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Related Facts: Identify the Related Facts Practice Sheets - Fact Family - King Virtue's Classroom These practice sheets are great for practice and assessing students' ability to identify related addition and subtraction facts when given an addition or subtraction fact. You can use one as a pre-test
"Whoo Is in My Family?" is designed to be used as guided practice, independent practice, or as a math center. I use it as a "pre-lesson" before I have kids write related facts and fact families on their own. *Title page*20 cards, large enough for a class "scoot around the room"*Recording page*Answ
In the age of instant news and social media it is important that students are able to identify reliable resources from those that are biased. Help your students think critically about bias in the articles they read with this identifying bias checklist bookmark. This download includes the bookmark
This activity asks students to identify fact and opinion statements within a paragraph. This activity builds upon concepts presented in individual fact/opinion practice activities (see fact and opinion practice worksheets).
These money cards help students learn to identify coins and each coins' value! Facts are included for penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half dollar. Facts include what picture and what is written on each side of each coin, what the coins are made of, value of coins, how many of each coin equals on
In this 12 page editable Google Slide lesson, students will learn how to identify a fact from an opinion, while also being aware of author's bias. Students will learn about what a fact is and what an opinion is. Students will have an opportunity to practice their learned skills on 3 task slides. An
This growing bundle features a variety of fact or opinion digital lesson and boom card lessons. Students are asked to identify which statements are in fact a opinion or a fact. This is a significant part of communication that students need to understand, in order to accurately take in information be
Hang these posters in your classroom to help students with coin recognition and learning the value of each coin! The equivalent coins poster is great for students to gain an understanding of basic equal coin amounts. For example, 5 pennies = 1 nickel 2 dimes, 1 nickel = 1 quarter 4 quarters = 1 do
K - 4th
**This is the chapter slice "Using Graphic Organizers to Identify Fact and Opinion" from the full lesson plan "Reading Comprehension"** About the FULL RESOURCE:A child’s ability to read and comprehend the written word is his touchstone to success in school and in life. The primary object of our Read
Identify Facts and Opinion Slide 1: Mentor Text: Read AloudSlide 2: Anchor ChartSlide 3. Discussion SlideSlide 4: Whole Group : Passage Practice: Finding Facts and Opinions. Slide 5: AnswersSlide 6: Learning Video
Hi There!If you have not already check out my TPT store for the accompanying PowerPoint for these focal texts, with 67 slides/6 lessons designed to teach the reading comprehension strategy fact or opinion. Using this resource students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the difference be
1st - 6th
Can your students tell the difference between myths and facts? Learn some interesting facts and myths about unicorns with this set of BOOM Cards. Students will read a statement about unicorns and decide if is a fact or a myth told about unicorns. Simply click on the unicorn with the correct answer.
2nd - 4th
Practice identify factors of numbers while working on reading comprehension skills with this cross-curricular digital Google slides activity.Each slide includes a number for students to factor and an interesting Giraffe fact. Drag and drop the correct factors while reading each slide's Giraffe fact.
3rd - 5th
So....we love fractions. A lot. Here's another fun file folder game starring two grinning grizzlies who are ready to give your students extra practice with identifying fractions. It goes great with our Fractions Bundle, or it can supplement your own plans. Here's what we provide: * Teacher Instr
3rd - 4th
Place Value Mixed Review: Identify, Compare Whole Numbers (Multiplication Facts) Need a quick review or homework assignment? This sheet is a great tool to use as a pre-test, post test, or homework assignment. Enjoy! :)
3rd - 6th
This is one of the lessons that come from the "Bee Unit: Nonfiction Details, Making Predictions, Fact or Fiction, Sequencing" (https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Bee-Unit-Nonfiction-Details-Making-Predictions-Fact-or-Fiction-Sequencing-242621) --Buzz Into Fact or Fiction - Identifying f
Students will identify Facts and Opinions in a news story highlighting and annotating through Word or convert to google docs. This is part of teaching students news literacy.
Use these posters in your classroom to help students identify coins from the heads and tails side and each coins' value! Posters are included for penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half dollar. The equivalent coins poster helps students to recognize basic coin value facts. For example, 10 pennies
2nd - 4th
In this lesson, students will focus on the relationship between addition and subtraction facts. Understanding the relationship between addition and subtraction helps students to develop fact fluency.How can we use addition to subtract?Each Cohesion Education video has been designed by teachers for p
Shows the students how to identify addition and subtraction facts that are related. There are problems where the students will identify whether the facts are related, and find related facts for a addition fact or a subtraction fact.
Students will find the sum and difference in each number sentence, which will help them identify if they are related facts.
Can be used with distance learning! These multiplication fact booklets can be used to help students understand the concept of multiplication, as well as memorize multiplication facts. There are eleven total booklets (2 facts-12 facts) that are each eight pages long. At the end of each booklet, there
2nd - 4th

Also included in: Multiplication Facts Bundle

Are you looking for digital activities to practice Addition and Subtraction Facts? These 4 activities involve students adding and subtracting within 20, finding missing numbers, and solving fact family equations. All 4 activities are provided in PowerPoint, SEESAW, and Google Slides.*This is party
This fun and differentiated JAM-PACKED unit is filled with everything you need to teach 4 standards/concepts: missing addends, the commutative property of addition, fact families, and true or false with addition equations.Get this in the First Grade Math Units 1-9 BUNDLE to save a ton!Everything you

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