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Help teach children about the common digraphs sh, ch, wh, th by using characters known as the "H Brothers". I couldn't find a good set, so I drew my own and adapted a story to go along with it. It's a little different than the usual, but the children love it! The document includes images of my ori
Use this cute story to teach digraphs to your students! I made it into a poster and here are the pieces to make it your own!
This book is a great way to introduce the h digraphs (ch, sh, th, wh) to young students. It tells a short story in a way for the students to remember each digraph. There is also a poster to print out as well to hang in the classroom. Just print the pages, laminate and bind into a book.
4 short stories featuring th, sh, ch and wh. Comprehension questions included.
This product contains a poster and story for each of the 5 digraph brothers. Students can refer to the posters and use Chuckie, Whitey, Theo, Phil, and Shane, to help them remember what each digraph says!!If you enjoy this product please be sure to check out The R Sisters Posters!
This is a fun way to have the little ones remember the H digraphs: wh, sh, ch, and th. It is a cute little story I once learned at a workshop. You can make your own poster, modify it, etc. I thought it was passing it along!
This multisensory instruction bundle of H brother digraphs activities will help your struggling learners read and spell the th, sh, wh, and ch digraphs. This set of Orton Gillingham based activities can be used to supplement any Orton Gillingham, Wilson, or Barton curriculum. My dyslexic students ha
This Digraph Bundle is the PERFECT way to supplement your reading instruction and provide your students with fun and meaningful activities. By purchasing this product, you will be given a variety of Ch, Sh, Th, and Wh activities, printables, word wall cards, assessments, and games! Many of these act
Word Hunts are part of the program Words their Way, but the actual word hunts were not provided. They are a great way to help teach spelling patterns and give children a follow up activity to accompany any spelling pattern taught in class. This word hunt focuses on the h brothers (sh, ch, th, wh)spe
Orton-Gillingham “H” Brother DigraphsConcept Worksheets both with and without ph, Posters, Picture Cards Sort, 57 Word Sort Flashcards, Decodable Story with and without ph, since it is introduced later in some curricula. You can view/show The H Brother Digraphs Doodle video from YouTube at:https://w
I designed this packet to help introduce my first graders to the digraph spellings sh, ch, th, and wh. In my experience, I have found anytime you can link a phonics skill to a catchy story students, especially those struggling with reading, are more likely to apply it in their own reading. Include
Make learning of consonant diagraphs more interesting with a catchy story and visual poster to match.
Great way to introduce and explore the ch-, sh-.wh-, and th digraphs. Introduced digraphs one at a time by reading story and having students give words that start with those signs.
Organized by estimated Lexile measure (least to most complex), these 46 short stories by H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, the Brothers Grimm, and Nathaniel Hawthorne make for interesting additions to high school English classes. All narratives included herein are in the public domain.Lexile 600-700
⭐️This collection of 15 digital and printable poems, plays, and Lexile® measured stories with questions aligned to RL.4.5 & RL.5.5 are perfect for teaching, developing, or reinforcing text structure skills. Google slides version is perfect for Google Classroom integration and distance learning. 4
Support high school and college close reading skills, extend reading comprehension, and promote accountability with this bundle of 60 exercises made for Google Drive. Featured authors include the Brothers Grimm, Edgar Allan Poe, Katherine Mansfield, Virginia Woolf, H.P. Lovecraft, Ursula K. Le Guin
Synopsis: Having recently lived in a small New York City apartment, older sister Mallory and twin younger brothers Jared and Simon, suddenly find themselves living in a rundown old estate that belongs to a crazy great aunt. No sooner does Jared walk into the house than he hears something that make
Here are 13 original pictures and their fun stories for teaching phonics to kindergartners. They include King of ing, his family, other letters and letter combinations. These have been used successfully for 17 years. The kids really do remember the characters, their stories, and the sounds they
Synopsis: Having made a new home for Thimbletack, the children seem to be at peace with the brownie. Thimbletack, however, warns Jared that keeping the book is dangerous and that trouble would come his way. Trouble soon comes in the form of goblins and trolls. Follow along as Jared and Mallory tr
*You will need a subscription to Reading A-Z to use the books these questions are based on. THE BOOK FILES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS DOWNLOAD.* https://www.readinga-z.com/books/leveled-books This is a set of text based questions designed to help students with the written component of the TRC Assess
This collection of 13 tests on 13 short stories (zip folder) from the textbook PRENTICE HALL LITERATURE, 8e GRADE 7 ISBN-13: 978-0131317147ISBN-10: 0131317148 Unit 2 Short Stories includes 10-50 multiple-choice questions (varies depending on length of reading selection) from different levels of Bloo
The H brothers is a story about the 5 H digraphs (ch, th, wh, sh, and ph) brothers. The pictures can be colored by your students as they hunt for the digraph chunks in the story. Included is an interactive book for students to practice H brother blends through the blends personified characters and
'The H-Brothers' is a story used to teach 5 consonant digraphs (sh, th, wh, ch, ph). These posters can be used as anchor charts (or part of an anchor chart) when teaching these digraphs. Impolite Theo is very rude and goes around the house all day sticking his tongue out and making the 'th' sound.
This is a story that has the h brother blends throughout. It is a great practice tool for kids to reading those sounds.

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