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This foldable provides an introduction to exponential growth & decay. The inside of the foldable is organized with two Frayer models. Within the Frayer model, students will explore:• Equations• Real- world Examples• Tables• GraphsI used the information provided to compare and contrast growth a
This foldable is designed for math interactive notebooks.This foldable walks students through writing the formulas (on the front of the foldable there is space) of each function.The side of the foldable features a key for each letter used in the formulas.There are 2 word problems for each case:1. G
A fun foldable to teach or review exponential growth and decay functions.
I have created cut and paste Foldable on the below equations: Exponential Growth, Exponential Decay, Half-Life, Compound Interest Students can fill in the notes in their notebook and complete the example for each one. Student Homework Puzzle Included Answer Key Included Notebook Setup Picture
This Calculus lesson on Differential Equations Exponential Growth and Decay includes Task or Station Cards and a Flip Book with formulas and examples for students to complete.The lesson is designed for AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC and College Calculus 1 or 2 classes. These activities are designed
This is a great folable to teach your students about exponential growth and decay. There is vocabulary, key terms, and examples for exponential growth and exponential decay. Print this foldable two sided (flip on short edge) for a perfect fit in an interactive notebook! Many teachers choose to pai
The foldable includes a section for both exponential growth and exponential decay. Part 1: Students are given the definition and will identify what the variables represent. Part 2: Exponential Growth and Decay Card Sort - 12 examples (3 equations, 3 tables, 3 real-world examples, and 3 graphs
I use this foldable to introduce how to recognize and write exponential growth and decay functions in the form of f(x)=a(b)^x. Students will discuss the graphs of growth and decay functions, write a function using a situation, and write functions using a table. This should be printed as 2-sided flip
Complete lesson, start to finish at your finger tips. The lesson introduces identifying growth and decay and the characteristics of it. The foldable is a great guided practice, the interactive notebook is a great way for students to collaborate and create and manipulate, the practice sheet can be us
✤ This maze & Foldable are part of : Maze - BUNDLE Exponential Functions ✤ ✤ These 2 mazes & Foldable are part of : Maze - MEGA BUNDLE on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions ✤ These 3 activities are a good review of understanding the key vocabulary of "Exponential Functions" . Stu
Use this foldable as a review of the graphs of Exponential Growth and Decay.
This is a great way to introduce, reteach, or practice using exponential growth and decay! Start out with a set of interactive notes, and then have your students apply their knowledge with the task cards. The following activities are included in your purchase at a discounted rate: Exponential Gro
Growth and Decay and Compound Interest Foldableformulas given, each variable explained on foldable.. vocabulary used! and word problems to be unscrambled and placed into foldable! Great notebook resource and activity.. great for display boards also!
Foldables are 3-D interactive graphic tools that help students master lessons with the most important notes and examples of each lesson organized in one location. Print on colorful paper / cardboard paper and have the students take ownership of their notes and learning in an interactive way! A fun a
Interactive notebook foldable for beginning lesson on exponential growth and decay.
This is an ever-updating set of foldables for the second half of the school year. It is a growing bundle, which means as I add more content, the price will increase. However, once you purchase the bundle, you will get free updates to download the additional materials at no extra cost. The earlier
#distancelearning This 12- question, self-grading assignment (works great for class work or homework!) provides students with practice identifying real-world situations that are exponential, and writing and solving exponential growth & decay word problems.All questions are "short-response", so s
This is a set of 20 task cards, along with a student recording sheet and an answer key. Task cards range in difficulty level, and cover everything your students need for exponential growth and decay! Enjoy! This activity is included in the Exponential Growth and Decay - Bundle! for a reduced price
This bundle includes a total of 38 mazes + 1 Foldable. Each of these mazes is sold separately at my store. Please visit the links below for more details about each individual product. The mazes are:EXPONENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (16 Mazes + 1 Foldable)• Maze - Exponential Functions - Is it Growth, Decay
Exponential Functions FoldableThis foldable to teach your students how to evaluate and graph exponential functions.This resource contains examples where students can visualize and analyze Growth and Decay. Also the effects for a (initial value) when this is positive or negative. This is a great addi
This foldable provides students with 8 examples of tables & graphs of exponential functions. They must determine whether the relationship is exponential growth or decay and then write the function.The answer key is provided.Looking for extra practice on this skill?? Check out my:•Digital Google
✤ This Foldable are part of : Maze - BUNDLE Exponential Functions ✤ ✤ This Foldable is part of : Maze - MEGA BUNDLE on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions ✤ ✤ This Foldable is part of : 2 Mazes & Foldable - Exponential Functions: Growth/Decay Factor, Rate, Formula ✤ This Foldable provides a
This maze collection is part of : Maze - MEGA BUNDLE on Exponential and Logarithmic FunctionsThis bundle includes a total of 17 mazes + 1 Foldable. Each of these mazes is sold separately at my store. Please visit the links below for more details about each individual product. The mazes are:• Maz
This four-door foldable is a great introduction for students starting to study exponential growth and decay functions. The topics include: differentiating between a linear and exponential function, evaluating an exponential function, and graphing both a growth and a decay function. An answer key is

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