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Design a Board Game is a project based learning unit that involves students learning about the history of games, the importance of playing games, and skills learned by playing games. Students will design a game that is either educational or for entertainment. Playing games has important values, both
Worksheet requiring Students to research different technologies throughout the different ages. Also several questions on how technology affects society.
This STEAM Team Stories unit is great for the months of February, Valentine's Day, Black History, Art Studies, Veteran's and Memorial Day. The STEAM activity for this story is Gravity Art with A Splash of Red The STEAM Story for this unit is A Splash of Red: The Life and Art of Horace Pippin The
Note: This is a growing bundle, with an projected end listing of 40 separate cross-curriculum practicals/experiments/activities, with a new one coming out roughly once a month. The sooner you get in, the better the discount.More about the History in STEM practical SeriesThis series is designed to b
This History of Invention Project explores the interrelationship between science, technology, and society (STS) as students research how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts connect with human ingenuity to provide us with the innovations we have today. Teachers of bot
Social Studies Themed STEM / STEAM: The History of AviationThis product is designed to be used as a social studies based, project-based, hands-on unit when studying the early history of aviation on such historical topics as the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, etc., ...all connected to STEM. The a
Looking for fun, hands-on ways to teach Core Knowledge Language Arts. Want to integrate science, technology, engineering, and math? These STEM challenges are for you!The STEM challenges connect to the CKLA - Core Knowledge Language Arts curriculum but can be used as a stand-alone project to go with
Practical 9 in the History in STEM practical series.This is part 1 of a two part mini-series on the history and development of paper. In this practical, paper is pitted against papyrus in a battle to see which of the two can support the most weight and has the higher tensile strength. There are two
Manufacturing presentation covering the following topics: Manufacturing defined, Artisans/craftsmen, Cottage industry, Factory system, Henry Ford, Automation, Steps In Manufacturing, Raw materials, Modern types of manufacturing, and types of manufacturing industries.
Practical 8 in the History in STEM practical series.In this activity, you will be looking into the ancient world of encrypted messages. Starting with the simple Caesar Cipher, and moving through the ages, students will have the chance to crack the codes using statistical analysis of a given text, ha
Practical 7 in the History in STEM practical series.In this practical, you will be looking at the illusive history of invisible ink and the chemical reactions behind them. Have a look at the different methods used, beginning in Ancient Greece and continuing through history all the way through to mod
Practical 6 in the History in STEM practical series.In this practical, you will be using similar triangles to measure how far off distant objects are. This technique is believed to have been used in Ancient Greece and other locations for a number of reasons and is a very simple to conduct, group wor
Note: This would be a great followup practical after completing your Pythagoras Cup.Practical 5 in the History in STEM practical series.In this practical we are looking at the humble beginnings of the alarm clock. This version is based on a design believed to be used by Plato, to make sure he got up
Students create a timeline that lists the different periods of human history and the significant technology of each period.
Practical 4 in the History in STEM practical series. In this practical we are looking at the Viking Sunstone, the theoretical genius navigation method, making much of the Viking exploration possible. Working with Icelandic Spar (Calcite Crystal) which, through the process of birefrigence, causes
Part 2 in the History in STEM practical series. This time we are taking a look at the famous experiment regarding the link between an objects volume and water displacement, in order to calculate the density of a dodgy crown by that eccentric scientist Archimedes.Note: The “Crown” in the practica
Practical 3 in the History in STEM practical series. In this practical we are looking at the famous cup attributed to Pythagoras. Working with a siphon, it “punished” anyone who became too greedy. Students will be able to produce their own “Greedy cups” as they are otherwise known, using some sim
**OVER 115 END OF THE YEAR AWARDS IN MULTIPLE FORMATS, INCLUDING GOOGLE SLIDES!** End of Year Awards Classroom Superlatives are Positive for ALL students! Included are 115 unique award certificates to hand out to kids as awards or superlatives toward the end of the year. You can have students vote
Ancient Civilizations Complete Curriculum (PRINT & DIGITAL)This complete curriculum resource has over 1000+ pages/slides of material covering The Stone Age | Early Humans | Archaeology, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Israel, Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. T
Ancient Civilization STEM & STEAM Challenges Bundle! Cross-curricular challenges for students who are studying Ancient Civilizations! {UPDATE: A DIGITAL VERSION IS ALSO INCLUDED USING TPT'S NEW DIGITAL ACTIVITY TOOL!}This resource is part of the Ancient Civilizations Curriculum BundleThese resou
Now includes EDITABLE Google Slides™ Version! Reward your students for their hard work all year long with these EDITABLE End-of-Year Academic Certificates. Choose from a huge selection of over 66 certificates for your students! These end of year academic certificates are a formal yet fun way of a
Why not bring STEM to your Native American Unit in social studies? Most elementary teachers are more comfortable and knowledgeable about themes, so I have decided to create STEM challenge packs based on specific themes, like Native Americans, specifically relating to their homes! This engineering
These Biography Report Pennant Banners come with over 250 amazing people of influence for displaying your learning about important people throughout history. Tired of the same old way to present your Biography Reports? Perfect for any time of the year, these pennants are a great way to supplement y
Paper Airplane STEM Challenges is a packet of experiments your students will love! Flying and creating paper airplanes is a fun activity that will engage your students as they collect data and use measurement skills. A great literature connection is added as students research the history of airpla

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