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GREEK MYTHOLOGY Unit Plan for Teens, Five-Week Myth Unit, Multimedia & CCSS
Looking for a Greek mythology unit for an older audience? Take those beloved mythological stories and ramp them up with this MASSIVE bundle that includes FIVE WEEKS OF COMPLETE LESSON MATERIALS designed for advanced middle school students and high school freshmen/sophomores as they connect their stu
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Greek Mythology Unit Based on Common Core Standards
UPDATED on April 6, 2014- Same product, but just received a facelift. :) Please note this unit does not contain myths or stories. Of all of my units, I think I am MOST proud of this one! As I have been teaching the common core standards for 4th grade this year, I noticed that there are two stand
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Greek Mythology Stories and Activities (aligned with CCSS)
I have made another Greek Mythology unit! This one ties perfectly with the other Greek Mythology unit I have in my store already. Why did I create another one? Since the adoption of the Common Core State Standards, I have been looking for ways to address the standards that require the students to
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Greek Mythology Unit Interactive Notebook
Greek Mythology unit: Interactive Notebook This Greek Mythology Interactive Notebook package contains all of the resources, foldables, graphic organizers, and activities you need to teach your students about Greek myths for your upcoming Greek Mythology or Ancient Greece unit. Full text of a varie
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Greek Mythology Readers' Theater {scripts & stories}
You'll have no problem getting students to re-read for fluency when they are having fun with these scripts. This Greek Mythology Readers' Theater includes a set of four different plays. Each play script comes with a one-page summary of the story, a character profile worksheet and name cards to be

Also included in: Greek Mythology Bundle

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Greek Mythology Bundle Integrated w/ ELA Skills - Story Elements & Allusion
Greek Mythology Unit Literacy Based Mega Bundle (4th-6th). This unit has the following literacy skills in the bundle: - Inferring Character Traits - Plot Development - Determining Theme - Allusions The stories and Greek mythology characters have been made age appropriate while not too child
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Escape Room: Greek Mythology
Escape boredom. Escape the desk. Escape with a Greek Mythology adventure! (Add some fun to your ELA and Social Studies lessons.)This Escape Room project includes:★ Teacher Instructions★ Introductory PowerPoint (With a talking avatar video!)★ Alternate Printable Introduction★ Pronunciation Guide★ Pr
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Greek Mythology God & Goddesses Close Reading Passages
Greek Mythology God & Goddesses Close Reading Passages {Includes a reading passage and three worksheets for each god or goddess} Covers the 10 following gods and goddesses: Zeus Hera Hephaestus Athena Aphrodite Poseidon Hermes Achilles Midas Hercules (Heracles) The three worksheets for each g
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Allusions to Greek Mythology {CCSS RL.4.4}
This TITAN of a mini-unit includes an amazing assortment of resources to help you teach allusions and words and phrases from Greek mythology. The unit includes ★ lesson plans, ★ examples of allusions, ★ student foldable, ★ student booklet of words and phrases from Greek myths, ★ color posters, ★
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Greek Mythology Stories 4th - 6th Grade - Greek Myths
Greek Mythology stories that were created to be “kid friendly”. I found as a teacher it was difficult to teach Greek mythology in the upper elementary grades because the stories were often not age appropriate for my students and so I wanted to have stories that were appropriate. The artwork of the

Also included in: Greek Mythology Bundle Integrated w/ ELA Skills - Story Elements & Allusion

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GIANT Greek Mythology Unit
This giant bundle is all you will need to teach Greek Mythology!! Inside you will find over 35 separate files that you can follow in sequential order to introduce your students to the basics of mythology, the major gods and goddesses, popular myths, hero's journey, and end the unit with several dif
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Engineering Greek Mythology: STEM Engineering Challenges Five Pack!
Can your students engineer some Greek Mythology? Try these five STEM Engineering Challenges to find out! The Five Challenges Included in this Set: - Column Construction Challenge - Cardboard Marble Maze Challenge - Broken Pottery Challenge - Mythical Monster Model Challenge - Trojan Horse Model C
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The Odyssey: Interactive Flip Book Includes: Literary Terms (epic, epic hero, epithet…) Character Map and answer key, Study Guide and answer Key, A Hero's Journey visual, chart, and answer key, Map of Odysseus’ voyage, Greek Mythology chart and answer key. Great alternative to the run-of-the-mill st
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Greek Mythology: Passages
Greek Mythology Differentiated Reading Passages **UPDATE: Paperless Digital Version Included** In addition to all printable options previously featured, this resource now also features a digital version of all resources included (even student response sheets!) that you can share with students in or

Also included in: Social Studies MEGA BUNDLE: ALL Social Studies Differentiated Reading Passages

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Are you a fan of hands-on student engagement? This new Greek Mythology Greek Gods learning tool is so much fun and loaded with visuals to boost your Greek Mythology teaching lessons. Teachers will build their students' confidence one interactive fan at a time. In every interactive fan, you'll find a
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Reader's Theater for Greek Mythology (3 leveled scripts; 4 myths)
Focus on differentiation! This reader’s theater set features 4 popular stories from Greek Mythology written on 3 separate reading levels for a total of 12 plays! Each script contains 5-6 parts, making it a perfect activity for centers or leveled guided reading groups! Modified versions provide s
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Greek Mythology Unit – Stories, Activities, Task Cards & More!
This is a rigorous Greek Mythology unit geared at student engagement, thinking, reading, and writing skills. It also includes a number of activities that would be perfect for literacy centers. There are more than 100 pages which include: Rewritten Greek Myths with Common Core Aligned Questions
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Greek Mythology
This pack is full of mythological characters and stories! It was designed for 4th graders and is aligned to the 4th grade CCSS. Be sure to check out the preview! Page 1: Title Page Page 2: Common Core Alignment Page 3: Table of Contents Page 4-6: Mythology Poster, Bookmarks and Journal Cards (als
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Greek Mythology Bundle
This bundle combines three popular Greek Mythology resources to save you money! Here you will find Greek Mythology readers' theater plays, kid friendly myths & activities as well as many printables that are perfect for use at a literacy center. Click the titles below to find more detailed desc
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Greek Mythology Stories and Activities
This resource includes eight popular myths written in a kid friendly format. Additional activities include an allusions worksheet, planning and writing your own myth, analyzing a character, BINGO review and more!Included in this resource:★ Myth book cover page★ Famous Greek Myths re-written in a kid

Also included in: Greek Mythology Bundle

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Greek Mythology for ESL I: Five Short Stories with Activities (CCSS Aligned)
My first of two CCSS aligned, Greek mythology short story and corresponding activities bundle about: Prometheus, Pandora's Box, Echo and Narcissus, The Fall of Icarus, and Arachne The Weaver. This resource was created for beginner to intermediate ESL students to practice reading and responding to fi
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Partner Plays: Greek Mythology
These five Greek mythology partner plays are intended to be used as fluency-building activities that 4th-5th students can do with a partner. This set of scripts focus on Greek mythology. These scripts require minimal teacher support, thereby allowing teachers to work with other small groups. For tea

Also included in: Fluency Practice: Partner Plays Bundle for 4th and 5th SET 1 (90 scripts)

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Greek Mythology Unit Resources
Ancient Greek Mythology: Activities, Handouts, and Projects This Greek Mythology resource package provides students with everything they need to complete an integrated Social Studies, English, and Art unit on Ancient Greek Myths. I love being able to show students the connections between different
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Greek Mythology ~Second Grade
engage NY, listening and learning, Greek Mythology, Domain 4, ELA, Listening & Learning, Second Grade, Greek Myths, Common Core, Check out the Bundle Here This Companion Packet is designed to help students make meaningful connections with the Common Core Aligned Core Knowledge Listening and
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