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****NOTE: This is a part of a bigger bundle – Social Story Set for Children with Autism: Hurting Self.**** A social story is a tool to use with individuals who are displaying behaviors that you would like to modify. This Banging My Head Social Story is for students who are hurting themselves (se
I wrote this social story for a student to refer to when he wants to bang his head. He reviews this in high stress situations and attempts to choose another option. The fidgets that he uses can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Sensory-Finger-Stress-Reducer-Massager/dp/B07Q4FZW8D/ref=sr_1_5?keyw
Headbanger Seasons! Your students can have fun with this game while working on object naming and functions, asking questions, taking turns, descriptions, and overall vocabulary in seasons. There are 30 picture cards to be used for each season. A total of 120 pictures! Directions: After you have
This resource is engaging, low maintenance, no prep, NGSS aligned and paperless! By the end of this activity your students will have a much deeper understanding of The Big Bang Theory. This activity can be completely student centered with zero direct instruction from you which takes students 50-90 m
Need to connect with your kids with their pop music through general music? Involve them in bucket drumming with BANG! (Clean Version) by AJRThere are five all-color coded slides along with the form identifiers listed next to each phrase. Discuss form with the students and teach them (by rote) the r
NOVA: Big Bang Machine details the search for the Higgs boson and its relationship with the study of the universe and its origins. The zip file download contains a two-sided video worksheet consisting of 37 multiple choice questions, along with an answer key, and files in both MS Word and PDF format
Banging your head over comprehension? Use these 10 short intervention reading passages - based on children's classics - complete with running record assessment - to help your reading intervention students grasp and understand comprehension skills. Perfect for tutoring. Used with great success with
Are you banging your head against the wall trying to come up with more examples of figurative language for your students? This useful handout will provide students the opportunity to look at a whole list of different examples of funny and interesting pieces figurative language! Students will analyze
Ever feel like you are banging your head against a coconut tree when you teach punctuation, repeating the same skills and concepts again and again? Welcome to Punctuation Paradise, a pleasant little island of sequential punctuation fun, where skills build and cycle to a solid understanding of basic
Start the year off with a bang using these fun and fabulous Back to School products! I have included all of my Back to School Activities in this one discounted bundle pack!!!! You and your students will love these! Includes: 5 easy set up Back to School Centers, Student Question Hunt, M & M G
You may have had students screaming and banging their heads on their desk when their Movie Maker project opened up and all they saw were yellow "!" What to do? Well, here is a PowerPoint that will alleviate those issues before you begin. I've been using this for years and when students come in fr
End Chunk Buddy BundleIt gets weird with Bang! (ANG), Ring-a-ding King (ING), Long and Strong (ONG), Hung and Stung (UNG). Bank Tank (ANK), Pink Drink (INK), Donkey Bonk (ONK), and Punk Skunk (UNK)! Bundle includes Posters, Cards, Alphabet Word Building Cards, Buddy Binder Sheets, Daily Goal Setting
This ONE resource can be utilized in many different ways!! More BANG for your BucK!! 1.Get to know your students with a first day-week puzzle activity printable- 2.Use the puzzle templates for students to complete an AT home or school activity they will enjoy.3.Share puzzle creations as a whole grou
This social narrative addresses different types of self-harming behavior (biting, hitting, head banging, picking skin, scratching, pulling hair, pinching) and calming/preventive strategies. This resource is created as a non-editable PowerPoint Presentation. ***One editable page added, allowing to ad
We have all seen this on our facebook! (And, be honest, probably banged your head against the table over all the wrong answers.)I've adapted it to protect the privacy of posters and users, but students may have seen something similar on their parent's facebooks. If not, they should still feel motiva
Are your students STILL putting periods and commas in the wrong places when punctuating dialogue or embedding direct quotations? You could continue banging your head against the wall, or...you could make a light-hearted review out of the issue by playing this game with your junior high or high schoo
This social story is for students with Autism who have self-injurious behaviors. If your student or child engages such behaviors such as head banging, throwing their body against the wall, or cutting, this social story is perfect for you. Use this social story to practice positive self-calming teach
This graphic organizer can be used to analyze ANY tragic hero in a drama, especially classic works of literature. As the hero steadily heads toward his ultimate doom, use this worksheet to record the six key characteristics explained here. This three-column worksheet takes students through six spec
All About Me Back to School Brochure This All About Me brochure will help your students start the school year out with a bang! Your students can create new goals for the school year with this meaningful activity. They can reflect on summer activities too. This is the perfect Back to School Activity
This is a social narrative template that can be modified to fit different students. The story addresses different types of self-harming behaviors (biting, hitting, head banging, picking skin, scratching, pulling hair, pinching) and calming/preventive strategies.Individualized visuals and real life p
This social skills story helps those with Autism to learn about other ways to deal with being frustrated, mad, or upset, other than hitting or banging their own head, pounding their fists, or kicking things. It gives them replacement strategies to use and scripts out what they can say and do to repl
Share the story (Mr. Mean), talk about Mr. Mean’s daily routine and brainstorm possible endings to the story … how does he stop being mean? Does he bang his head? Is somebody kind to him? Does a witch use a ‘kindness’ spell? Lots of ideas to choose from. Enjoy!
This is a vocabulary word search containing 20 words and phrases from the 1999 Caldecott Honor Book When Sophie Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry by Molly Bang. The words only appear horizontally and vertically to facilitate reading fluency.Words Included: Sophie, Gorilla, snatched, fell-over, kicks,
Great as a puzzle, project, or as a classroom display!HUGE document with built-in varying degrees of difficulty. This is TWO FULL SETS of bones from head to toe. One set in realistic color, and one set in black and white, simple line drawing.The bones print in segments that are true to life size pro

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