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Your students are sure to LOVE this lab! Who wouldn't? It includes ICE CREAM! Teach heat energy, phase changes, and energy transformations with this 5-E MODEL ice cream lab activity. Your students will begin with an ENGAGE question, followed by an EXPLORE activity (making ice cream), an EXPLANATION
4th - 11th
This investigation is meant to deepen student understanding of heat transfer! Students get to examine convection, conduction and radiation while heating marshmallows at three different stations. The 4 pages for students include sections for the students to: - demonstrate understanding of heat trans
This thermal energy unit features eight sets of hands-on science activities, a lab that explores transfer of heat, links to supplementary videos and websites, flash cards, review sheet, and assessment. Exploration can be completed by your third, fourth, or fifth grade students - or presented as demo
Students often struggle with the concepts of specific heat, land and sea breezes, and heating and cooling times of land and water until they can see it in action, and practice foundational science inquiry skills at the same time. In this ready-to-go lab activity students model for land and sea bree
The CHOCOLATE CONDUCTION LAB is newly UPDATED with FREE EXTRAS! This Hands-On, Self-Directed, Action LAB--allows students to explore how HEAT moves by CONDUCTION using chocolate chips, aluminum foil, and a hot plate. NO OPEN FLAME! That’s why I wrote this LAB– I couldn’t believe all the labs wi
Take your Specific Heat/Heat Capacity lab to the next level with my C.S.I. twist on a traditional lab. Using Heat Energy and Specific Heat calculations, students will determine the specific heat of an unknown metal (evidence from a crime scene) and use this calculation to solve The Case of the Unkno
Students test thermal energy transfer of different container types. Uses very simple supplies!This thermal energy transfer vs. materials type investigation results in great graphs that clearly show how different materials act as insulators and conductors when they lose thermal energy at different r
★Digital Interactive Resource★Go paperless with this interactive VIRTUAL LAB for Google Slides™ that will help your chemistry or physical science students master Heating Curves. Students will visit a custom Google Sites Website to record temperatures, then draw a heating curve from their data. Ther
9th - 12th, Higher Education
In this lab students will clearly observe that the energy applied to a system can be used to change the temperature or to change the phase of a substance, but not both at the same time. Students will record temperature data as they heat ice through two phase changes. This data will be used to crea
Students will students will observe how temperatures change over time and eventually come to equilibrium. They will learn that heat always transfers from warm to cold environments.The product contains three complete labs that are differentiated for all of your students. BUNDLE AND SAVE $$:Buy the
Engaging investigation that uses very simple supplies!This is a mini-lab activity that is designed to be completed and reviewed in one class period. The materials are very simple - thermometers, cups (the write-up says Styrofoam but you can use any heat-safe cup), and food coloring. Students get t
The purpose of this science lab is to teach the three types of heat transfer (conduction, radiation, and convection). In this lab, we make popcorn to demonstrate these different types of heat transfer. For conduction, we use a pan. For radiation, we use a microwave. For convection, we use an air pop
In this chemistry lab, students will use a simple calorimeter and laboratory balance to determine the specific heat of three known metals and one unknown metal. From mass and temperature data obtained in the lab, students will calculate the specific heat, and identify the unknown metal.Purpose of t
Students will complete one mini lab on each type of heat transfer (radiation, convection and conduction). You may have students complete all three mini labs in one class period or complete one at a time.You may explain conduction, convection, and radiation to your students beforehand or use these m
6th - 10th
**Updated and Aligned with NEW 2017 Georgia Science Standards** 2nd Grade Standards: 1. obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about the properties of matter and changes that occur in objects 2SC.A.1.c: construct an explanation from observations that some changes in matter caused by heat
Thermochemistry - Hess LawThis lab activity will help your students understand the method of determining the heat of reactions from experimental data and performing Hess's Law to prove that reactions add up to an overall equation. Students will determine the heat of reactions for three related chem
Science Lab- Heat TransferConvection, Conduction, and Radiation have never tasted so good! In this lab heat transfer is taught through the use of a microwave (radiation), a hot plate (conduction), and an air popper (convection). Using popcorn, students will learn first hand how to differentiate the
You have been hired to design a new winter coat to be used for athletes in the winter Olympics. How can you use heat transfer principles to design, construct, and test a device that minimizes thermal energy transfer and keep athletes as warm as possible (MS-PS3-3)? Purchase includes:1. 60 minute in-
Students LOVE popcorn! In this lab students will pop kernels of popcorn using the 3 different types of heat transfer- CONDUCTION, CONVECTION, RADIATION. They will then analyze each sample for size, shape, color, and taste. Pair this lab with Types of Heat Transfer Doodle & Learn Notes!Be sure t
View Preview for Freebie! :)Total of 16 experiment labs for heat, light, and sound. Can be used as stations or done whole group.The following 7 are the SOUND labs being provided for SOUND stations:- Sound Vibrations using a Hanger- Telephone (2 cups and string)- Spooky Sounds (1 cup and string)- Dan
2nd - 3rd
One "mini" lab that will help students observe and make connections that particles in matter move faster at high temperatures than at low temperaturesThese short activities reinforce or introduce concepts to students. I call these activities “mini labs” because they are simple activities that do not
Lab - Heating Curves, Cooling Curves, Lauric Acid, Themochemistry, Latent heatThis lab will help your students examine the temperature changes undergone by a sample of matter during a phase change. Lauric acid is a great choice for this lab because of its relatively high melting point. Your students
An editable food lab your students will love! Students will explore heat transfer through making s'mores! Students will make s'mores using conduction, convection and radiation in three stations. You will need a hot plate, heat lamp and a kettle (or beakers to boil water) for this activity.This lab i
In this experiment students will use a Styrofoam cup as a calorimeter. Ice will be placed directly into a measured amount of water. The heat required to melt the ice will be supplied by the water. By measuring the temperature change of the water, students can calculate the quantity of heat exchanged

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