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high school biome project

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high school biome project

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This is a two part project including both group and individual work. Technology (iPad, laptop, etc) is used for research in addition to other texts. Students act as "travel guides" and try to persuade the teacher to take a vacation to their assigned biome. Students also create a food web using the o
This environmental science lesson and activity is designed for middle school and high school courses. The included maps, worksheets and project provide a great introduction to habitats, biomes, and food webs. Topics include food webs, habitats, climate, tropical rainforest, savannah, desert, steppe,
This is a biome research project that is 100% online. Students follow the packet's instructions to create a 15-slide presentation on a biome. There are 24 different biome/locations included in the sign-up sheet. The slides include research on the following topics: biodiversity, food webs (trophic
This is a biome research project that is 100% online. Students follow the packet's instructions to create a 15-slide presentation on a biome. There are 24 different biome/locations included in the sign-up sheet. The slides include research on the following topics: biodiversity, food webs (trophic
Create a virtual museum! Unlimited copies for your students after your purchase!View an example museum exhibit that was created using this product! (only first room completed)The Biomes Virtual Interactive Museum Project with Google Slides for Middle or High School is a fantastic digital tool that s
5th - 9th
This engaging, structured approach to researching the biomes of the world will be a major hit with your students. This download includes everything your students will need to be equipped for research including a Google Slides template for their final presentation, a list of recommended digital sourc
4th - 10th
Engage students in biome research using this ready-to-go project designed for middle/high school students working alone or in pairs. This isn't their 3rd-grade diorama assignment -- it's an amped-up project requiring students to research multiple aspects of their biome, such as climate change threa
This research project allows students to dive into ecological populations in a biome. The product acts as a research guide in the form of a Google Slides presentation template that students can edit & personalize.Students will conduct research to find organisms in this biome at each trophic lev
This is a project I've used with my high school Marine Biology class. I teach a general-level one-semester elective that is mixed 10th - 12th grade students. One of the areas we cover in Marine Biology are all the different biomes. This project could easily be used or modified for a Biology class
A ready-to-go research project for any ecology class. This is set up to be self-directed and student-centered. It will require students to pick a biome and research:-Species interactions-Food Webs-Energy transfer-Flora and Fauna-Native peoplesPerfect assessment for any ecology unit. This is a slide
We do this project after learning the aquatic and terrestrial biomes. Students apply their knowledge of biomes to research and share about a real world concern facing a biome. There is a full list of concerns facing biomes for them to choose from. There are options to suit face-to-face and virtual s
Fully editable project designed for a High School Ecology Unit. Students design an Island with a well thought out ecosystem including energy pyramids, predator-prey dynamics, symbiotic relationships, interspecific and intraspecific competition, abiotic and biotic factors, and a minimum of 12 species
7th - 12th
Biomes can be lots of fun with an interactive project with friends! This project can be done in-person, for hybrid learning, and fully remote. Download this assignment to have students work together to understand what a biome is by filling out a graphic organizer while watching a Frank Gregorio vid
This assignment is designed to help students research and learn about two biomes. Students have to apply their understanding of ecological pyramid models, biodiversity, biological productivity, geochemical cycles and abiotic factors to compare and analyze differences between biomes. This project wor
10th - 12th
Looking for an individual assignment for your students in your Ecology unit? Look no further! This resource has a project sheet and example of the project for students to identify what their work should look like. Students have the option of completing this assignment by hand or by completing it on
6th - 12th
Looking for a way to combine multiple Ecology concepts in one project/activity? This Biome Food Web Activity will fit right in! Students are directed to create four different food webs for four biomes on either a Google Slide/ PowerPoint or on paper within this activity. Biomes, food webs/chains, an
7th - 10th
In this project your students will be creating a Website or YouTube video about a specific biome. The project has two components. Part 1 is individual work that is scaffolded research with a given timeline on when to comeplete each peice. Part 2 is the group project where the teams will use their wo
8th - 12th
This is a great group project that gets all your students involved, and the outcome is always so much fun to see! This product contains instructions, procedures, and rubrics to keep your students engaged for at least an entire school week! After teaching your ecology unit and introducing students to
This engaging unit combines science and technology with research and reading skills. It includes: -A teacher's guide with timeframe of project -Short Introduction to Biomes -Biome Activity Sheet using a web search -Associated Vocabulary Page -Research Outline for students -2 Different Scoring Rubric
The travel brochure project is a great assessment tool for General Science elementary, middle, or high school, or even in Biology. The bundle includes: Biome Project Sheet Rubric Student Data Collection Sheet Evaluation Activity
Not Grade Specific
This is a project for a middle to high school life science/ biology class. The student task is to create a biome and website advertisement encouraging people to travel to the selected biome. It can easily be adapted and changed to complete without the website/Internet component. It has multiple t
6th - 12th
Ecology describes the interactions between organisms & their biotic and/or abiotic environments (biomes). In this poster project, students will be developing a poster documenting a variety of different interactions between different organisms and their living and non-living environments.
Need a project to teach biomes, ecology, evolution, energy flow through an ecosystem, phylogeny and classification using art, math, science and writing?
8th - 10th

Also included in: Biome Travel Field Guide

This activity is used for high school students. It gives them freedom to use their imagination and come up with very creative projects.
7th - 12th

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