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Teach your students proper email etiquette – or "email netiquette" – with this 45-minute "How to Email" lesson that includes a high-interest intro. lecture and two fun real-world writing activities.First, present the right and wrong way to build an email message with a dynamic 15-slide Prezi lecture
An essential skill that students need to learn in school is email etiquette. Students need to know how to properly write an email to teachers, prospective employers, bosses, and other esteemed members of the community. This multi-day lesson includes an editable and animated PowerPoint presentation,
Distance Learning: Writing emails is both an important life skill and great way to incorporate both technology and social skills in the classroom; however, many students struggle with knowing what to write in an email. Interactive Digitally: Templates also available on Google Slides with text boxes
This digital email etiquette teaching unit is optimized for online learning, distance learning, and Google Classroom. With electronic communication on the rise, teaching email etiquette and how to properly communicate via email is an essential skill all students need to know. Even more so, students
This unit will help your students understand the ins and outs of writing an effective email. In 5 easy steps, students will learn the basic etiquette of communicating online in formal settings. Give your students the tools they need to be more independent and to take initiative in their learning.Inc
I have received countless emails from my secondary students, and there is one pattern across them all: they lack something. Whether they forget a subject, do not address me (the reader), or simply forgot to put their own name, they do not adhere to the basic structure of an email. With this activity
Do you need to teach your students how to write an email? This no-prep and editable Email Etiquette Lesson and Activity for Google Drive and PDF will make it easy! This resource includes a slideshow, a practice activity, sample email prompts, and more!This resource includes the following files:Teach
A paperless, digital resource that covers the do's and don'ts of email writing along with real-life scenario activities including an ELL differentiated component! WHAT'S INCLUDED?-5 Slide PowerPoint Presentation-Link to Interactive Digital Slides-Differentiated Version ELL Component-4 Real-Life Scen
STEM based school counseling for the win! This worksheet packet is perfect for use by school counselors or classroom teachers with middle school students, high school special education students, adult learners with low literacy levels, schools beginning 1:1 laptop programs, and more! Our students
So often I find that students do not know how to write appropriate emails to either their teachers or future employers. I developed these two lessons to focus and correct that in my students.This is a two-lesson product, twenty-seven pages in all. Part One is a two-page handout (PDF) and Part Two
This is a package composed of five different components. It includes two social stories- one teaching students to understand what an email is. The second is teaching students about the process of writing an email. The next section is a username/password card that can be laminated for students to kee
Email Writing is becoming a skill that is used on an everyday basis both inside and outside of school. With this resource, students can learn the basic do's and don'ts to emailing as well as practice constructing emails pertaining to REAL LIFE SCENARIOS. Perfect for a mini-lesson, emergency substitu
This presentation will help your students understand the ins and outs of writing an effective email. In 5 easy steps, students will learn the basic etiquette of communicating online in formal settings. Give your students the tools they need to be more independent and to take initiative in their lear
“Y did U mark me tardy??” “Dear, miss- i was absent did i miss anything”“YOU GAVE ME AN F ON MY PROJECT AND NOW I CAN’T PLAY IN THE GAME TOMORROW. YOU BETTER TALK TO MY COACH RIGHT AWAY. I MEAN IT.” Students will learn to write an appropriate email to a teacher to address their concerns in 5 steps.
A perfect one-pager for students who are learning all the different components of both an email account and proper email format. Pictures are specific to Gmail, but are universal enough to apply to any email account. Worksheet includes step-by-step for opening a new email, the three important part
As teachers, we’re often on the receiving end of emails that hurt the writer’s cause. Sometimes, the tone is overly demanding. Other times the email hasn't been proofread or IS IN ALL CAPS. SERIOUSLY. WHY????? And then there are the emails our students sometimes choose for themselves... Sigh. We als
Do you get emails from your students with…1. The entire message written in the subject?2. No subject?3. Minimal details inside?4. A general mess inside?This can help!I use this in my classroom to teach students how to correctly send an email with all parts. The email that they will send in this less
Sick of receiving poorly written emails from your students? Teach them how to write an email! This skill is often overlooked in the classroom, but it can have such a positive impact on your inbox and your students' ability to communicate effectively in online platforms (like Schoology and Email).
Teach students how to properly write an email to teachers! I was tired of receiving emails like "can u put in my grade for the paper" or "u havent graded my paper yet" and nothing else. Poster includes steps for writing an email and two example emails. Color and grayscale versions! Available i
During digital learning, many teachers became aware that our students don't know how to properly write an email. This resource includes email etiquette lesson to set your students up for success long term.Lesson Included:-Parts of an Email-Proofreading Emails-Practice Proofreading (Also includes 1 e
Do you ever wish students wrote you better emails? Here is a guide that breaks down all the parts of an email message. Useful as a reference handout or homework assignment. Essential to improving communication!
Teach your students how to write professional emails using this easy, interactive Google Slides™ unit. The ability to write a proper email is an important skill that your students will need for the school year... and for life! This interactive Google Slides™ unit includes a 15 slide informative pre
Learn to write ALL types of emails and letters—and especially for those challenging issues that need CLARITY TO GET RESULTS! This Guide Provides:Step-by-step instructions How to write and use drafts Examples of formatting letters Templates, outlines and guidelines Lots of word lists and writing pr
HOW TO WRITE AN EMAIL. TEACH STUDENTS EMAIL ETIQUETTE.Teach students how to write an email and follow email etiquette with the GISTS strategy anchor chart. Five steps for students to follow every single time for emails, simple to remember and can be used for general education or special education st

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