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Teaching fractions using Hershey bars has always been a favorite of mine and I know that you and your students will love it too! I have used real candy bars in the past but they make for sticky fingers, desks and are not really good for eating afterward! These printable Hershey bars and worksheets/w
Hershey’s Bar Fractions is a timeless lesson that teaches conceptual understanding of unit fractions, and their equivalent fractions. 3rd grade CCSS math standards in the Numbers and Operations-Fractions domain (3.NF.A.1, 3.NF.A.3.A, 3.NF.A.3.B) are covered in this lesson through discovery, a real l
This is a great way to make fractions hands on in your classroom! Model breaking the Hershey Bar into the different fractions... twelfths, sixths, fourths, thirds, and halves. I give each student their own Hershey Bar and we work together through these worksheets. Students can shade in the fracti
This Hershey's Bar activity includes a life size Hershey's Bar template that can be used as manipulatives to understand fractions and multiplication. It can be used with the Fraction and Multiplication Hershey's Bar (book not included - must be purchased through Scholastics) or used individually. Th
This 22 page SMART Notebook file accompanies the book "Hershey Bar Fractions," by Jerry Pallotta. It introduces fractions with pictures, equivalent fractions, whole numbers, subtracting fractions, and simplifying/reducing fractions. It can also be used as a stand alone activity - the book is not r
Fractions can be tricky! Add a Hershey Bar and fractions become fun and easy!
A set of 5 pages pf math labs to do with a Hershey's Candy Bar. They are: Hershey's Conversions (fractions, decimals, percents), Label Analysis, Bar Analysis, Math Challenge, and Equivalent Fractions. Can be used separately or together.
This Common Core State Standards Hershey Bar Differentiated Fractions Pack is appropriate for 3rd and 4th grade, and supports standards 3.OA.D.8, 3.NF.A.1, and 3.NF.A.3.d. Students are asked to complete comparing fractions word problems using numbers, pictures, and words. The second word problem is
Students will use a Hershey Bar to explore the equivalent fractions: 1/2 = 6/12 1/3 = 4/12 1/4 = 3/12 1/1 = 16/16
Add some sweetness to your assessment. Assess your students using Hershey chocolate bars. Quiz includes 1 whole, one half, and one fourth
3.NF.3A, B, and C are addressed as students use a Hersheys candy bar to discover equivalent fractions. Differentiated for struggling learners as well.
I would use this to introduce comparing fractions to my class. We would discuss different fractions and then see who could chose the largest one. I would have each student make a Hershey Bar Fraction Booklet and then after doing the assessment we would celebrate by eating a small Hershey Chocolate
This is a delicious way for students to explore unit fractions. It is inquiry based and guides students into discovering unit fractions on their own.
This PowerPoint presentation is an introduction to fractions, fraction parts, comparing fractions, and adding fractions. It uses Hershey's chocolate bars to help students visualize parts of a whole. The PowerPoint is 18 slides long, and I also have a spreadsheet that students complete after viewin
This includes a class set of 21 questions from a set of 7. The questions can be differentiated based on the level of students current understanding. I created and used this for 5th graders. This math lesson focuses on adding fractions with unlike denominators. The students really loved it. All of th
This lesson involves fun hands-on learning with chocolate! The students will be able to understand unit fractions is a fun and tangible way that also involves technology and videos.
This activity is great to review and conceptually see what happens when you multiply fractions. First students use the paper Hershey's bar to show how they can make halves, thirds, fourths, sixths and twelfths. Then they work with a partner to visual see what a whole number times a fraction is. Fina
Who doesn't love to learn with Chocolate?With this resource, you will need a small (4 square) Hershey's chocolate bar. You will model for the students, or give each kiddo their own small candy bar to manipulate into fractionsMake it a story.....1 whole:Teacher: "Mrs. Henry doesn't want to share any
I use Jerry Pallotta's Hershey Bar Fraction book to go with this activity sheet. There were some pages I skipped because of standards and time. This activity lasted about 20min. The students loved it because they were required to do what the pages asked, but it gave them accountability to write d
Looking for a fun way to help your students grasp the concept of fractions? This worksheet is a perfect introduction to the concept of fractions as equal parts or as parts of a set. For this activity, you will need the standard sized Hershey bar.
Who doesn't love to learn with Chocolate? With this resource, you will need 3 large Hershey's chocolate bars. You will model for the students (unless you want each kiddo to eat a large Hershey's bar)! Make it a story.....Teacher: "Mrs. Henry wanted to share her Hershey's bar with Mrs. Heisterberg,
Use this paper Hershey's bar to help students understand how to make halves, thirds, fourths, sixths and twelfths.
Help engage your students while learning equivalent fractions!3rd, 4th
This is a fun, engaging PowerPoint presentation that may be used to introduce or reinforce fractions to elementary students. The PowerPoint shares a tale of kids trying to share a candy bar fairly and encourages students to use fractions in a meaningful way. It presents opportunities for students

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