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identifying x and y coordinates

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identifying x and y coordinates

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Task cards are highly motivating and an effective teaching tool that can be used across the curriculum. I use them individually, in pairs, with small groups, or as an activity for the whole class. My favorite way to use them is in the game “scoot”. I tape the cards on the desks (or walls) and play m
Can you identify the ordered pair of a coordinate points? Check your skills with this mystery picture activity! In this google sheets resource, students are given a coordinate grid with 26 points plotted. Students will identify the ordered pair (x,y) of each letter and type it into the designated
4th - 12th
Looking for the perfect technology center, online activity, or interactive homework assignment to practice reflecting points across the x and y axis? This Boom Card resource is perfect for you! Assigning this boom deck to your students means you're good to go with an independent practice activity th
7th - 10th
A comprehensive collection of practice activities that help students master topics within the coordinate plane. Topics within the packet of practice activities include: graphing on a coordinate plane (all quadrants), identifying points on a coordinate plane, distance between two points on a coordina
Middle school math students will practice working with the coordinate plane (all four quadrants) using this google activity. Students will identify important keywords (origin, quadrants, x-axis, and y-axis), identify ordered pairs, plot ordered pairs, determine the distance between 2 points, and ref
Identify Coordinates on a Coordinate Plane in Quadrant 1: Task CardsThis resource provides students with an opportunity to practice identifying ordered pairs in quadrant 1 only (x and y axis from 0 to 10). For each task card, students are asked to identify six coordinates and write them on provided
4th - 7th
Identify Coordinates on a Coordinate Plane in all Four Quadrants Task Cards ResourceThis resource provides students with an opportunity to practice identifying ordered pairs in ALL FOUR QUADRANTS! (x and y axis from -10 to 10) The number line is labeled by multiples of 2. (See preview) For each task
4th - 7th
This Middle school math anchor chart poster displays and labels the Four Quadrants and the origin. The anchor chart also identifies the x-axis as the horizontal line and the y-axis as the vertical line. Also displayed is the positive and negative values of each quadrant. For example, Quadrant III h
This is a simple cartoon that gives a brief and oversimplified explanation of which axis is the X-axis and which axis is the Y-axis on a coordinate plane. A four quadrant plane is presented, but not identified. The goal of the cartoon was to show students the following: Which axis is the X-axis; Whi
This set of 17 BoomCards will allow your students to practice their skills on the coordinate plane. There are 7 cards where students are asked to identify the highlighted quadrant, x-axis, y-axis, and the origin. There are 5 cards where students are asked to graph 4 points using drag and drop. Final
6th - 12th
This is an excerpt from my popular line ofBossy Brocci Math & Big Science workbooks on Amazon.Printing should be:LANDSCAPEand DOUBLE-SIDED,with the Flip being along the 'SHORT' edge or sideWant MORE Power for your Dollar?Give Brocci Bundles a Try before you buy!To get the Bundles & Lessons d
6th - 9th
This Pear Deck Mini Lesson is perfect for Distance Learning and Google Classroom.Includes:- A description of what intercepts are- Finding X and Y intercepts from a graph- Identifying their coordinates on the Cartesian Plane- Finding X and Y intercepts from equations- Using proper notation to label t
SELF-GRADING Quizzes: This resource provides students with an opportunity to practice identifying ordered pairs in ALL FOUR QUADRANTS! (x and y axis from -10 to 10). These problems provide three points on a graph and students need to identify the fourth ordered pair to form a rectangle. These are s
Excite your student’s imagination with this Water Park Coordinate Grid Design! You will receive 3 levels of a coordinate grid to help you differentiate your activity. Coordinate Grid A identifies the x and y-axis and the four quadrants. It also includes the positive and negative intervals on each ax
This 20 question short response quiz includes the following skills: -plotting ordered pairs on the coordinate plane (and identifying quadrants) -graphing linear equations given a specific domain -discrete vs continuous -slope (from a graph and two points) -x- and y-intercepts (identifying, graphing,
8th - 10th
This is an excerpt from my popular line of Bossy Brocci Math & Big Science workbooks on Amazon. Printing should be: LANDSCAPE and DOUBLE-SIDED, with the Flip being along the 'SHORT' edge or side Want MORE Power for your Dollar? Give Brocci Bundles a Try before you buy! To get the Bundles &amp
5th - 8th
This TOD assesses the students abilities to accurately Label the x and y axisIdentify the quadrantsLocate the originDetermine the signs that correspond with the quadrants Determine the coordinates of specific pointsGraph and label points.
5th - 10th
This pre-assessment will help you understand what your students know about the coordinate plane.The guided notes/reference sheet help students identify the x-axis, y-axis, the origin, and the four quadrants.
6th - 8th
Students will use a coordinate grid to identify and plot given points in an ordered pair. An ordered pair is two numbers, always written in a set of parentheses, that describe the x-coordinate and the y-coordinate. The x-coordinate is always given first. Students will create ordered pairs based o
5th, Adult Education
This large coordinate plane anchor chart will help your students with identifying points and plotting points on the coordinate plane. It is eye catching and informative classroom decor for your word wall or bulletin board. A handout or worksheet option is included that has students list points and
Plotting Points (Ordered Pairs) on the Coordinate Plane - Fun Activity: If the students plot points correctly and connect the lines as directed, the page folds up into a paper airplane! This activity is a fun way for your class to practice graphing ordered pairs on a coordinate plane. Two versi
5th - 7th
Help your class learn plotting points and identifying points in quadrant one with this printable poster! The origin, x-axis, y-axis, and multiple points are graphed and labeled. This poster has MANY different options. Check out the preview to see them all! The panels are interchangeable dependin
This activity is a great way to help students understand how to find distance between two points on a coordinate plane by using the absolute value between the points with the same first coordinate or the same second coordinate. I made this so it is more than just a counting activity. Students will
4th - 7th
In "Guess My Transformation", students will use clue cards to investigate and correctly identify 12 different transformations on the coordinate plane. This activity is a fun way for students to better understand the effects of transformations on the size, orientation and coordinates of figures. Alig

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