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JUST ADDED EDITABLE VERSIONS!!!!!THERE ARE TWO VERSIONS TO CHOOSE FROM!2 EDITABLE2 NON EDITABLEThis is an IEP "Snap Shot". It is a one page reference guide to include most of the important components of the IEP. It can be used for guest teachers, aides, or general ed teachers. This is a NON editable PDF. It is meant to be printed and completed by hand in writing. CLICK HERE TO SEE 70 PAGE IEP BINDERComplete IEP Binder Kit
K - 12th
This in-depth IEP Snapshot / IEP at a Glance data sheet is perfect for keeping track of your students with special needs, without having to lug around each student's IEP folder. Who is this for?Any caseload manager in any special education classroom setting at any grade level."HELP! I need help organizing my caseload!">> You'll find this blog post very helpful."I need help planning for and running IEP Meetings!">> This blog post is full of tips and tricks from veteran special ed teac
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
An IEP at a Glance form is a great resource to give to your students' general education and specials teachers. The form is also helpful when you need to quickly reference your students' IEPs. No two students are alike, so this IEP at a Glance is completely editable to better meet your needs!This freebie includes:-2-page IEP at a Glance form-IEP Goal Cheat Sheet-Accommodations/Modifications Cheat Sheet**All forms are 100% editable in Microsoft PowerPoint!**If you enjoy these, you may also like:Ed
It is important to be aware of when all your IEP’s are due. Before the kids come back, I take time to read through all my IEP’s and write the due dates down. That way I know when I need to schedule meetings! This is important for Reg Ed too!
Not Grade Specific
Looking for a better way to keep track of all the little things that your special education students need in a school day? Do you have a new student? Here's a comprehensive list of the important information for each student that may not be listed on their IEP. Worried about missing the information to give to a long term substitute or next teacher? I got you covered! This list will help you with any missing information and perfect to use during a new student observation!What's included?Student Ba
An IEP at a Glance form is a fantastic resource to give to the IEP team to help them have a one page sheet. This also helps for the staff within the room as a quick reminder of student needs. This is completely editable, just add text boxes !! This resource is two pages, one is print and go, one is editable. FISHfingers font was used for the words. This is part of my HUGE bundle in my Teacher's Binder resource!! IF you like this, you will love the 250 plus pages of that bundle!
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
The ultimate IEP At-A-Glance!This single page has all the IEP and personal information you need to access in a hurry or share with other teachers about a student. Just download to see for yourself!Lookin for an upgraded version of this resource? Check out it out here: The Ultimate IEP At-A-Glance (AKA IEP Snapshot), Click and Type on the PDFIt includes 6 Unique versions of the form in Fallible PDF Version! You can type student information instead of handwriting it and quickly update it after e
Many parents and caregivers walk away from IEP meetings feeling overwhelmed and confused. Information is forgotten while waiting for finalized IEP paperwork, and many IEPs can be difficult to navigate. This IEP at a Glance form should be completed and provided to parents/caregivers (using parent-friendly terms) to highlight important information regarding the programs/services, goals, and accommodations their child is receiving. Contents: One example page One fill in the blanks page - complete
Made for Special Services personnel to complete for regular education staff. This document is great to give to teachers at the beginning of the year/when a student qualifies, provide to Specials (Art/Music/PE) teachers, or to have on hand for Substitute teachers in your classroom.
IEP at a Glance can be filled out by therapists or special education staff and given to the classroom teachers at the beginning of the school year, OR classroom teachers can use it as an outline/summary to fill in as they look at the student's special education file. This is a great way to summarize the student's IEP and start the conversation about that student's needs for the school year. Many teachers have appreciated this one-page approach!! [For students with many accommodations, I often at
This IEP at a Glance was created for use in my teacher binder for a quick reference or summary of student's in my class with IEPs.
PreK - 12th
This IEP forms resource is perfect for special education teachers to stay organized and inform other educators.Great to keep in a case manager binder for quick reference, or to inform other IEP team members.This document is in Google Slides. Create a text box to type into the document. Share on Google Docs, print and handout, or print and handwrite.There are three different worksheets included in this resource:IEP at a Glance: Single sheet that details basic student info, IEP info, services, ac
Not Grade Specific
When you have a classroom full (or caseload full) of students, keeping IEP requirements and student's needs straight can be tough! Use this IEP at a Glance form to have an easily accessible reminder of your students' needs. This is an editable powerpoint.
This document is a snapshot for individual students on your special education caseload. Print one for each student. Saves time and energy when looking for important information! This document contains: One sheet that includes: Student name Category of disability IEP date Related services needs Medical needs Service times
IEP at a Glance * * Quick Reference Sheet for Each Student's IEPThis is a zip file containing a pdf option AND a Word document option of this IEP at a Glance form!The Word document is fully editable!Check out my other products AND become a follower!Instagram! l Blog! l Learn
Not Grade Specific
Are you a special education teacher trying to give the general education teacher a snapshot of an IEP? Are you tired of feeling like teachers are not following the accommodations properly? Are you struggling to remember details about each student on your caseload?Grab this easy to use, quick to fill in, print, and organize IEP at a Glance. Give teachers a one-page document with everything they need to know about a student in their class! OR Fill out one and keep it yourself! With two differen
This completely editable Google Doc provides teachers with a way to note important IEP information for a quick glance when needed! Download it for FREE!
This IEP at a glance is what I intend to use in my teacher binder as well as in the student binders for quick reference in planning. It has all the main components that a special education or general education teacher would need to know at a glance.
A fun and functional set of templates to easily create complete IEP at a Glance forms for all of your favorite students! This freebie comes with two versions of the IEP at a glance form that I use during the school year. In addition, each version comes with 4 choices for fun backgrounds as well as a printer friendly option. In total, there are 10 template options for you to choose from! I've also inserted text boxes where writing is needed so all you need to do is insert student information and
IEP at a Glance To use in your SPED binder for those students who have an IEP. I use this in my classroom and it makes it very easy to organize all of the information I might need quickly! *Updated with space to write goals and modifications! :)
PreK - 12th
Detailed IEP at a Glance. I've been using this form in my classroom for at least 8 years. It is now being used by many of the other teachers. I hope that it is helpful in your classroom too.
Use these forms to communicate with parents and teachers for speech therapy! Pages can be edited for digital use in PowerPoint or Printed from a PDF making it perfect for distance learning!This Packet includes:2 versions of Student IEP at a GlanceToday In Speech Parent communication cardsTeacher Input FormBe sure to leave a review to let us know what you think! If you have any questions you can leave them in the Q&A or reach me at passportspeech@gmail.comIf you like this product you might al
Not Grade Specific
Use this handy sheet to map your upcoming meetings for the 10 month school year. Perfect for both special education and general education teachers! Also check out our 5 page IEP Planning and Accommodations Packet:
Not Grade Specific
IEPs can be lengthy, hard to read documents. As a special education provider, use this to break down the important pieces of a student's IEP for classroom teachers. As a classroom teacher, use this document to keep important IEP information handy without having to sift through all of the paperwork! Easy to attach to an IEP or keep in a binder.
K - 12th, Staff
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