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This ecosystems lab allows your students to create and carry out a hands-on, engaging experiment on how humans affect our environment. It utilizes the steps in the scientific method to scaffold learning and allow your students to come to a conclusion based on findings that are tangible. This labor
Allow your students to learn through inquiry with this research based, partner assignment. They will study the impact of a factor related to human activity that threatens the sustainability of a terrestrial or aquatic ecosystem in your area. The activity is in word and is fully customization.Your s
Human Impact on Environments: 5th Grade NGSS guided notes answering the Big Question: How Do Humans Change Ecosystems?Included in this packet and set:Full guided notes for teaching about how humans impact ecosystems, both positively and negatively. (4 different versions within - page numbers and le
Humans have positive and negative impacts on the ecosystem daily: 5th Grade NGSS guided notes answering the Big Question: How Do Humans Change Ecosystems?Included in this packet and set:7-day lesson plan outline (with digital notebook and assessment links included for use in Google Classroom, etc.)F
This Human Impact on the Ecosystem Bundle will make a great addition to your Ecological Impacts unit. This bundle contains my popular Human Impact on the Ecosystems CSI Science activity, Seek and Find Doodle Page and Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer. Perfect for student engagement!Products include
This completely digital product provides students with a comprehensive overview of the negative impact of humans on our planet. This product is available in both digital and print versions, and is an organized and simplified way to teach this important topic in modern biology! This 57-slide PowerP
Humans change their environment to suit their needs just like every other living thing. However, humans have begun to change their environment in a way that impacts the ability of other species to use the environment. This lesson focuses on how humans impact the ecosystem and environment around them
This packet contains an Explore, Explain, Elaborate portion of a 5E lesson format for students learning about human impact on ecosystems (resource use, pollution, and population growth). I create separate Engage (warm up) and Evaluate (exit tickets) based on the class I use this for. This packet is
Students will be so engaged with these Human Impact on Ecosystems Vocabulary Puzzles. Students will use their knowledge of Human Impact to match Human Impact on Ecosystems vocabulary terms with their definitions. There are 24 Human Impact on Ecosystems terms included and 4 blank editable puzzle temp
Human Impact on Environments science scavenger hunts are a great way for students to see science in their everyday life! Whether they are taking photos (which they love to do) or drawing examples, students will be noticing that science is everywhere! This Human Impact on Ecosystems science scavenger
Students will have a blast with this Human Impact on Environments Science BINGO game! Your students will be so engaged, trying to match each clue so they can be first to yell BINGO! Each Human Impact Bingo game comes with 30 unique Human Impact Bingo cards printed 2 per page and a Bingo calling boar
This 45-slide powerpoint presentation covers 'Option C.3 - Species & Communities' in the 2016 IB Biology curriculum. Each slide includes the specific learning objective as well as key vocabulary that students should note. Option C.1 includes two sections:      • A - Invasive Species      • B -
This lesson examines human impact on an ecosystem. The lesson is designed to meet Alberta Education requirements in Grade 7 science, but can be used and modified to fit your own needs! This interactive lesson contains: - SMART Notebook file (26 slides) - PowerPoint file (26 slides) - Teacher lesso
SAVE MONEY when you combine resources in this NGSS human impact on ecosystems middle school ecology bundle! Includes activities for habitat destruction, introduction of invasive species, and overexploited species. Also includes a webquest about how people can restore ecosystems, and a culminating
Please make sure you always have the most recent version of my products, I update my products all the time! I am a science teacher who is still in the classroom and every time I use one of my lesson plans, I think of new things to add! Please make sure you always have my latest version. Here’s how:
What interactions exist in the environment around us? How do human activities and technologies impact the interactions and the structure of the environment and ecosystems? These questions are answered in the Grade 7 - Unit 1: "Interactions in the Environment" unit. This activity packet includes acti
Read about and GRAPH the growth of an invasive species and its impact on a native species and biodiversity! Covers NGSS MS-LS2-4, MS-LS2-5, and MS-ESS3-4.In this ecosystems and ecology activity, students are given a middle-school level reading about zebra mussels, an invasive species in North Ameri
This bundle includes all SIXTEEN lessons to go along with my ecology and human impact website for remote learning. These lessons can also be used for in-class webquests or as homework assignments. The 16 lessons cover all 4 parts of the website:1. Ecosystems 2. Interactions 3. Energy Transfer 4. Hu
With science as the primary background subject, students will learn about human impact on ecosystems by using Social Studies, Technology, ELA, Art, and Math. These student-led, print and go, low-to-no prep Science Circuit Stations are easy to implement with a few household items.WHAT'S INCLUDED in t
Students will enjoy putting on their super spy caps and using their knowledge of ecological impacts to solve this Human Impact on Ecosystems Science CSI Mystery! This is the perfect engaging activity to introduce or review your students on habitat loss, endangered species, overhunting, pollution, so
This is a neatly organized folder of review pages for the following topics. Each topic includes 1-3 organized pages of essential information needed to help your students with an EOC review, be it a final, midterm, or state test. Uses for this product:Midterm ReviewFinal ReviewState testing ReviewHom
This 2-page webquest guides students through a Prezi and online dam simulation, investigating the impact of dams on wildlife and ecosystems.Aligns with TN SPI 0507.5.3: Use information about the impact of human actions or natural disasters on the environment to support a simple hypothesis, make a pr
Human Activity & Ecosystem: This activity is designed to explain and review how human activity impacts the environment. After a reading passage, there are five multiple choice questions and a constructed response. I pass out this homework assignment as a review before the student's assessment.
In this lab, students will learn about the collapse of the North Atlantic Cod population. They will model the effects of a fishing quota on a population in recovery. Then they will use beans to estimate a population of cod (this part can be omitted if time does not allow).The product contains thre

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