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Worksheet has 27 verbs that need to be changed to the imperative; 9 each for tu, nous, vous.

Also included in: Bien Dit 1 Chapitre 9 Bundle

This product is great for teaching the impératif. It includes an explanation sheet, a practice sheet, two extra-practice worksheets, two power points, and one smart notebook. The power point will engage students with its animations and sound effects (see preview).
15 questions worksheet using the imperative. Answer key is included. A variety of imperatives. Positive & negatives. Verbs are: aller, prendre, finir, jouer, arriver, perdre, promener, acheter, fermer, boire, rentrer, faire, & rendre.NOTE: I have added a Digital Overlay to this product. Full
Notes and practice on forming the imperative in French. Introductory lesson; does not include the use of object pronouns.
Worksheet has 2 sections: 16 infinitives - give familiar, formal, plural or "let's", as indicated; 15 choose between familiar or formal based on context.

Also included in: Bien Dit 1 Chapitre 6 Bundle

Quiz has 6 fill in the blank sentences for the present tense of the French reflexive verbs. Students then write 6 sentences in the negative using the given prompts. Infinitive and subject is given for 3 imperatives. Students then write 3 negative imperatives using the given prompts.
Vous devez donner des ordres à un enfant pour influencer son futur. Vous serez un ange gardien (bons conseils) ou un petit diable (mauvais conseils) Divisez la classe en deux groupes. 1 groupe va lui donner des bons conseils (groupe ANGE) 1 groupe va lui donner des mauvais conseils (groupe DÉMON)
Worksheet has 30 different verbs in 2 parts; part 1 give the positive imperative of verbs; part 2 give negative imperative.
Introduce your students to the music and social commentary of one of France's most popular and renowned artists - Jacques Dutronc - while helping them to practice the "tu" form of the impératif as well as exercise some of their teen angst! In this activity, students will first brainstorm phrases th
Conjugaison du français : Passé composé + ImpératifThis file contains 2 pages (+ 2 with answer keys):- 1 Halloween story in French with 34 verbs to conjugate in passé composé (1st and 3rd group verbs)- 1 Halloween recipe in French with 10 verbs to conjugate in imperative (1st and 3rd group verbs).~
Teaching grammar can be daunting, but not if you have the right tools. Here you will find a fun and interactive 12-slide PPT to teach the imperative present to your students. Here's what you will get: 1. a self-target setting slide 2. a starter with the extract of Comic with questions to work on ver
4 Christmas recipes to conjugate imperative mood.Ingredients are listed so that students may cook after conjugating!Answers are included.To practice French conjugation around Christmas, you may also like:French present with Christmas sentencesFrench imperfect with Christmas sentencesFrench present w
This project asks students to create and present their own recipe. It forces them to use the imperative in a fun way. They must present their recipe to a class and hand in a written copy. It comes complete with a rubric.
1 Carnival recipe to conjugate French imperative mood. There are two versions:- one with 15 first group verbs- one with a mix of first group and third group verbs (7 first groups verbs and 8 third group verbs).Ingredients are listed so that students may cook after conjugating!Answers are included.~~
This 5-page file includes:~A funny reading in which Pierre from Paris is visiting Madrid for the first time but he has a terrible sense of direction! He constantly has to ask strangers for help in finding places (bank, restaurant, museum). Luckily everyone is very helpful and gives him great directi
Assess your student's understanding of impératif with a fun project they will engage with! In this project, students create their own school-specific emergency manual for a zombie invasion with 15 commands. This resource includes:Two copies of instructions in English and French to differentiate for
Everything you need to teach your students impératif in a fun and engaging way!
Introduce students in your French as a Second Language class to imperatif (imperative commands) with these activities. Students will learn the basics and then design a game to practice the vocabulary. It can be used any time, even without French speaking skills and are perfect to leave with your Eng
As-tu de la difficulté à trouver des activités d'écoute? Ou même des activités authentiques pour utiliser l'impératif? Cette chanson est peut-être vieille mais c'est parfait pour pratiquer l'impératif.Dans cette ressource tu trouveras:2 niveaux d'activités d'écoute1 activité débutante1 activité de p
Voici un test d'unité (niveau 1) pour évaluer les verbes conjugués à l'impératif du présent. Très facile à faire et à corriger en classe. Une bonne évaluation de leur compréhension de base. Si ça vous intéresse, j'ai aussi un produit avec les deux niveaux de tests à l'impératif que vous pouvez achet
This is a straightforward yet creative lesson on imperative verbs with some exercises at the end. Enjoy!
Playing games helps students remember concepts better than any worksheet! Keep your students active and engaged with these three cooperative learning games include:#1 Find your PartnerStudents are given cards, some in French, others in English. They must find the other student who has the translatio
Give this double-sided page of notes to your students at the beginning of the unit to teach them the basic concepts of impératif. I like to print them on colour paper so students can easily refer back to them.Notes include:when to use impératifhow to conjugate & verb endings for ER/IR/RE verbsné
Five pages of exercises to help your students practice conjugating the impératif.Includes:- conjugating ER/IR/RE verbs- conjugating 2e pers. sing./ 1e pers. plur./ 2e pers. plur.- conjugating using négation- conjugating sentences from infinitif to impératif- translating commands from English to Fren

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