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HEREDITY Creature Features - Inherited and Environmental Traits
Use this simple but highly engaging activity to help students make the connection between inherited traits and the similarities between parents and their offspring. Students will flip a coin to simulate the genetic traits being passed on to the offspring of two made-up “parent” creatures. File In
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Genetics and Heredity Exploration: Celebrity Babies and Punnett Squares!
Come let's explore the world of genetics by creating Celebrity Babies! Students will use Punnett Squares and the concepts of heredity to become genetic counselors for some of the most popular celebrity couples of today! Included in this activity is: 1. Student Lab Worksheet 2. Teachers' Guide 3.
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Heredity and Probability Cross Curricular Activity
About this resource : This hands on heredity and probability cross curricular math and science activity ties together the science concepts of heredity and the use of Punnett Squares to the math concepts of experimental and theoretical probability. Activity Overview - With a partner, students per
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Hybrid Organisms Activity
Hybrid Organisms Activity - Hands-on Hybridization Matching Cards Activity for Genetics. This hands-on genetic engineering activity will engage and excite your students as they create real hybrids in the classroom. After students have reviewed hybridization and selective breeding, students will us
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Predicting Heredity Practice Webquests
Students will choose two of three virtual heredity simulation websites to practice their Punnett square genetic skills in breeding lemmings, fies, and norns (cartoon character) to distinguish the difference between genotypes and phenotypes as well as calculate probability.
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DNA Simulation: Genetic Diversity
Use this simulation activity in your genetics unit to help your students REALLY understand how DNA creates genetic diversity. It's hands-on, very engaging, and incorporates both math and art to demonstrate how four nucleotides can be combined to create the awesome diversity of life on earth. Befo

Also included in: Heredity and Genetics: Unit Resources Bundle

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Test My Genes Lab: Students Use Their Traits to Practice Punnett Squares - NGSS
In Brief: The lab proceeds as follows 1. Students complete a short matching section using important genetics terms 2. Students read about five different human traits (Interlacing of fingers, PTC tasting, Presence of Palmaris Longus Muscle, Hair Texture, and Color Vision) 3. Students attempt to det
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Mapping Out Meiosis - Mind Mapping & Gamete Production
Looking for a way to engage your kinesthetic learners and visual learners? Think that the process of meiosis might be a topic that your student would rather avoid or heard too many times? Does Meiosis seem to look too much like Mitosis to your students? Is meiosis (gamete formation) a topic that you
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Mapping Out Transcription - Mind Mapping & the Making of RNA
Looking for a way to engage your kinesthetic learners and visual learners? Think that the process of RNA transcription might be a topic that your student would rather avoid or heard too many times? Does the difference in the way the two strands of DNA are used to make RNA seem like a hard concept to
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Natural Selection in Black and White
This student assignment sheet guides students through the use of the website titled "Peppered Moths: Natural Selection in Black and White", created by Craig Tevis (2003). The website URL is I have found the website to be a very useful way to
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