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Allusions to Greek Mythology Poster Set:  CCSS RL.4.4
Allusions to Greek Mythology Poster Set - CCSS RL.4.4 Are you looking for resources to help teach your students about allusions to Greek Mythology (CCSS RL.4.4)? This poster set was created to support 4th grade educators, like myself, as they cover this material with their students. This poster
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Greek Mythology Allusions Practice - 40 Words
Ramp up your Greek mythology allusions practice with set of 40 colorful and informative cards, a word list with definitions, corresponding assessment make learning fun and easy. As a bonus, you'll receive a page explaining four ways Greek words came into the English language.This set, created by mas

Also included in: Greek Mythology Allusions Unit - Learn 40 Words

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Greek Mythology game: Allusion Dominoes (4th grade)
Students will match 18 common allusions with their roots in Greek mythology (a common core standard in 4th grade Language Arts) when they play this engaging dominoes game! It can be utilized as both an enrichment and intervention resource; as it lends itself to be played in several different cooper
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Greek Mythology Daedalus and Icarus Poem Reading Comprehension; Myths, Poetry
This activity goes along with the poem, "Daedalus and Icarus" by John Bliven Morin. 2 copies of the poem- one in color, one in black and whiteIncludes: 8 vocabulary matching questions, 5 literary element matching questions, and 5 multiple choice questions.This is a great piece to compare and contr
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Greek Mythology Creation of the World Short Story Bundle and Power Point
Greek Creation of the World Short Story Bundle and Power Point Presentation This is a short story bundle of activities related to the engaging Greek Creation of the World Myth. This bundle contains, a) The story of, "The Creation of the Earth," a short story reading developed from a
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Greek Mythology Creation of the Earth Short Story Bundle and Power Point
The Greek Creation of the Earth Short Story Bundle Power Point ( I am really surprised this is not selling. Please see the preview as this is one of my best!) My students love Greek Mythology, but always have questions like; 1) How was the Earth created? 2) Did anything come before Zeus and Mou
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Greek Mythology Board Game
Games are a great way to engage students in learning. This game pack will help students learn about Greek gods and goddesses. This game pack includes: *2 game Boards * 30 game cards with answers * 21 students flash cards *suggestions for using this game pack with special education, genera
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Epic Resources - Myths and Legends Pack
Perfect for teaching The Odyssey or any other myth or legend, this is a collection of fun, creative, standards-based activities. Epic Resources in not meant to be a prescriptive unit plan, but more a collection of useful and engaging activities and assignments that are ready to use right out of the
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4th Grade Reading Comprehension and Language Activities Bundle
Includes the top 12 language resources for 4th grade which address key comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, reading, and writing skills. Some use QR coding for instant feedback. Answer keys included. Resource Details Many of the 4th grade resources in this bundle provide both fiction and non-f
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Greek & Latin Roots Yearlong Bundle for Intermediate Grades
Students will be introduced to 130 of the most common and useful Greek & Latin roots in this 200+ page bundle! Includes 28 weekly word lists, 28 weekly quizzes, 4 quarterly review lists and comprehensive common core assessments, 2 sets of 130 word wall cards (bold black/white, colorful green), a
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Ancient Greece Mythology - Greek Gods, monsters and heroes
Free for commercial use! Here you've got a set of 36 high quality color pngs and 36 high quality line art pngs featuring: GODS: * Aphrodite * Apollo * Ares * Artemis * Athena * Demeter * Dionysus * Hades * Hephaestus * Hera * Hermes * Hestia * Poseidon * Zeus MONSTERS * centaur * Cerberus * Chime
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Language Arts Terms Word Wall Posters (Literary Terms)
Hang these colorful and informative ELA posters in your classroom to create a vocabulary rich environment for your students. This set contains 36 posters with the literary term and its definition along with clip art. One page has been left blank for you to add any other terms you may need. Si
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Greek and Latin Roots BINGO game (intermediate grades)
Reinforce over 50 common GREEK & LATIN ROOTS with this colorful, engaging bingo game! Over 12 different boards are included to ensure multiple player participation! (I usually make a copy of each for my class of 24 students). Your students will want to play this repeatedly which will only rei
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Why We Have Winter: Reading & Worksheet (Editable in Google Docs)
This resource includes a reading passage where students learn about Greek Mythology and Why we have winter. The reading passage is 2 pages long and includes colorful images. This resource includes: graphic organizer based on the characters within the story, questions about vocabulary, comprehension
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