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No Greek hero is more popular than Hercules (or Heracles in Greek), and none of his adventures is more famous than his twelve labors. This "escape room" activity asks students to solve twelve creative puzzles (a combination of word scrambles, fill-in-the-blank word puzzles, and pictograph puzzles fe
Invite your elementary students into the world of greek mythology with this resource on the Greek god Hercules. Students will begin with an introduction into mythology and then learn all about Hercules. After reading, students will have numerous opportunities to work on foundational reading skills l
In this lesson students will read about the great Greek hero, Hercules (Herakles). Students will read about his origins, his early life, the death of his family, his freeing of Prometheus and the twelve labors he eventually takes on. Throughout the readings there is student work to complete. Lastly
Have you ever wondered how the Disney film version of Hercules stacks up against real mythology? This collection of activities gives students a chance to view the Disney film, read the original myth (through a Reader's Theater script-story), and compare the two!Often filmmakers must adapt their sour
With this Greek mythology passage and comprehension questions, students can read about King Midas and answer questions pertaining to character traits, the lesson of the story, the theme of the story, figurative language, and review vocabulary words.Questions are designed specifically to help prepare
28 slides of visual splendor that will have your classes begging for more! In this spectacular PowerPoint presentation the life and times of the greatest Greek hero, Hercules, are explored! Specifically covered in this PowerPoint are the 12 labors of Hercules. Each labor is covered in detailed an
A SAVINGS OF $8! From Hercules to Harry Potter: Mythology in Film Bundle is an amalgam of resources and classroom activities used to introduce the genre of mythology, archetypes and the Hero’s Journey, as well as other mythical elements to middle and high school students as applied to Harry Potter a
This mini-lesson focuses on part of the myth about the Greek hero, Hercules (aka Heracles), the strongest man on earth. He was commanded to perform 12 difficult tasks, and this is about his eleventh one. His objective was to get golden apples from the Garden of the Hesperides. During the adventure,
Students compare and contrast primary and secondary sources using the myth of Hercules and the 12 labors with the Disney movie. Sometimes we just need a movie day! Ultimately, students argue is Hercules was a hero or not. Their answers are always very insightful! Included in this lesson:-lesson plan
This download include a full lecture with guided notes for students on Greek Mythology with a specific lean toward Archetypal Hero Journey and Homer's The Odyssey. The lecture includes an in-depth look at Carl Jung's Archetypal Hero Journey and a worksheet for mapping that journey compatible with Di
This set of 5 PowerPoints and Student Notetaking Booklet will help you teach Allusions in Mythology. You can also upload these powerpoints to use on Google Classroom and each PowerPoint comes with a link to a Google Form that you may also use with your students. (YOU MUST MAKE A COPY OF THE GOOGLE F
This download includes six file folders: Heroes Material/General Activities (including video questions for the History Channel's Clash of the Gods & A&E Biography of Hercules); Heroes Test & Review Material (including a Jeopardy game); Perseus, Jason, Theseus & Hercules folders. One
From Hercules to Harry Potter: Mythology in Film – Archetypes and the Hero’s Journey is an amalgam of resources used to introduce these concepts to middle and high school students as applied to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Golden Compass, The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, Mu
12 Labors of Hercules Circle Graphic Organizers Craftivity Grades 4-12 Product Overview/Preface: Explore the Mythological Story of Hercules’ 12 Labors with this visually stunning hands-on activity. Each of the 12 Labors is prominently featured on an 8-section circle template . Add specific facts a
This activity asks students to compare and contrast the Disney film "Hercules" with the Greek myth "Labors of Hercules." This activity asks students to focus on purpose of quest, obstacles faced, character traits and additions/deletions of the film. Students are then asked to use compare/contrast l
This series of activities easily fits into a World History or literature course. The mini-unit contains a series of activates that introduce students to mythology and Greek mythology, The second half of the unit provides an in-depth look at the legend of Hercules. The students probably have a decent
Greek & Roman Mythology: The Twelve Labors of Hercules Analysis Mini Fold-Ems [20+ Pages!] Product/Materials Preface: Introduce your students to the Myth of Hercules and his 12 Labors with these fun and engaging Mini Fold-Ems. Research Hercules and his Exploits and all the Colorful Monsters,
In this product you will find the following:-The 12 Labors of Hercules [3 page] reading (color and black & white version)- Reading comprehension page with answer key- Story map- Character traits- Theme writing activityThis story is also included in my Greek Mythology BUNDLE!Click the ★ to follow
12 Labors of Hercules Posters Grades 3-12+ Product Overview/Preface: Introduce, Research, and Enhance a Unit on the fascinating Mythological Story of Hercules and his 12 Labors! Simple Steps: Print, Add Year, Color—Laminate if Desired! Includes: < 16 Color Posters of the of Hercules 12 Labo
*THIS IS ONE OF MY BEST-SELLING PRODUCTS!*Get your students thinking critically about Greek Mythology with this compare and contrast essay assignment on the legend of Hercules! Be sure that students have first read the Greek Myth AND watched the Disney version. A 6+1 Traits of Writing grading rubric
Greek & Roman Mythology: The Twelve Labors of Hercules Analysis Tri-Folds [40 Pages!] Product/Materials Preface: Introduce your students to the myth of Hercules and his 12 Labors with these well-crafted Analysis Tri-Folds. Use as individual or group work and for bulletin board display. Inc
Greek & Roman Mythology 12 Labors of Hercules Mega Bundle Grades 4-12+ Purchase & $$$ave! 5 Products in 1! 1] Word Wall 2] Mini Fold-Ems 3] Analysis Tri-Folds 4] Circle GOs 5] Bookmarks Please feel free to ask any questions—I will definitely respond to all inquiries in a timely fash
This activity allows students to watch the Disney animated movie version of Hercules and answer 20 comprehension questions. Then students should be given the opportunity to read any other version of the story such as "The Twelve Tasks of Hercules" and write a constructed response comparing and contr
This video worksheet allows students to learn about the myth of Hercules. The worksheet helps students better understand the twelve labors of Hercules. The video is great for visual learners and helps break up class time so students are more focused throughout the entire period. Students love these

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