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These Mad Minute worksheets are just like the good old math times tables races, but for verbs. Students race to accurately conjugate as many verbs as possible in the time given. Ready to print and go, to use individually or with partners (partners alternate writing the answers while collaborating o
As part of the ultimate Spanish Grammar Handout series, this is the Imperfect Subjunctive Handout. As the study of the subjunctive mood progresses, students have increasing levels of difficulty. This study guide breaks it down and makes it incredibly easy to understand formation and use!
This PowerPoint has 18 different pictures that get students using "si clauses" and the imperfect subjunctive/conditional tenses in possible scenarios. There is ZERO prep. Two pictures are presented on each slide. Students can either orally/written form the "if clause", filling in the blanks with
This DIGITAL Packet of Spanish Imperfect Subjunctive is a compete lesson plan that could cover about two 50-minute class periods, depending on the level of your students. It is ideal for students to learn, practice, review, or to be assessed. It could go well with Spanish 4, 5, Native Speakers and A
This is a fantastic oral and written activity that includes an interview with a family member (this might meet some criteria for the community domain in some teacher evaluations!!). This is also a great practice with preterite, imperfect and el imperfecto del subjuntivo. I think this would pair we
This PowerPoint presentation will easily explain how to form Si Clauses and relationships between verbs conjugated to the Imperfect Subjunctive and the Conditional.
This is a PowerPoint presentation that can be used to review the past subjunctive in Spanish. It gives the students plenty of practice during whole class instruction. Students are asked to conjugate, to combine phrases and to form sentences using the past subjunctive.
Who doesn't love to play games in class? Your students sure do! This is a fun way to review the imperfect subjunctive of all different types of verbs; regular, irregular, stem-change, spelling change... Students play in pairs or small groups. All the students need are counters and a die. Two
This is an 18 slide PowerPoint that gives your students practice constructing "si clauses" using the imperfect subjunctive & conditional tenses. The basics on how to conjugate are given in a 3 step process (1. Ellos preterite. 2. eliminate -ron. 3. add endings -ra/-ras/-ra/-'ramos/raís/ran).
This is the notes page that I give my students. It introduces the imperfect subjunctive, provides an example, and gives the conjugations of all verbs. It is a very straightforward reference sheet for students. It does include the -ese form of the imperfect subjunctive, but only as reference to it
Packet consists of Tense Agreement Formulas and variety of exercises using present and imperfect subjunctive or indicative. Additional writing and listening activities and answer keys.
Get your students into the habit of using these conjunctions with the imperfect subjunctive in this activity. Students will work on 10 sentences that have different common conjunctions that require the imperfect subjunctive to follow. You can have students work on this alone after the lesson, or wor
New ZASCA games! What a fun way to practice conjugations! With this game your students will be reviewing the imperfect subjunctive while having lots of fun. Make a game day, let them play cards. Use the cards as a game (two suggestions included), or use them as a review before a quiz/test. This s
A full, single page with the general conjugation of the imperfect subjunctive. Great for students to use during class for a quick review while speaking, listening and writing.
4 EN CUADROS * EL IMPERFECTO del SUBJUNTIVO is a review resource we have used effectively in our classrooms to review the conjugations of the present subjunctive. 4 EN CUADROS * EL IMPERFECTO del SUBJUNTIVO has been formatted as a.pdf, for format integrity and includes the following:14 visually appe
This short Power Point is an initial introduction to forming the imperfect subjunctive in Spanish. The slide show covers how to form the tense, including a set of common irregulars, and the three primary ways the tense/mood is used. Short self-quizzes are embedded along the way with an answer key
Your students will be able to learn some of the common irregular verbs in the Pretérito Imperfecto del Subjuntivo. It's in A4 size, perfect for printing, get it now for FREE!
Programa Aprende Español, Libro 3, Nivel Avanzado (Libro con material para el profesor y el alumno). Incluye:47 sesiones de clases 4 pruebas de nivelación con claves de corrección. 5 pruebas finales (una por cada tema cubierto). Cada una incluye planificación/ programación, láminas ilustrativas y ej
I have yet to upload my material for the more advanced levels such as Conditional, Por and Para, Imperfecto, etc. However, here is a very useful lesson to REVIEW the Subjuctive (Present). Esta lección es un repaso corto pero efectivo del Subjuntivo que tiene por objeto repasar lo aprendido. Me q
Imperfecto del subjuntivoIncluded in this packet you will find a link to a set of 25 digital task cards in Spanish (el imperfecto del subjuntivo) hosted by Boom Learning. Please see below for instructions and FAQ.Your students will practice identifying the uses of subjunctive, indicative and infini
vocabulario de vacaciones condicional del verbo gustar + imperfecto del subjuntivo de los verbos verbo ser y tener
Spanish speaking activity for a Spanish 3 or Spanish 4 class learning the imperfect subjunctive or el imperfecto del subjuntivo. This speaking activity is great for any level!*********************************************Spanish Imperfect Subjunctive Speaking Activity, "Llama Mía"Need a way to get yo
Don't you want your students to speak in class? This activity includes 56 questions for students to practice the imperfecto del subjuntivo. Print and cut the cards and have students choose a card randomly and answer the question. These can be used at the beginning of class as a arm-up or at the
This curriculum includes four PowerPoints and activities that cover the following: The future perfect, the pluperfect, present perfect, el presente del subjuntivo, el imperfecto del subjuntivo (both forms plus the Si clauses), el pluscuamperfecto del subjuntivo, and el potencial compuesto. ~ 21-slid

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