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★ ★ Gifted and Talented - Design Your Own Tiny Home★ ★ Students work to research and design a tiny home! They will follow a guided process of researching, brainstorming, planning, budgeting, designing, and communicating about their tiny home and new tiny home lifestyle plan! Designed for gifted an
Design Your Own Home is a fun, project-based activity introducing students to architecture and home design. Made for use with: PC Mac Chromebook All resources are organized for assigning through Google Classroom! In this activity, students will explore and design a digital floor plan for their dr
Project for my High School Environmental Science class (mixed level grades 9-12) to design their dream, Environmentally Friendly Home! This is a summative assessment that combines knowledge about resource use, waste management, and even some engineering design! Students really enjoyed designing th
This is the final project for a high school interior design course. This project included the instructions, planning sheets, and a grading sheet. The project includes finding a floor plan online, furnishing, and planning the interior according to the elements & principles of design, traffic flow
The "Design a Tiny Home" project includes full lesson plans for 9 days (60 minute classes) with essential questions, daily objectives, performance tasks, differentiation, learning activities, and assessments for the entire project. Also, there is a planning document for students to use to track thei
STEM challenge activities are so much fun. But, finding the time to incorporate design challenges into your curriculum can be difficult. The Native American Pueblo Home Design Challenge is part of the STEM with CLOSE READING series. It seamlessly allows you to tie together the curriculum by givin
In this Power Point Presentation document you will find a thorough description and images of all the types of Home Accessories. It also includes a 8 video clips with tips, tricks and advice from Famous designers in the Industry. This package also includes an activity for students to practice the
This project was created to allow children to practice their multi-digit multiplication and addition skills in an engaging and fun way. In this project students will be calculating the cost of furnishing a home. They will demonstrate critical thinking skills when deciding what cuts need to be made t
Students learn the basic stages of designing a house, from planning to final design, in this two week unit. Critical thinking plays a large role in this activity. The unit has a strong emphasis on the preliminary planning stages of designing a home: spaces that are necessary vs. those that are ameni
STEM. Video Game Creation. Learning by Making. Makerspace. Fablab. Essential Questions: How can you apply addition/subtraction of three digit numbers to create an app that reduces home energy use? Purchasing this product will allow you access to my mentorship with regards to implementing this unit
This is a quick and easy project to use as an extension to a measurement unit on area and perimeter. In this project students will use what they know about area and perimeter to design a home floor plan using a given set of specifications. The project allows them the opportunity to practice with t
Looking to ride the STEM glory train in your ELA classroom? In this packet, you’ll find everything you need for a creative STEM-ELA interdisciplinary project on architecture and design. From the Reviews: “I can't wait to use this!” “Perfect for my extension's class!” “Loved this activity!” “Look
This math choice board includes 12 activities that only require everyday home materials. Activities were designed to be completed at home to review time, counting money, data and graphs, measurement, and geometry (based on CCSS standards). Perfect for an e-learning supplement as a break from the com
Home Design Numeracy AssignmentThis resource includes a detailed numeracy project/assignment where students are required to design their own dream home.They must create a floor plan to scale and complete their home with flooring, furniture, heating, and lighting.Students receive a budget that they m
Project Based Learning: Home Floor Plan Design with Area and Perimeter This project is based on students first analyzing and then creating a floor plan for a home using their knowledge of area and perimeter. An additional Google Drawings extension is optional. GRADE(S): 3rd-5th, remedial 6th-12t
In this inclusive project, students design a home floor plan, an itinerary of a day spent in this home and a story about a person living within the home itself. There are no limits to student’s imagination when creating their homes! Materials include: 1. Specific student instructions 2. Pages for
This unit starts with discussions about the homeless community and reflecting on how designers and architects can create work that has the potential to bring about positive change. The task is to design a community of tiny homes and shared spaces that are adaptable and flexible to the needs of the i
This is a fun virtual learning lesson plan for both synchronous and asynchronous instruction! You can also use this lesson for years to come when you are back in the classroom. Students are challenged to think like an architect and learn how to draw their dream home. Students will create an artwork
This bundle gets your kids curious and outside doing hands-on science and design. Students take a "field-trip" around their school or home, exploring the ways it functions and then design a fantasy home, mimicking the functions of their own growing bean plants. They explore closely the traits and be
A fun and creative way to practice finding the area of combined rectangles!Features:Different rooms for students to calculate the areaA worksheet in which students will have to combine area of different roomsA "Design your own" graph paper sheet in which students can create their own homes Motivatin
Engage your students with this week-long STEM challenge. The Challenge:Have you ever thought about how buildings in California have to be designed and built differently than buildings in other parts of the country? To construct a building to withstand an earthquake requires more planning and engine
Help your child overcome any learning losses that might have occurred due to the pandemic, early school closures, and delayed school openings.The Lumos Back to School workbook for English Language Arts practice is designed for students moving from 7th Grade to 8th grade. It is an ideal resource for
Get your students healthy and active whilst physically distancing by designing their OWN home workout, based off Health-related fitness components. Build up to the home workout plan by getting your students moving and improving their strength, coordination, and flexibility with a twist on the age ol
Help your child overcome any learning losses that might have occurred due to the pandemic, early school closures, and delayed school openings.The Lumos Back to School workbook for English Language Arts practice is designed for students moving from 6th Grade to 7th grade. It is an ideal resource for

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