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hero or villian

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Students have to form an opinion about John Browns actions and write an essay justifying their opinion. They must also relate it to a topic in today's society and write about that as well.
10th - 11th
Students will analyze 8 primary sources by answering analytical and comprehension questions. Students will be assessed by thinking about why Massachusetts (or any other state) should rename Columbus Day. If your state has already renamed the day, you can ask students to analyze how Columbus is por
Bilingual Reading Packet: Christopher Columbus- Hero or Villian?EVERYTHING IS ALREADY TRANSLATED INTO SPANISH FOR YOU!Do you have Spanish speaking students in your class and are struggling to teach U.S. History? Well I have you covered! This an engaging, thought provoking, challenging, heavily scaff
In this engaging Alexander the Great Hero or Villian activity, students analyze the life and times of Alexander the Great to answer the question: "is Alexander the Great a Hero or a Villain?" Students begin by examining song lyrics of a popular song to understand his role in history, then to a map a
A persuasive essay assignment on Ned Kelly - hero or villian

Also included in: Australian bushrangers

In this engaging and focused Christopher Columbus activity, students take on the role of investigators as they learn about the two sides of Christopher Columbus (similar to a Columbus Hero or Villian activity). ☆ ☆ Get this engaging resource (and a huge discount) when you purchase my Renaissance ac
Want to engage your students with choice and differentiation? In the Document-Based Investation, students will analyze their choice of 6 (12 total options) primary and secondary source documents to decide if Christopher Columbus should be remembered as a HERO or a VILLIAN! Each source contains - sp
This is a game for students to practice their sight words in a small group setting. The concept is similar to the game of Battleship that I played as a child. Words will be written down on the laminated game board with dry erase markers. The teacher will then cover up his or her game board, and p
1st - 3rd
This 32 page study guide accompanies the 70 slide PowerPoint Presention, Tragedy of Macbeth (Anlaysed and Exposed). Designed to help students improve their analysis skills, critical thinking and explore the evil that people do. This study guide has everything to engage and motivate students to consi
Get ready to have a BLAST...BAM...BOOM with this Super Unit! This unit is SUPER AWESOME for Back to School time! This packet actually is 2 units rolled into one! Back to School section and Citizenship Section! HOW SUPER COOL IS THAT?! It is fun filled with TONS of WRITING activities that are cen
Engage your students in spirited debate as they read and learn about Andrew Jackson. The first text, "Andrew Jackson, American Hero" is written from the point of view of a pioneer. The second text, "Andrew Jackson, American Villain" is written from the point of view of a Cherokee Native American. Bo
As students learn about Andrew Jackson's presidency, they decide what facts about him were positive and negative. Students will use these facts to create an argument to prove that Andrew Jackson was either a hero or villain. Each section has a link that takes students to engaging Jackson learnin
John Brown Poster Lesson Plan This higher-level thinking assignment includes a short biography of the famous abolitionist John Brown that your students can read for homework or in class. Your students must then decide whether he was a hero that deserves an award or a criminal. Students then use t
This lesson is included in the Progressive Era & Gilded Age Unit Bundle, located here:Progressive Era (Gilded Age) Bundle! 11 Engaging Resources for Progressive Era!Buy the bundle and save a bundle!-----In this highly engaging investigation on John D Rockefeller and the Gilded Age, students exam
Student will research Charlemagne and then determine if he should be viewed as a villain or a hero. Students will use evidence to form an opinion about the controversial, historical figure. They can complete a poster or write a dialogue. I highly recommend that students read a book that can be fo
For this project, students will determine if Qin Shihuangdi, the first emperor of China, should be viewed as a villain or a hero. Students will use evidence to form an opinion about the controversial, historical figure. For their projects, students can work independently or collaboratively. Their
This resource was created to help your students think critically and form opinions about the controversial Columbus Day holiday. Use the sorting cards in a center where students will decide if Columbus is a hero or villain based on the facts presented. Use the sorting cut & paste worksheet in ad
Student will research Alexander the Great and then determine if he should be viewed as a villain or a hero. Students will use evidence to form an opinion about the controversial, historical figure. For their projects, students can work independently or collaboratively. Their project choices inclu
This worksheet contains 10 facts or accomplishments about Oliver Cromwell as the Lord Protector of England. Students have to determine whether each makes him more of a positive or negative figure. After analyzing each, students determine overall whether Cromwell was a hero or villain based off his
Lesson plan with all directions, objectives, essential questions bundle. I have done this with my class multiple times and they love to argue and discuss how leaders can be responsible for good and bad. This can be used for anywhere from 1 to 3 days. Starts with close read on the Long March.There ar
In this fun project, secondary (can be modified for middle school easily) Chemistry students work to research elements of their choice and present their learning in a creative story and poster project. The project is designed for students to work with a partner, but can easily be modified for indiv
8th - 12th
Students will research Hammurabi and then determine if he should be viewed as a villain or a hero. Students will use evidence to form an opinion about the controversial, historical figure. Students can gather their evidence from many sources, although I recommend two books that can be found in the
In this lesson students are asked to decide whether Emperor Ying Zheng should be remembered as a hero or a villain based on his actions. He was the first emperor to unify the seven warring states of China. The lesson includes:- A handout describing Ying Zheng's a life.- A worksheet with questions
Historic Hero or Villain is an activity that my student STILL talk about at the end of the year. This activity works with all different types of Social Studies classes: Government, U.S. History, World History, etc. Students will read 2 different parts of information on historic leaders and determin

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