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This fun game is VERY enjoyable for the kids! The powerpoint game focuses on nonfiction text features such as caption, diagram, table of contents headings, index, etc. Be sure to read the directions to refresh your memory on how to play this game. Answers are given on the bottom of the slide unde
This is a great review game for students to review fraction concepts. Fraction skills reviewed: equivalent fractions, fractions on a number line, ordering fractions, mixed numbers, comparing fractions, fraction problem solving, adding fractions with like denominators
Hollywood Squares: This easy-to-use PowerPoint template plays like the popular game, "Hollywood Squares"! It's a great back to school game to test your students' prior knowledge!You can edit the content to review any subject, including K-12 English (ELA), history, math, science, social studies, and
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
We've updated the original Mark E. Damon (2002) game template for you. Your students will love this interactive, fast paced game of nine questions in the PowerPoint format. Use it as an informal assessment or just for fun. The directions and hyperlinks make it easy for you to use it right away.
This is played like the game show Hollywood Squares. It is very kid friendly and a great way to review and assess the story elements for fiction stories. Elements include setting, character, problem, solution, theme, etc. Answers are included at the bottom of the slides when in design mode only,
Need an engaging game to review your concept? Try Hollywood Squares! My students LOVE this game. You can add your own questions and even change the players names.
This is an interactive tic tac toe game where the students play in partners to translate verbal phrases into algebraic expressions. You could also have the class play in teams using the interactive white board. The kids LOVE this game!
Using one of Mark E. Damon's PowerPoint game templates, this "Hollywood Squares" game includes questions on "computer basics" topics such as how many bits in a byte and other byte conversion questions. The game is played in the style of the Hollywood Squares gameshow and the teacher is in control of
This is a fun way to review the proportional reasoning unit for seventh grade! I simply took the Hollywood Squares template and added questions from the unit. The fast pace and whacky characters will definitely keep your students engaged! Have fun,
This activity is designed to engage students as they are introduced to some of the great Spanish explorers of the day.  The Hollywood Squares theme creates a fun, game show experience where students can learn who these explorers were and what their impact during the Age of Exploration was. 
Hollywood squares is a game where students answer questions and if they get the answer correct the get a X or O. Very similar to Tic Tac Toe. Using this game is a fun way to review reading concepts and skills. Questions relate to genre, skills using poems, and so much more.
3rd - 6th
This is a Hollywood Squares Review game using powerpoint for chapters 9-12. My students love the introduction all of their favorite characters with the music. This is a great review right before the final test. ** The correct answer is in the thumbnail of the powerpoint Music is embedded in the g
This is a tic-tac-toe game with questions about alternative to fossil fuels. it is a nce over view and you can change any questions that you want.
3rd - 5th
Psychology Hollywood Square ANIMATED Review Game-Memory unit includes: 67 animated slides, 3 rounds of 18 questions with correct answers, and team winner slides. This can be fully editable to suit your school name, questions, and character names. Please email me with any questions at ReadySetLearnS
10th - 12th
Tic Tac Dough is a Hollywood Squares style game in which you choose your favorite historic character to score a Tic Tac DoughHere is a great PowerPoint quiz show game which teachers can play in the classroom and is as simple to operate as a PowerPoint presentation. Simply add your own questions (ANY
4th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
{The buyers are using my Jeopardy Games for Distance Learning. I don't see any difference between those and Hollywood Squares so I will also put Distance Learning on this one too. Carol}Art History 40 Hollywood Squares Game Impressionists & Post Impressionists. It includes the following artists
Not Grade Specific
Here's a fun way to review metric system conversion. I have updated a Mark C. Damon template from the year 2000 to make it easy to navigate. Simply divide the class into teams ( X's and O's) to answer the nine questions. They'll have fun and so will you. Enjoy!
This is a fun, interactive review for Ancient Egypt. It is set up in the format of Hollywood Squares. I use it as a center in my classroom before I give the chapter test on Ancient Egypt. The kids are really engaged and love the activity!
These are the Hollywood Squares Game applied to the law as shown in the movies INHERIT THE WIND and THE HOUSE OF SAND & FOG. The first is with Spencer Tracy (as Clarence Darrow) made in 1960. This was the trial, called the "Scopes Monkey Trial" over whether teacher John Scopes could teach only
Psychology animated REVIEW Hollywood Squares Game for EVERY unit *Great for unit review before exams, FINAL or SEMESTER Reviews and AP Review *email me at amanda@meyer.net with any questions you may have Includes: 17 Hollywood Squares Powerpoint Revew games, each games is animated with 3 rounds (2
10th - 12th
This is a fun way to review basic vocabulary and main terms and concepts for Earth Day such as landfill, pollution, conserve, reuse, reduce, recycle, and litter. Please read the directions page to familiarize yourself with how to play the game! Have fun!
Your students will have fun playing Hollywood Squares while learning how addition and subtraction facts are related. Every problem is about backwards doubles facts, or subtraction doubles. You can create 2 teams and play against each other or use this in your math centers. This program is in Acti
Psychology Hollywood Square ANIMATED Review Game-History Approaches Intro unit includes: 67 animated slides, 3 rounds of 18 questions with correct answers, and team winner slides. This can be fully editable to suit your school name, questions, and character names. Please email me with any questions
10th - 12th
Psychology Hollywood Square ANIMATED Review Game-Sensation & Perception unit includes: 67 animated slides, 3 rounds of 18 questions with correct answers, and team winner slides. This can be fully editable to suit your school name, questions, and character names. Please email me with any questio
10th - 12th

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