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Your purchase comes with the rubric and checklist pictured above, I had scholars get their checklist signed after each part, when all signatures were collected they were given their poster paper. This project allows scholars to come up with their own statistical question, collect data from their pee
This is a project that reviews histogram and scatter plots. Included is four parts for the student to complete. Included is creating their own scatter plot and histogram. Part of the project is to check for deeper understanding of the the graphs. Included is seven student pages. Two rubrics Whe
5th - 9th
This assignment involves students creating surveys for their classmates to answer and then using the results to create graphs. Included Is: -Description of how I implemented lesson -Survey Question instructions -Data Organization Sheet - Simple Grading Rubric for each graph created
6th - 8th
Business Report Project - Box and Whisker plots, Stem and Leaf displays, Histograms and scatter plots This document is a project I created after having been asked "how and when" my students will use what they are learning. This project can be easily modified to your liking and can also be a cross
7th - 9th
Use this Data Olympics project for a whole week's worth of low-prep, engaging activities.Students will engage in a variety of data collection activities, including minute-to-win-it type activities and surveying their classmates.Use this as an end of unit summative assessment, review activity, or fun
4th - 7th
DISTANCE LEARNING COMPATIBLE!Use this interdisciplinary project, featuring three sets of real world data on a range of topics, to teach your AP Statistics students how to analyze and represent data. This project addresses AP Statistics units 1 and 2: exploring one-variable and two-variable data. It
The goal is this project is to collect live data by observing the color of cars passing by on any given street. Students will have to use this data to construct line plots, frequency tables and histograms. There is also a reflection page discussing outliers and making predictions.
4th - 7th
Looking for a Statistics Project? This is one is for you. The student have to search for Crime Rates and use different colored paper to display information on a poster board. They have to make a scatter plot, draw a trend line, make a histogram, and make a box and whisker.
7th - 10th
Information on what a histogram is and directions on how to create your own histogram.
7th - 12th
Rather than a test, give the students a project to show their learning. Students develop their own question for investigation, and demonstrate their learning in a style that best suits them.
7th - 10th
Give students the unique opportunity to not only create their own statistics, but reflect on their own progress too! We started with an estimation station each week, where I filled a new size jar with a different candy across three weeks. The student who had the lowest absolute deviation from the ac
8th - 10th
MP1, MP3, MP4, MP5, HSS-ID.A.1…
Utilize the last twenty years of Oscar winners as a data set to guide your students through creating box and whisker plots, histograms, and exploring mean, median, and mode -- in one 21st Century Math Project!Does the age of the award winning star in a film relate to the overall gross of the movie?
I designed this project to use a major grade instead of a test. This can be done individually, or in groups. I have included the data cards that I handed out to my groups, but feel free to have them gather their own data, or make up your own. The purpose of this project was to analyze the students’
Data collection, graphing vocabulary, types of graphs, inferring data, creating digital graphs, analyzing misleading graphs...this is what your students will learn and more, with this interactive graphing lessons and activities mega bundle. This multi-curricular bundle (math, writing and art) is eve
This statistics project is intended as a closure for your sixth grade statistics unit and aligns with ALL of the sixth grade statistics and probability common core state standards. In groups, students work together to choose a statistical question to ask the class. Once the class is surveyed, the gr
No-Prep 5th Grade STAAR math data, table and graphs practice with 30 enrichment projects and 30 test-prep problem solving problems directly aligned to the 5th grade TEKS. A great way to teach the data standards in a fun, engaging way. Great for early finishers, advanced learners or whole class prac
This is a printable project activity for your students to complete after they are finished studying about Graphs. It includes 11 pages: Page 1 - Student Instructional Sheet Page 2 - Survey Page 3 - Frequency Table Template Page 4 - Line Plot Template Page 5 - Pictograph Template Page 6 - Bar Graph
3rd - 9th
This set of task cards provides practice analyzing histograms after students have been introduced to the concept. It is important that students understand that histograms are organizational displays that present data in intervals. These histograms are used to identify certain characteristics of th
Using Statistics in a Real World Scenario Sports Injury and School Athletes This packet includes two activities. The first activity guides students through 3 data analyses projects including identifying the best data display (box plot, histogram, dot plot) for the situation. The second activity is
8th - 11th
This project covers a large range of data analysis methods. There are eleven total parts to the project. Part One: the students have to collect data from 20 students outside of the classroom. Directions specify to ask students from each grade level. Part Two: Measures of Center and Variation. Stu
Students will create a poster using sports statistics. Depending on the time of year, you may want to use football scores, basketball scores, data from the Olympics, etc. Students will use the internet (or you can print out statistics for them) to find sports data. The students really buy into th
About this resource:This project takes students through the process of writing and conducting an original survey, then creating multiple representations of their data. Students will practice creating a histogram, circle graph, dot plot and box plot. Students will access "how to videos" as well as "o
6th - 8th
This is a fun middle school math project on statistics where students get to conduct a non-biased survey of their choice, collect data, and analyze the results.Included are student instructions, a grading checklist rubric, a student project planning sheet, and three student samples!The requirements
5th - 7th
Your students are going to LOVE this interactive Statistics Project! Students can work individually, in pairs or in small groups. There are 5 parts to this project: Part I: Creating a Statistical Question Part II: Collecting Data & Determining the Measures of Center and Variation. Part

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