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This resource is also part of the Nuclear Chemistry Bundle! This Half-Life Problems Leprechaun themed worksheet is a two-page worksheet that helps students practice setting up simple half-life decay tables. The students have to figure out how much of a substance will be left after a given amount of
Half-Life is a difficult concept for students to grasp. This activity is a hands-on, two-part activity that takes the students through some examples using construction paper for Part A, and Part B uses either pennies or similar items as radioactive particles. A background sheet is included which e
This breakout escape room is a fun way for students to test their skills with calculating half-life.Important: (How to Make Completely Digital)This product normally requires the printing of the questions to accompany a digital form for students to input answers. But if you follow a couple simple st
I found this way of solving half-life problems was one of the most effective in my physical science classes. The formulas were too confusing or complex for many of my students. It includes practice problems and answers.
The first page of this resource is filled with information and "Important Notes" about Half Life. It was written with all learners in mind, so it contains only the necessary academic language until students get comfortable with the topic and processes necessary to understand the basics of Half Life
This message decoder is a great way for students to practice their skills with calculating half-life.
Students complete practice half-life problems.
The process of emission of particles from nuclei because of the nuclear instability; is known as radioactivity. The substance that releases such energy/rays is known as radioactive substance. In 1896, Henri Becquerel first observed the phenomena of radioactivity, but the term radioactivity was coine
Progressive Era Problems: Why Did Mark Twain Name It The Gilded Age? Engaging!This lesson is included in the Progressive Era & Gilded Age Unit Bundle, located here:Progressive Era (Gilded Age) Bundle! 11 Engaging Resources for Progressive Era!Buy the bundle and save a bundle!-----In this highly
Are you new to AP Spanish? Are you overwhelmed by the new themes and teaching a content-based advanced language course? Than this is exactly what you need. This 163 page product will help guide you through the fourth unit of the year with detailed daily lessons and pre-made activities with answer
These are interactive, digital slides perfect for distance learning Use with your Google Classroom to engage students in their learning!Fully **editable** and all tools are given for you to customize and provide differentiation to your students!Practice time the hour, half-hour, quarter to and quart
★NEW★ *UPDATED TO 84 DIFFERENT ILLUSTRATED CARDS!* PROBLEM SOLVING ILLUSTRATED! Predicting Life Skill Theme Problems & Questions! Using the problem solving predicting theme: "What could go wrong with…"★ PRICE TEMPORARILY LOWER TO HELP FAMILIES AND EDUCATORS With Distance Learning Covid-19!★ 84 D
Over 25 (12 problems and some have a,b,c,d) quality energy math word problems to use in AP Environmental Science, Physics, and math classes which want relevant word problems to practice. All problems have been tested to feasible without a calculator.Watts, energy use, half-life, metric conversions
This is a compilation of print and video sources with accompanying activities that is designed to complement/ supplement tema 4 of the AP Language and Culture textbook Temas. These activities could be used by any AP Language and Culture class that is studying the Contemporary Life theme or any other
The main idea of this sort is to match groups of four—one story situation, one graph, and two equivalent inequalities (one with the variable in front and one with the variable in the back). It has been designed so that students cannot simply match based off of the numbers in the problems. Rather ha
An excerpt from Jacob Riis' "How the Other Half Lives" is followed by 10 multiple choice questions and 3 open-ended questions. In addition to the answers to the multiple choice questions, the answer key also has explanations and possible responses to every open-ended question.The questions that fol
In this Volume of Cylinder, Cone & Sphere - Real World Problems , students will be calculating the volume of 10 objects with cylindrical, conical or spherical shape that we use on our daily life. We use fish tanks, cans, traffic cones, bowling balls and water tanks. The first 3 problems (3 objec
Nuclear chemistry/physics is an interesting component that is often left to the end of the year and covered shallowly. This worksheet allows students to get a sense of how the age of the earth has been determined and then to practice alpha and beta decay through the U-238 sequence. There are 14 st
ANNIE ADDS THE LUNCH COUNTIt’s Annie’s day to do the lunch count in her classroom and she needs to count the lunch items and add them together so the lunchroom knows how many lunches to make for her class. This set of lunch count task cards provides your students with practice in reading a lunch cou
| Thanksgiving | Cooking | Special Education | Life Skills | Math | Doubles | Halves | Recipes | November | Fall | Thanksgiving is a great time of year for teachers to introduce students to a variety of cooking lessons in the classroom. Many students struggle with the concepts of doubling and halvi
This Common Core aligned package includes 24 templates, which help students understand and make connections between the equations, tables, and graphs of various functions. These link sheets allow students to view multiple representations of functions from Algebra 1 all the way through Pre-Calculus.
This fun little pack will not only introduce your life science topics in an interesting way, but each page will prepare your students to take a state science assessment. There are 16 half-page intros on ecosystems, food chains and webs, adaptations, symbiosis, and plants. Along with the introducti
This full unit contains everything from my store that says it's from the Exponential Functions Unit plus lots of other goodies for a few dollars less than you can buy them all separately. Please see the preview to see all that is included in the unit, but as a synopsis, the unit covers Exponential
** This activity is available as a "GOOGLE INTERACTIVE" product HERE**This EMOJI is part of : EMOJI - BUNDLE Exponential & Logarithmic Functions✐ This product is an NO PREP- SELF CHECKING activity that engages students in "Applications on Compound Interest, Continuous Interest, & Half-Life"

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