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The Question of the Day gets students learning the minute they walk in the door when you make question of the day part of the routine! You can use it as part of their morning routine, at morning meeting, at circle time, or as a transition activity. The pattern question for this question of the day
An awesome way to asses how students are feeling and automatically have the data recorded for you. You can do this check-in daily, weekly, monthly etc. Getting to know your students and their feelings is one of the most important jobs we have as teachers! We need this information in order to best s
Not Grade Specific
How Do You Feel? Communication BoardVisual communication board to help a child let you know how they feel.Board is 8 1/2 x 11Creative Learning 4 Kidz is a licensed seller of PCS.PCS, Copyright 1981-2019 by TobiiDynavox. All rights reserved worldwide. Used with permission.This is would be great fo
How Do You Feel, Gingerbread Man? a Christmas booklet and worksheet This packet contains an emergent reader about feelings. The last page asks children to write how they feel and draw a face on the blank gingerbread man. Included is a black and white version as well as a colored version of the book
How Do You Feel? Boards & FlashcardsRead the sentence then place the correct feeling in the box.Your teacher gives you a special award for being a good listener. (happy-proud)Your dog ran away a few days ago and still hasn't come back. (sad)Includes 5 feeling boards (35 sentences)2 sheets of fee
This quick and fun activity helps the children build their feelings vocabulary! Great for morning meeting, this activity gives your students a chance to check in emotionally. Place the cards in a pocket chart and give students a mini popsicle stick with their name. Students take turns placing their
PreK - 1st
Need a way to check-in with students each day to see if they're emotionally ready for learning? Then this product is for you! Even better, it's available in English and in Spanish.Our emotions affect our behavior. Many times we forget that not all students enter our classrooms ready to learn. Some s
This packet is designed to help students identify and discover the causes of their feelings! Pg.3-5 “How Do You Feel” posters: •These posters can be printed on 11 x17 or 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Use these as a tool to help students identify how they are feeling. These are perfect to assist with behavior
PHYSICAL EDUCATION BRINGS OUT EMOTIONS! This colorful “How do you Feel Today?” poster lists and displays a variety of emotions that a student might “feel” before, during or after a PE class, all in a one “DYNAMIC” and “EYECATCHING” poster. What is a more exciting way to display EMOTIONS in your gym
This set includes 8 hands-on and engaging center activities/games for teaching emotions. There are 15 emotions covered that include happy, sad, angry, jealous, nervous, frightened, guilty, interested, thoughtful, proud, satisfied, disappointed, hurt, surprised, and sleepy. Very easy to prep! Center
Calm Down Strategies for your classroom! Teach students how to identify their emotions. Understanding emotions is a crucial step to building successful students in the classroom. Provide this visual tool to students to help them identify and recognize their own emotions! Use this for whole gro
Feeling and emotion flashcardsThis is a set of 24 feelings and emotions which you can download and print at home. They are perfect to start improving your children's emotional intelligence: it will help them to recognize and name their emotions as well as expressing their feelings. You can use it in
Printable Visual Supports for Understanding and Identifying Emotions featuring diverse children | How do you feel? | Social Skills | Social Emotional Learning | Autism | Theory of Mind | Communication Board | Perspective Taking | For grades K-12 | Printable LOW PREP Visual Supports for understanding
These bright and colorful How Do You Feel? posters will be a great addition to any classroom! They include 15 different common emotions. This pack includes: -Poster with emotions labeled-Poster without labels-Mini Posters (4 per page) of both labeled and non-labeled posters
Some children - especially those with certain disabilities; like language disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger Syndrome - have difficulty with identifying how they feel in certain social situations, reacting appropriately to those situations, and talking about how they feel in situations.Ro
Students will match feelings.Directions: Print cards on cardstock and laminate. Cut pages in half for a mini book. Put in the square on each page and behind the each of the picture cards. Put the book together with a ring or in a binder. You can use the chart on p. 12 to attach the pictures while
Use this chart to help students comminicate feelings to help you understand what is wrong.
This short social narrative will help students develop an understanding of the below feelings: The following feelings are explored:1.Angry2.Shy3.Confident4.Embarrassed5.Confused6.Proud7.Lonely8.Sad9.Happy10.Relaxed11.Friendly12.Worried13.Excited14.Content15.Jealous16.Silly17.Shocked18.Love19.Not Sur
This pack includes: - How Do You Feel Today visual (6 symbol visual in 3 different colours) - How Do You Feel Today visual (9 symbol visual in 3 different colours) - How Do You Feel Today visual (blank visual) - 15 emotion symbols Come join our community & let's connect! Facebook Instagram Pod
PreK - 12th, Higher Education
Get in tune with your students using this simple, yet fun, “How Do You Feel?” emotions chart. Great for a back-to-school icebreaker, one-on-one sessions, circle-time sessions, and more! Simply print this FREE chart and laminate for durability. Students can mark how they feel using a dry-erase marker
Not Grade Specific
How do you feel today? Student Survey (Google Form) English VersionSee how your students are feeling daily and quickly! Feelings are broken up into 4 categories with 5 feelings in each one. Categories included: 1. “I am in a POSITIVE mood” 2.“I am in a NEUTRAL mood”
Hi from My Coastal Classroom! :) At the start of the year, it's always good to make strong parent contact. Get the most important details from your families (and students) using these forms. In asking kids questions like "Do you make friends easily?" and "Are you okay working with others in group
Feeling and emotion cards in the perfect size to be put on a ring all together. Perfect for centers or an "I Can Calm Down" area to help kids identify their feelings.
These task cards give students a chance to work on identifying common emotions in others. This file includes both color and black and white.

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