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Phonics Toothy® Task Kits | Games & Activities | Spiral Review Bundle
Toothy™ Task Kits- an original idea from Angie Olson at ©Lucky Little Learners, LLC.You can watch a demonstration and explanation of these Toothy Task Kits here:Toothy Facebook Video TutorialYou can read all about Toothy Task Kits here:Toothy Task Kits Blog PostToothy Task Kits are a great option fo
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Magnetic Letter Template
Magnetic Letter Organizer Templates are the PERFECT way to organize the letters you use for word work or guided reading. You can print them and put them on the whiteboard. Students will put the letters down on top to quickly organize. Be sure to use the thinnest lamination sheets so the magnetic let
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All By Myself - Independent Phonics Practice (The BUNDLE!)
Download the Preview to access 10 FREE phonics passages. All By Myself - Independent Phonics Practice is a 150+ page bundle!This bundle was created to help students become confident and independent phonics gurus. It includes over 150 phonics practice sheets! These phonics sheets work wonderfully as
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Hands-On Phonics Bundle
Time and time again, research has shown that in order for students to "lock in" new concepts, they must partake in hands-on learning. I am thrilled to share with you the next resource in the “hands-on” series: The Hands-On Phonics Bundle. This phonics bundle includes a collection of rigorous, enrich
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Hands-On Phonics Poetry Bundle
The Hands-On Phonics Poetry Bundle is a collection of phonics poems and hands-on activities that focus on sound mastery and fluency! This bundle includes more than 1,000 pages of phonics poetry fun. It includes more than 100 phonics poems, plus correlating hands-on activities for each sound-spelling
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Write & Wipe Phonics Bundle
What Are They?Write & Wipe Phonics Cards are a phonics tool that you can use at literacy centers/stations, Word Work, with a paraeducator or volunteer, or during small group instruction. This phonics bundle includes every phonics sound-spellings (see the full list below). Research has shown that
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Phonics Flip Cards - The Full Set
Phonics Flip Cards are an effective tool to have on hand during intervention/RTI time, small group instruction, or even at your Word Work area in the classroom. Each card displays one large, easy to read word and one large image. These simple cards are especially beneficial for students who need the
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Read and Master Phonics: The 15 Book Set
The Read and Master Phonics Books can be used in a multitude of ways. They are simple, clear, and easy to read. You can place them on rings, bind them, or slide them into page protectors. There are 15 Read and Master Phonics Books included in this bundle. Each page of the 15 books focuses on a diff
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Phonics Posters - Letter Combinations
There are now 148 phonics posters included in this download! You will receive all of these posters that are colorful and engaging. Kids will love the graphics and the different examples on each poster. These posters come in half sheets, so they don't take up a lot of wall space if you are displayi
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Write & Read Phonics Books - The Complete Set
Write & Reads are a simple and effective phonics tool that students can use to practice every single phonics sound-spelling. Students will write the missing sound-spelling pattern in the blank space and will then read the word. After they’ve read all of the words with that sound-spelling on tha
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Phonics Tracers Bundle
These phonics tracers provide handwriting practice with a focused phonics sound spelling. Students read, trace, and learn! Place the sheets in sheet protectors and create a folder or binder for students to write and erase with! Use them the following ways: phonics instruction read and trace c
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Mix & Fix Phonics Bundle
BUY-IN DEAL! Get the bundle at 50% off for a limited time! Regular price: $16. Get the bundle for $8 now. Mix & Fix Phonics Bundle is an engaging, hands-on, and effective Word Work tool that requires students to manipulate words in order to build phonics sentences. There are over 200 phonics she
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Hands-On Phonics Ultimate Bundle
This hands-on phonics ultimate bundle includes 18 MEGA activity packs on short vowels, long vowels, r-controlled vowels and blends. Each activity pack includes 65-115 pages of activities or 1,475+ pages total! If you were to purchase each of these packs separately you would spend $127.75! That's bas
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Phonics and Word Recognition Checklist - Common Core Second Grade
This checklist covers the phonics standards for second grade under the common core: RF3a (long and short vowels) RF3b (common vowel teams) RF3c (two-syllable words with long vowels) RF3d (prefixes and suffixes) RF3e (inconsistent but common spelling-sound correspondences) *see below for specific pho
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Reader's Theater Script-Long Vowels and Short Vowels Bundle-Fluency Practice
Give students a reason to read aloud while reading words based on the phonics skills and grade appropriate sight words. Learning words in isolation is not nearly as effective as having words in context. How exciting to be able to practice reading while having fun!!Your students will LOVE this pack!
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