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Greek Myths Writing Google Classroom Activity Distance Learning
As you learn about Greek Myths, your students will love completing this Greek Myths digital writing activity. This fun Greek Mythology writing activity is the perfect way to maintain high rigor while easily incorporating a fun digital activity into your classroom as you learn. As you study each of

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Greek Myth Writing Graphic Organizer
Help your students organize their thoughts before writing their own Greek myths. This simple graphic organizer will help students identify the theme or lesson of their myth, the characters, problem, and solution. A final draft writing paper is also included. This writing papers offers students a

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Greek Myth Writing
This outline helps students to organize the elements of their Greek Myth writing.

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Compare and Contrast {CCSS RL4.9} Greek Myths
Compare and contrast Greek myths. This includes two Greek myths to compare and contrast with Venn diagram and recording paper. It also has an open ended Venn diagram with Greek theme and recording paper with a Greek theme. Students can choose the two Greek myths they would like to compare and contra

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Greek Mythology Collaborative Poster With Greek Gods Writing Prompt
Collaboration for Greek mythology is fun with this poster for your social studies teaching lessons or English language arts teaching lessons. Teachers will receive 3 size options to use for this Greek Gods writing activity poster. The Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades images are licensed and put together f

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Greek Myths I Can Read and Write About for the Common Core
FIVE Greek Myths rewritten for the elementary student! Touch of Gold Wool Weaver Medusa's Beauty The Forbidden Box Night Flight Students are guided by teacher questions through a CLOSE READ to improve comprehension skills. Students read to determine the moral of the myth by selecting the appropria

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CKLA Grade 2 Domain 4 Greek Myths Active Listening Journal
Keep your students engaged as you deliver your Core Knowledge Language Arts domain lessons on Greek Myths. In this 28 page packet, you will find a variety of active listening worksheets specifically designed for each lesson, a student-friendly table of contents, and a teacher's guide and ove

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Greek Myth- Comparing the Myth Icarus and Native American Legend - Grades 4-6
Greek Mythology and Native American legends may seem like the two very different genres, with little to no similarities, but you'd be wrong! This pack compares the Greek myth Icarus and the Native American tale of "The Warrior and the Eagle."This project asks students to compare myths and legends fr

Also included in: Paired Texts Reading BUNDLE: Comparing Myths and Legends from Across Cultures


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Myth Writing Projects, Mythology Writing Outline, Book Report and More
"Myths, Mythology Unit" With this resource you will have everything you need to add fun and creativity to your mythology genre studies. I have included a "Myth Writing Project Menu" with nine creative projects, a myth element checklist, a writing outline for students to organize and write their ow

Also included in: Genre Units Bundled, Projects for Every Reading Genre


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Comparing Myths and Legends- Greek Myth "Medusa" and Iroquois "No-Faced Doll"
Greek Mythology and Native American legends may seem like the two very different genres, with little to no similarities, but you'd be wrong! Students will read two myths, one about the Greek Myth, Medusa, and the other an Iroquois or Haudenosaunee legend called, "The No-Faced Doll."This project asks

Also included in: Paired Texts Reading BUNDLE: Comparing Myths and Legends from Across Cultures


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CKLA Grade 2 Domain 4 Greek Myths Vocabulary Pack
This vocabulary pack includes a student glossary and vocabulary cards. The glossary has the vocabulary words pre-written with space for students to write a definition as well as draw a quick sketch. The vocabulary cards are ready to print and use on a bulletin board. This pack includes the 17 vo

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Greek Mythology Writing Task Cards
This writing center has 6 writing prompts that encourage students to think in depth about the myths. The color coded which allows for easy differentiation.

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Myth Writing Resource Pack
This is a myth writing supplemental resource pack taken from my larger Greek Mythology Unit. Students are guided through the process of creating a myth using this resource. DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT MY GREEK MYTHOLOGY UNIT Resources included: - Suggested Scope and Sequence - Mentor Text

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Write Your Own Greek Myth
This is a writing project suitable for either a social studies class studying Ancient Greece or mythology, or a language arts class. It explains the basics of Greek Mythology and guides students through creating their own myth in the style of the Ancient Greeks. In the activity the students fill out

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CKLA Grade 2 Domain 4 Greek Myths Review Centers
Need to review for the CKLA Domain 4 assessment? This pack will make it a snap to prepare for a class recap of Greek myths. In this product you will find -Riddles Around the Room for Pausing Point and Domain Review -A Creative Writing Activity: “A New Ending” -Climb Mount Olympus: A Greek Myths

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Pygmalion: A Greek Myth
"Pygmalion" from Lang's Book of Myths is included. There are lessons on societal influences in determining friends and potential mates. A writing activity and a research activity on the women alluded to in the story are included. This myth makes for a great classroom discussion.

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Introduction to Greek Myths and Greek Gods
This product is a great way to introduce Greek myths, gods, goddesses, monsters and heroes to your class. These can be a stand alone unit or be the intro for a study of Greek myths, any books in the Rick Riordan series, or other books based on Greek mythology. There are activities to focu

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Greek Myths and Gods:  Create a Puppet Show!  Fun Stuff
Students will be assigned in small groups one of the Greek myths to read and write their script for the puppet show. Included in this packet are the following myths but you can easily add others as well. -Apollo and Daphne -The Story of the Cyclops Cave -Pandora’s Box -The Story of the Sirens S

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Writing a Greek Myth!
This product is a fantastic way to end your Greek Mythology unit! This unit guides students to write their own myth. This product includes a planning page that requires students to brainstorm the following: -A greek hero and their power. -A monster, what they look like, and why this character is a

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Greek Myth ICARUS and DAEDALUS w/ 5 Short Answer Reading Comprehension Questions
Here is my retelling of the famous Greek myth: Icarus and Daedalus. I think your students will enjoy finding out what happens when young Icarus does not listen to his father's warning about their daring flight. The story is about 3 pages long and includes two color pictures that werre once water col

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Arachne Greek Myth Retold by Olivia Coolidge ~ Complete Teaching Unit
This is a 70-page teaching unit for the myth “Arachne” retold by Olivia E. Coolidge. This story is included in the 7th grade Close Reader workbook by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The following activities are included in this teaching packet: 1. A chart listing the Common Core Standards used in each

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CKLA  Domain 4 Second Grade Greek Myths Companion Booklet
This Domain Companion Booklet is aligned with the free Core Knowledge curriculum currently available on the CKLA website and their publishing partner Amplify and the Engage NY curriculum. It is assumed you have access to one of these resources.Companion Booklets include:Pages to guide the learning

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Greek Myth Graphic Organizer and Rubric
I have my students write and perform Greek myths during our unit on ancient Greece. I have them fill out the organizer that is apart of this product before they write their myths. Once they are written, I have students perform them. A rubric is included with this product to help you grade the writte

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Mythology Unit: 20-question Quiz on Popular Greek Myths
This is a 2-page, 20-question quiz about Greek mythology for use with or without Bulfinch's Mythology text, referring to key gods, demigods, and mortals intertwined in major Greek myths. See the related study guide, as well as materials for Perseus, the Iliad, the Odyssey, and Oedipus Rex. Also chec

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