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Interactive Social Studies Journals {K-2}
Interactive notebooks are widely used in classroom. If you were to walk in mine today, you would see interactive notebooks for reading, math, and science. The purpose behind these notebooks is to keep students organized and assist in synthesizing lessons taught. It’s common to see vocabulary, notes,
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Civil War: Union Soldiers' Letters, Diaries and Journals Written While in the So
Civil War: Union Soldiers' Letters, Diaries and Journals Written While in the South ﾿ 6,358 pages of handwritten letters, diary and journal entries made by 98 Union troops and officers, mostly written while stationed in the South during the Civil War.This curation focuses on Federal soldiers who
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Oregon Trail Simulation
Get your students ready for the ultimate Oregon Trail experience! This simulation activity will engage your students and have them excited about learning about the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri to Oregon.This resource provides an interactive experience that engages students to become pion

Also included in: Oregon Trail Simulation Game and Activities Bundle

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Oregon Trail Simulation Game and Activities Bundle
This 125+ page Oregon Trail bundle includes several activities that are intended to help your students learn about the life on the trail. Oregon Trail Simulation Activity This activity is meant to simulate what pioneers had to go through when they decided to travel the “Oregon Trail”- one of the l
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1950's to Present Day Women's Rights and Assessment Lesson plan
1. Post WWII Women a. Pressure to conform to pre-war gender patterns b. By end of decade nearly 30.5% women work outside of home (part or full time) c. Reluctant to relinquish independence ; but society expected them to stay at home d. Baby Boomers made decision to stay at home easier- need to raise
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Oregon Trail Activity Free
This is a great activity to get your students ready for the Oregon Trail Simulation. Included in this free resource is: an introductory letter from a pioneer, two pages of questions to answer about prior knowledge of the Oregon Trail, key vocabulary related to the journey westward, and a United Stat
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