz are a
Want to review the 14 major Greek gods and goddesses in a fun, interactive way? Check out this Boom Deck of 25 interactive cards. They are paperless and self checking! Cool beans! They use the Boom learning platform and students can access them on a Smartboard, tablet or computer. Your students
Engage your students in Greek Mythology with this interactive scavenger hunt and webquest! Students will travel around the room to learn who the Greek gods and goddesses are, and the stories behind them. This is a perfect lesson to introduce Greek mythology before diving into the myths themselves.

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