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Please make sure you always have the most recent version of my products, I update my products all the time! I am a science teacher who is still in the classroom and every time I use one of my lesson plans, I think of new things to add! Please make sure you always have my latest version. Here’s how:
Who doesn't love a gummy bear science experiment you can eat!? This experiment uses the scientific method and touches on osmosis. The gummy bears are soaked in different solutions to see which one grows the largest! The perfect science activity when studying polar bears!Now includes a digital scien
Scientific Method: This scientific method gummy bears lab is a fun way to have students learn about the scientific method.This lab contains the following:1. Question: What will happen to gummy bears if they are placed into different solutions:       Water, Vinegar, Water and Baking soda, Water and
This is a fun hands-on lab that incorporates all the steps of the scientific method. The students use a gummy bear in an experiment and follow the steps of the scientific method and analyze the results. (Includes pdf and doc formats)
Introduce the scientific method and discover some surprising results with this engaging experiment! Included in this product are: • full instruction for this simple experiment • a student investigation booklet so that students can document * a hypothesis * observations about the gumm
★ ★ Gummy Bear Osmosis Lab ★ ★ Students will observe the effects of osmosis on a gummy bear in this guided scientific method lab report. About This Activity: The purpose of this lab is to observe the effects of osmosis on a gummy bear. I created this as alternative to the classic "egg lab" for m
In this lab, students will be expected to distinguish between atoms and molecules and describe the differences between pure substances and mixtures. Students will then make models of ionic and covalent molecules using gummy bears. A quiz is included as well as an answer key for the entire lab. ===
Gummy Bear Science: An Osmosis Experiment with Student Lab Materials! Subject: Science Topic: Osmosis, Experiments, Labs, Gummy Bears Grades: Elementary Grades ***Newly Updated in July 2015*** This package contains all of the resources needed for students to complete a scientific experiment on Gu
We create interactive science notebooks every year and they are definitely a work in progress! These are one of the first entries in our science notebook every year! First, students create the flap books that show our science process skills and then they practice using each one with gummy worms.
Fun | Activity | Gummy Bears | Math | Measuring | Sorting | Tallying | Graphing | Patterns | Logic | Estimation Students love using candy to practice skills! This pack gives you some great activities and ideas using Gummy Bears. These are great to use during a unit about winter, bears, or hibernati
This is a 4 page lab using gummy bears and their delicious gelatin matrixes as cell models to demonstrate the process of osmosis. This traditional spin is designed to be easy-peasy- just dixie cups, gummy bears, salt, rulers, and water! Students must perform calculations (volume, percent change) and
A science experiment perfect for getting students attention and getting them excited about science! What better to do that than candy?! This experiment is focused on the scientific method and is inquiry-based. The students actively participate and conduct this simple experiment with "WOW" resul
This engaging science lab is sure to be a favorite for your first through third grade students! Includes: * Lab Recording Page for Earthworms * Lab Recording Page for Gummy Worms * Interesting Reading about Earthworms * Interesting Reading about Gummy Worms * Venn Diagram * 8 Earthworm QR Codes * 4
In this activity, students will predict and test different liquids to see which one will cause a gummy bear to grow in size in the fastest amount of time. What you will receive in this packet: -Prediction Sheets - one for grades K-1 and one for grades 2 and up, with room to write an explanation. -
In this introductory inquiry activity, students will see that when a GUMMY BEAR is placed in water, the physical properties of the GUMMY BEAR change (physical change in matter). After leaving it overnight, students should notice that the water changed in color and smell and the gummies grew in size
UPDATED- November 2016 This packet is the perfect way to make measuring fun! Students measure two gummy worms to the nearest inch, half inch, ¼ inch, and/or centimeters before and after they stretch the worm as far as it will go! Then they have to use subtraction to figure out the difference betwee
Science Experiments: This bundle includes all of the products listed below. Answer keys are provided for each product. Important: All these products sell for $15.85; as a bundle they are 20% off, for $12.68!          ♦ 1. Skittles Lab Experiments          ♦ 2. Gummy Bears Lab Experiment   
This download is for a Gummy Bear Sorting, Tallying, Graphing, and Analyzing Data Math Center. I photographed the gummy bears myself for this activity to create the sorting mat. My first grade students love this center and the classroom smells so sweet! The activities can also be modified for the
Everything you need for your Growing Gummy Bear Project BoardAre you doing the Growing Gummy Bear experiment in your classroom? Do you need a cute board display? Look no further this product is just for you! Everything in the preview is provided, and all the slides are editable so you can put all yo
Fun Science Experiment Hands on and yummy treats! Have your students observe and experiment what happens to gummy bears when put in water, saltwater, vinegar, and baking soda for 24hrs or 48hrs. Fun activities, charts and worksheets
Can you make your gummy worms come to life? Try this experiment to see if you are as smart as Dr. Frankenstein! This is one of those experiments that my students go absolutely crazy for in class! I adapted this lab from a great website. Here is the link: http://kitchenpantryscientist.com/?p=2453
Demonstrate how fossils form in just hours right in your own classroom! Gummy Bear Fossils is a lot of fun for students. They always LOVE learning with candy! Aligned to Georgia Performance Standards for Science for third grade, S3E2 (Students will investigate fossils as evidence of organisms tha
Students use the scientific method to determine if the density of a gummy worm changes after being soaked in water overnight. Objectives: Determine how the density of a gummy worm will change after soaking it in water, Practice measuring using the metric system. Students measure length, width, m
This experiment is a follow up to my FREEBIE Osmosis: Colorful Celery Experiment and to the Vinegar/Egg experiment. This packet contains the most science journaling of the 3 packets and is meant to be the culminating experiment in the Osmosis series. At this point, the students will be the very fa

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