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Rooted in Reading September:  September Read Aloud Lessons and Activities
Calling all 2nd Grade Teachers who are ready to TRANSFORM their ELA block!  Rooted in Reading for 2nd Grade gives you everything you need to facilitate a love of reading in your classroom.  We’ve got lesson plans, activities, crafts, and printables that focus around a read-aloud story each week.  Th

Also included in: Rooted in Reading: The Bundle

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Morning Work-First Grade All Year Bundle
Create a great atmosphere in your classroom starting right at the beginning with your morning routine. Starting out the day right is so important as it sets the stage for the entire day. Having a morning routine in place is a great way to get your day started.MORNING WORK SUPER BUNDLE WILL INCLUDE A
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Resilience Park: Counseling Program To Build Resilience Skills
Children today need to develop strengths and acquire coping skills to bounce back from adversity and be prepared for challenging situations in life. Let’s face it - life can be tough! While it’s not possible to protect our children from all the tough stuff in life, we are able to equip them with the

Also included in: Resilience-Building Group Counseling Programs BUNDLE

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Notice it Name it Close Reading with  'Reading Across Texts' Protocol
'Notice it. Name it' are advanced close reading strategies that helps students identify important moments in fictional texts where author's hide deeper meanings.My 84 slide PowerPoint 'Notice It. Name It.' Unit provides for teachers a complete resource of how to deliver and model specific close r
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Molly's Pilgrim Common Core Aligned Activities
Molly's Pilgrim is a classic book for third and fourth graders. This unit includes Common Core aligned activities to help readers learn important vocabulary words, come to an understanding of the theme, explore the point of view of the story, and debate the importance of the setting. Students will e
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Bundle of Four Reading Lesson Plans Featuring the Arts  Constructed Response
Give your students lots of practice citing evidence with these four lessons! While each lesson focuses on an different literary technique, students are asked to look for details and cite evidence in constructed response in all four lessons! Teaching literary standards through the arts is a fresh a
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January Counseling Bundle
This counseling bundle is themed for January. You'll find great lessons in this bundle that you will be able to use over and over again all year! You may be able to use these lessons with upper elementary and high school students with some modification. It contains:✔ Following Directions - You
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I Survived! A Fictional Narrative Adventure! {CCSS Aligned}
I Survived! A Fictional Narrative Adventure! {CCSS Aligned} Many students love creating stories – but getting them to write a creative, focused story that follows the narrative structure can be quite a challenge! This engaging and exciting writing bundle includes 23 pages of resources that provide
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Bless Me Ultima Essay Prompts (8)
This bundle includes EIGHT essay prompts to use throughout the novel. I completed all these in-class, but they can be done outside of class as well. Prompt topics include: importance of setting, theme, religious significance, Antonio's changes, and more character analysis. Also includes a student
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Social emotional learning activities are important for setting the tone for a great school year. These activities on friendship, growth mindset and voice level expectations will help you build classroom community and get you off to a great start! Please see the preview for each resource to see ever
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Establishing Goals and Independent Practice
This is a great beginning of the year unit, but can be used any time, to establish the importance of setting goals. This helps students self-monitor to when they need help and how to choose independent activities. It was designed with then intent of using with math centers, but is easily adaptable
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Elementary Music Lesson Plans-Set #2 (Grades K-5)
This product contains 120 music lesson plans, 120 “lessons at a glance,” 62 original songs (with sound files), and 1,536 pages of additional resources for kindergarten-5th grade music students. Lessons meet the National Core Arts Music Standards! Each grade level comes with 20 lessons (for 50 to 60
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World Religion Lesson Set Activity & Informational Text, Comparing Religions
Now a complete unit bundle with scope and sequence, review, and assessment resources!Religion is such an important aspect of the development of a civilization! The resources in this set were designed to cover the key facts that will help build great discussions and a fundamental understanding of cul

Also included in: Ancient History Year in Curriculum Activity & Note Bundle Common Core Grades 5-8

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American Revolution Complete Unit Set
This American Revolution Complete Unit Bundle contains almost 30 amazing resources for a complete unit on the American Revolution! A Unit Plan file includes lesson plans for every day of the unit, plus video and online links.Included in the download are:Revolution Google Drive Notebook - an awesome

Also included in: American History MEGA Bundle Part 1: Exploration to Constitution

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STEM Challenges for the ENTIRE YEAR (16 Sets with Growth Mindset Partner Plays)
These STEM challenges are introduced to students with Fairy Tale Partner Plays. Each partner play incorporates Growth Mindset concepts to equip your students to take risks and embrace mistakes as part of the learning process! There are flip books for both growth mindset concepts and STEM concepts to
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Halloween Readers' Theater: A set of 3 scripts
Are you looking for something fun to do for Reading during the week of Halloween? This set of THREE Readers' Theaters will certainly spice things up! This BUNDLE contains three separate Readers' Theater scripts:1. Trick-or-Treat contains 9 parts (although you can easily split the narrator into tw

Also included in: Readers' Theater BUNDLE (a set of 33 scripts)

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Science Doodle 20 BUNDLE SET Grades 6 - 8, ALL YEAR, Fun and Engaging Notes
For a FREE SAMPLE to this SET try this: Density (FREE) - click here for free download! -Included in this SET: 20 Grade 6-8 Bundles!Click on Preview for a great view of all that you get in this HUGE Bundle!!Regular Priced Bundles are $7 X 19 (I give DENSITY for free) = $13325 % off $133 = $99________
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Vocabulary Curriculum First Grade Set 1
This eight-week vocabulary curriculum resource includes detailed vocabulary instruction, lesson plans, activities, discussions, word play games, digital and printable books, passages, vocabulary games, writing response printables for vocabulary and word application, word guides for the teacher, and

Also included in: First Grade Vocabulary Curriculum YEAR-LONG BUNDLE

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Vocabulary Curriculum Second Grade Set 1
This vocabulary curriculum set for second grade includes eight weeks of vocabulary instruction, lesson plans, activities, discussions, word play games, digital and printable books, passages, synonym and antonym sorts, writing response printables for vocabulary and word application, word guides for t

Also included in: Second Grade Vocabulary Curriculum YEAR-LONG BUNDLE

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Responsibility, Goal Setting, & Conflict Resolution - Social Emotional Learning
This responsibility SEL curriculum is teacher-approved and includes 6 detailed lessons filled with hands-on and mindful activities that teach children about responsibility, goal setting, peaceful problem solving, and anti-bullying.The lessons and activities work great for morning classroom meetings

Also included in: Social Emotional Learning, Social Skills, & Character Education Curriculum K-2

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Growth Mindset & SMART Goal Setting - Social Emotional Learning Curriculum
This Growth Mindset SEL curriculum includes 5 detailed lessons filled with hands-on and mindful activities that teach older kids about having a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset, the parts of the brain and that it can be changed, about mistakes and challenges, having grit, the power of yet, and

Also included in: Social Emotional Learning, Social Skills, & Character Education bundle 3-5

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Grade 4 Saskatchewan Social Studies Bundled Set (Complete)
This bundle of resources has now been completed and will give you lessons and learning activities, I can statements and a wealth of resource ideas for your entire year of Grade 4 Social Studies. The bundle includes:Unit 1 Part 1 - IN4.1, 4.2Unit 1 Part 2 - IN4.3Unit 2 Part 1 - DR4.1Unit 2 Part 2 -
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Kindergarten Vocabulary Curriculum Set 1
This kindergarten vocabulary resource includes eight weeks of vocabulary instruction, lesson plans, activities, discussions, word play games, digital and printable books, passages, mini-books for vocabulary application, illustrated response pages, word guides for the teacher, and assessments! The vo

Also included in: Kindergarten Vocabulary Curriculum YEAR-LONG BUNDLE

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Kindergarten Music Lesson Plans (Set #2)
This product contains 20 kindergarten music lesson plans, 20 “lessons at a glance,” 195 pages of resources to go with the lessons, and original songs with MP3 sound files! The lesson plans meet the National Core Arts Music Standards! Click on the preview to view 15 pages from this product.This produ

Also included in: Elementary Music Lesson Plans-Set #2 (Grades K-5)

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