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How often do you ask students to raise their hands to answer a question only have a student reply, "Can I go to the bathroom?" or "One time when I was with my mom..."? Teaching students to use hand signals is the perfect solution! This pack includes cheerful, colorful posters that include an illust
This is a great little set to display in your classroom and teach your students nonverbal ways to communicate with you instead of interrupting you while you are teaching or in small group. I have included 3 different versions {light skin, dark skin, and blacklines) with 3 different sizes (small, med
Hand signals are a classroom management strategy to reduce interruptions during instruction, and throughout the school day. By nonverbally conveying some of the most requested needs, disruptions will diminish. These editable, multicultural hand signals will enhance classroom management with your
These now include EDITABLE signs! Are you looking for some cute ways for your students to greet you at the door or to say hello to other students during morning meeting? These great greeting choices are perfect to hang outside of your class or in your classroom. These posters come in a RAINBOW CO
These EDITABLE Number Talk hand signals and sentence starters posters are perfect for displaying around a whiteboard or bulletin board used during Number Talks or Math Talks! THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES THREE PARTS: ■ Number Talk/Math Talk letters (large and small) ■ Hand signals posters ■ Sentence start
HAND SIGNALS {Editable!!} A Tool for Classroom Management These EDITABLE classroom hand signal printable posters are a highly effective classroom management tool. You will find you have fewer student distractions, less disruptions while teacher and more time on task. The classroom hand signal pri
This is your one stop for introducing, creating, and managing a classroom environment that will welcome your students and inspire them to learn! RULES10 simple and effective rules for distance learning classroom management! Introduce the rules using the presentation, post them on your wall or provid
This FREE set of posters is just what you need to manage your students!I have used these signals for years now and it makes the classroom run much more smoothly!From small guided reading/math groups, whole group activities, and hallway procedures, these hand signals are perfect to keep the flow goin
(50 graphics) These multicultural hand signals include the numbers 0-5, thumbs up, thumbs down, OK, and letter R for restroom. (Teri's request) Find HAND SIGNALS SET#2 HERE This set includes: 1. number ZERO hand sign 2. number ONE hand sign 3. number TWO hand sign 4. number THREE hand sign 5.
Make classroom management a whole lot easier with non-verbal hand signals! These round, pastel posters come in 8 color options with a total of 23 different versions to choose from! Please note this product is non-editable. Nonetheless, still created to meet your specific classroom needs. I hope you
Manage students with these nonverbal classroom hand signal signs!This file contains four styles:Black and White with picturesBlack and White without picturesBright Colors with picturesBright Colors without picturesThere are EIGHT different hands signals (showing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down
These bright and colorful hand signal posters will be a wonderful addition to your classroom management routine. Your students will learn to use their hand signals instead of calling out across the room. Who couldn't use a little peace and quiet?!*I have updated this product to include both a BLACK
Decorate your classroom in bright chevron! This set includes: *hand signals #1-5 {pencil, bathroom, water, tissue, question} *"A-OK" for kiddos to signal "I'm done!" *voice levels #0-4 {quiet, whisper, partners, groups, outside} I hope you LOVE it!! Enjoy!! :) This set is also included in my Clas
Number talks are a great way to get your students involved in meaningful mathematical discussion! This poster shows the hand signals that are used as part of the number talks routine. It includes both an English and Spanish poster.
Make classroom management a whole lot easier with non-verbal hand signals! These round, hand signal posters come in 15 color options with a total of 61 different versions to choose from! Please note this product is non-editable. Nonetheless, still created to meet your specific classroom needs. This
Have students show you what they need using special hand signals! Post these signs in your classroom to remind students of your secret hand signals. :) 1: Pencil 2: Restroom 3: Water 4: Tissue 5: Question/Help Thumbs Up: I'm Done Thumbs Down: Need help! 0: Nurse **Updated on 7/16/2015** An edit
Use this number talk hand signals poster to help support number talks in your classroom!
These Editable Multicultural Hand Signals have been a game-changer for classroom management in my classroom! They are the perfect way to silently manage student needs and eliminate those unwanted interruptions during instruction. Each hand signal display shows the signal and tells what the signal st
These hand signals are an effective tool for your classroom management! These allow your classroom to run smooth for the whole year with minimal interruptions!Posters Included:- Hand Signal Label- Pencil- Restroom- Bathroom- Drink- Water- Tissue- Yes- No- Wait- Question- Editable Hand Signal Posters
Number Talks is an essential component to Math Workshop, and in my district we use hand signals. These cute posters will help students know what each hand signal means.
I use hand signals to keep me happy! Blurting is one of my top pet peeves with little ones. My first year, my teammates introduced me to hand signals. I quickly taught my kiddos to use them and I've been a much calmer teacher since! This file includes many hand signals and gestures. I would not rec
Help children communicate their mental math thinking during Number Talks using these two posters. The first poster has prompts for students to use to communicate their thoughts. The second poster has the hand symbols used by Sherry Parrish's team in the DVD. hand signals, number talks, hand, si
Do you use hand signals as a classroom management tool? Using ASL hand signals is a great way to manage needs/requests from students and communicate with students in a quiet, non disruptive way. In this pack you'll find 20 [true] ASL hand signals for common classroom requests and communication!HelpY
Are you looking to improve your classroom management skills. This tool will help you teach more effectively without interruptions. As a classroom teacher I found that my whole group and small group lessons were constantly taken off task by students who would share stories instead of answering questi

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