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Results for gustar definite indefinite articles

43+ results

Gustar verbs missing element activity

Created by
kunal patel
Gustar verbs missing element activity (present tense)Complete the template below by adding the missing elements: prepositional phrase, indirect object pronoun, Gustar type verb, noun or infinitive, and additional words to expand on the sentence. Use a Gustar type verb only once (do not repeat any). With nouns, use definite articles (el, la, los, las), indefinite articles (un, una, unos, unas), or possessive adjectives (mi, mis, tu, tus, su, sus, nuestro/a, nuestros/as). Your sentence must make s

Articles Practice Spanish Worksheet

Intended for: Spanish 1 (or review for another level)Content: definite & indefinite articles, common objects, subject pronouns, gustarActivities: translation, listening comprehension, fill-in-the-blank

Study Guide: Avancemos 2 Lección Preliminar

This is a study guide reviewing the content from Avancemos 2 Lección Preliminar. It reviews:definite/indefinite articles, subject pronouns, adjective agreement, the verbs ser, estar, tener, ir, gustar, regular verb conjugation, stem changing verb conjugation and the vocabulary list from Avancemos 2 Lección Preliminar.

Beginner Level Writing Assignment to "PenPal"

This beginner level writing task allows students to describe themselves using the basics like ser, tener, gustar, clase favorita, definite and indefinite articles, all while giving them the feeling that they are writing to a penpal in a Spanish speaking country. I have included a simple grading rubric that you can use to grade the writing assignments. I do give the students this rubric a week before they will have to complete the task so they can prepare, however they are not allowed to bring an

Avancemos 1, Unit 1 Mini-Review Charts

Created by
Darlene Sotelo
This is an Avancemos 1, Unit 1 mini review. Includes table charts for personal pronouns, ser, gustar, noun/pronoun + gustar, and definite/ indefinite articles. Can function as a handout or study guide for Spanish 1.

Spanish 1 Midterm

Created by
Senorita Hinbern
This is a multiple choice midterm that covers the following topics: alphabet, numbers, greetings, introductions, farewells, classes, sports, the verb "gustar," supplies, and definite/indefinite articles.

Spanish I Grammar Notes Packet - TEACHER KEY

Created by
eSe de espanol
This is the TEACHER ANSWER KEY and suggestions for notes for the Spanish I Grammar Notes Packet. The Spanish I Grammar Notes Packet includes: • definite articlesindefinite articles • possessive adjectives • sentence and question word order/structure • direct object pronouns • indirect object pronouns • double object pronouns • regular present tense verbs • stem-change present tense verbs • irregular present tense verbs • present progressive tense • double-verb phrases • ir a • gustar • tene

Avancemos 1 Midterm LP - U2 with Answer Key

Includes a midterm exam to assess the curriculum taught from lección preliminar to Unidad 2 of Avancemos 1. The following topics are covered : greetings/introductions, subject pronouns, definite & indefinite articles. vocabulary translation, ser vs estar, the verb tener, the verb IR, the verb gustar, and present tense verbs.Includes three different sections on the exam : vocabulary , grammar , and reading comprehension in a total of 53 questions.Answer key is included.

Avancemos 1 Unit 1 Worksheet Bundle

Created by
La Maestra Sabia
Grammar & Culture Worksheets that correspond with the information provided in Avancemos 1 Unit 1 textbook. This resource includes the following worksheet activities:Los Estados Unidos-CultureDefinite & Indefinite ArticlesSer & Subject PronounsGustar with InfinitivesNoun/Adjective Agreement

Spanish Inductive Grammar Lesson Bundle

Created by
Spanish Sundries
This bundle includes 15 inductive grammar lessons on the following Spanish grammar topics: -Making words plural -Regular Present Tense -Affirmative Commands -Regular Preterite Tense -Preterite Stem Changing Verbs -The Verb Gustar -Adjective Agreement -The Imperfect Tense -Gender of Nouns -Por vs Para -Present Tense of SER -Preterite Tense of SER/IR -Reflexive Verbs -Definite Articles -Indefinite Articles The inductive grammar method is backed by research and allows students to make sense of gr

Spanish Adjectives Unit 1.2 - Adjetivos - Spanish 1 Curriculum - Google Drive

This Spanish Adjectives Unit goes with my Spanish I Year-Long Curriculum. The goal of the unit is for students to be able to describe themselves and others using the verb ser (to be).Key points: Adjectives, gustar, ser, tener, definite and indefinite articles in SpanishWhat you'll get:- 9 Google Slides Presentations - Day 1 & 2 Vocabulary - Day 3 Vocabulary review and Gustar - Day 4 Definite/Indefinite articles - Day 5 Vocabulary review - Day 6 Reading, writing and listening practice

Avancemos 1 Unit 1 Complete Lesson Plans

Created by
La Maestra Sabia
I did all the work so you don't have to! Everything you need to teach Avancemos 1 Unit 1 is here. No prep needed, just hit print!This set includes:Culture Notes Grammar Notes (Definite & Indefinite Articles, Gustar with Infinitives, Noun/Adjective Agreement, Subject Pronouns & Ser) Crosswords for each lesson with answer keysInterpersonal Speaking Prompts (Lessons 1 & 2)Task Cards (Gustar, Agreement, Ser & Pronouns)Vocabulary Lists (Lessons 1 & 2) Culture Worksheet that corre


PURCHASE THIS BUNDLE TO SAVE TIME AND MONEY!Ever enjoy the classic math game called "Minute Math?"This "Un Minuto Loco" BUNDLED activity focusing on Spanish E to IE present tense stem-change verbs, definite articles, indefinite articles, and GUSTAR will capture the attention of ALL of your students!HOW IT WORKS:Set a timer for one minute.Challenge students to write in the correct information to match the given noun or conjugate as many of the verbs as fast as they can.WHAT'S INCLUDED:8 "Un Minut

Back to School: Spanish 1 Beginning Bundle!

Created by
Included are all my best resources for starting off the year teaching Spanish 1. They are listed at a discount price rather than buying them individually. Here's what you'll get: -Icebreaker for start of class-Ser Gustar & Subject Pronoun worksheet-Beginning of the year lesson plans days 1-3-Calendario & clima notebook insert-De Donde Es Usted Handout Conversational Practice-De Donde Eres Activity/Worksheet-Definite & Indefinite Articles Worksheet-Definite & Indefinite Articles R

Spanish 1 Unit 1 Exam (Bienvenidos al Mundo Hispanohablante)

Created by
Senora Hoffer
Unit 1 exam that assesses students on the following topics: - Listening section with classroom commands - Geography of Spanish speaking countries (map) - Greetings, farewells, and introductions, - Numbers - Expressing age - Expressing where you and others are from - Subject pronouns - Definite and indefinite articles - Using the verb "gustar" to talk about what foods you and others like - Using the verb "gustar" to talk about what you and others like to do - Using verbs like gustar (encantar,

Spanish I Supplementary Notes

Great for additional review and practice - differentiated practice (for learners needing basic step by step examples). Comes with sample questions for each topic. Can be modified or added to! Topics Include: Contents Subject Pronouns Present Tense of Tener Ser Question Words Definite Articles Indefinite Articles Adjective Agreement Question word as Adjective Agreement Infinitives Telling Time Possession Ser Gustar AR Verbs Estar Ir Days of the Week Double Negatives ER & IR Verbs Giving

Simple Spanish Self - Checking Grammar Bundle 1

Created by
Lonnie Dai Zovi
Simple Spanish Self-Checking Grammar Bundle 1 activity packets are for self-directed studies for at-home learning or in-class, whole-class teaching on a whiteboard or a smart board. There are many pages (slides) of simple lessons on personal pronouns, definite and indefinite articles, present regular -ar verb conjugations, present regular -er,-ir verbs conjugations, present common stem-changing verbs conjugations, ser and estar conjugations and usages, how to form and use "gustar" , how to for

Spanish 1 Curriculum Avancemos - Spanish I Year-Long Bundle - Google Drive

Get everything you need for the full school year with this in depth Spanish 1 curriculum on Google Drive. This Spanish Curriculum Year Long Bundle Includes:Preliminary Unit - Alphabet, Greetings, Introductions, Days of the Week, Numbers 0-10Unit 1.1 - Spanish Activities, Ser, and Subject PronounsUnit 1.2 - Spanish Adjectives, Ser, Gustar and Tener, Definite & Indefinite ArticlesUnit 2.1 - Telling Time and School Subjects, Regular AR Verbs in the Present TenseUnit 2.2: School supplies, the ve

Spanish for beginners (A1) - 11 worksheet bundle

Created by
Ayla Dorado
In this bundle you will find 9 worksheets with many activities on topics that are taught at a beginner level (A1):These topics are:Greetings The verb SERCountries and nationalities OccupationsAge and numbersClothesDaily routineTelling the time Months and seasonsThe weatherPlaces in the city Syllables & diphthongs Asking the price HayDefinite and indefinite articles The verb GUSTAR + indirect object pronounsThe imperative moodThe activities are ideal to practice reading, writing, speaking an

National Spanish Exam Level 1 study guide

This resource contains 10 pages of items that are usually on the National Spanish Exam. With this, students can have an easy reference guide for multiple vocabulary lists and grammar points which are likely to be on the exam. The exam is different every year, but these topics are usually on it.Resource contains;14 conjugation charts - ser, ir, estar, -ar, -er, -ir, tener, venir, gustar, poder, pensar, pedir, jugar, decirgrammar points - definite articles, indefinite articles, adjective agreem

Spanish Practice Activities Mega Bundle | DIGITAL + PRINT

Created by
Want extra practice for Spanish students? This bundle of resources will be a great addition as a fast finishers, extra practices, tutoring, lesson activities, and more. Included:▶️ Printable Practice Activities ▶️ Digital Practice Activities (Note: All resources don't have digital updates yet. Updates will be rolling out.)❗As digital updates are added to this bundle, the price will increase.❗Topics Included:✅ Spanish Affirmative and Negative Commands ✅ Definite Articles✅ Direct Object Pronouns✅

Level 1 Spanish Grammar Flip Books Bundle with DIGITAL options for Google Slides

Created by
Sra Cruz
This is a money-saving bundle of 13 flip books for Level 1 Spanish. Save 20% with this bundle + get any future additions for FREE!All flip books include:✅ a printable (no cut, no waste) flip book in pdf format✅ a digital Google Slides option for paperless or distance learning✅ answer keys✅ instructions for copying and assembly✅ video tutorial for copying and assemblyTopics Included:7 high frequency Spanish verbsdefinite and indefinite articles / los artículos definidos e indefinidossubject pron

Avancemos 1 Unit 1 Notes EDITABLE

Created by
La Maestra Sabia
Editable and printable Google Slides notes for each grammar section in Unit 1 of the Avancemos 1 textbook. Each grammar topic has a teacher copy of notes, as well as a student copy with spaces to fill in information. This is great for students who need supplementary copies of notes or if students are absent. Your purchase includes links to digital copies of the following:Los Estados Unidos Culture Noun Adjective AgreementSubject Pronouns & SerDefinite & Indefinite ArticlesGustar with In

Spanish 1 proofreading checklist

Created by
Amanda DeBoer
Hello all! This is a proofreading checklist of sorts that I give to my Spanish 1 students in second semester whenever we do a larger big of writing work. It can be used to self-edit and proofread, or used in partners to do peer editing. This product includes: • A Microsoft Word document of the proofreading checklist • A PDF copy of that same sheet in case of any wonky formatting issues Grammatical structures listed on the checklist: • articles (definite/indefinite) • noun/adjective agreement
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