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The following quiz is a 25-question multiple choice quiz on Christopher Nolan's 2010 science fiction heist drama "Inception" that stars Leonardo DiCaprio. The quiz can be used in an English, film studies, or media studies class and is not a trivia quiz about the story or production anecdotes; it is
This worksheet is meant to accompany showing the film "Inception" as a method of review for the States of Consciousness unit in a Psychology or AP Psychology course.Concepts applied include manifest/latent content, lucid dreaming, daydream themes (conquering hero/suffering martyr), sleep stages/slee
This film builds upon a student's comprehension level. It's main discussion points are a film's spatial and temporal relationship with the audience (how the filmmaker manipulates time and space). If you are reading a tricky storyline novel or literature piece, this film may be good to watch to help
Bundle includes a student guide and a teacher's guide. Student guide presents 5 task challenges focused on interpreting complex plot and ambiguious messages in the film "Inception" through examining allusion, metaphor, symbolism, and motifs. Activities are designed to engage students in higher leve
Wordsearch Puzzle sheet of keywords on the theme of ‘Inception Movie’.Powerpoint so can be used on the board or printed as a worksheet.Includes space for students to explain the keywords and suggested extension activities. Can take 10 minutes or an hour, depending on which activities the students co
Five questions surrounding analysis of cinematography in the film "Inception."
This powerpoint presentation will have EVERYTHING that you need to introduce and execute the Shark Tank Project to with students! Slides include "How to Coach the Sharks", "Refining the Art of the Pitch!" and "Setting the Stage to Engage" with a classroom transformation! I have included pictu
From its inception, the United States slowly expanded its borders in a seemingly inexorable march to the Pacific Ocean. This text covers the country’s geographic expansion from the Ohio Valley to the Pacific Ocean in fulfilling its “Manifest Destiny” during the first 60 years of the new American Rep
Since its inception in 1939, Batman has been a staple hero for more than 70 years. This success has been the result of a constant evolution that reflects the social, political and historical contexts, and the changing values, attitudes and beliefs of each era. Students will examine two key periods
I call this an "inception lesson." The template itself explains how to write the report, format the report in word or GoogleDocs, and shows students exactly what it should look like!****NOTE this is the PDF ONLY version. to purchase the google doc to share directly with students, please see "Samp
I call this an "inception lesson." The document itself explains how to write the report, format the report in word or GoogleDocs, and shows students exactly what it should look like!Share with students and they can edit the original document directly for their own report. It's *almost* foolproof!P
Comprehensive PowerPoint on the French Revolution; inception up to Napoleon Includes: - Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer Packet: five carefully constructed organizers - Teacher-created lecture notes: 24-pages of notes that go along with French Rev. Unit - Align with Common Core - A lot of coop
Tips for writing essays from brainstorming and inception to final editing stages.
This product provides foundational information about Christianity from its inception through the Roman Empire, the Crusades, and the Reformation. It is a great introduction or review for this topic. I have found that my students enjoy searching the web instead of the textbook.Students are directed t
This unit covers the evolution of civil liberties from the inception of the Magna Carta to the latest Supreme Court Cases. There are more than 150 slides and a detailed Student Workbook that offers students the chance to learn about important concepts such as "selective incorporation" to the "due p
Comprehensive PowerPoint/Unit Plan on the history of Japan: from inception through WWII Aligns with Common Core Includes a variety of literacy strategies Includes plenty of cooperative learning opportunities Includes DBQ Global Studies
Through this project, students will learn to take an idea from inception to execution, and to collaborate with their peers in meaningful work that is fun and engaging. Making games lets kids take charge of the learning process by engaging their passion and vision to create a tangible, playable, end
The 1948 Declaration of Human Rights has guided world politics since its inception, and thus should be taught in school. To help students break down the information, I have created a guided reading sheet. To model the sheet, I completed the introduction with them, and then had students work in pair
Use this PPT to discuss the Trans-Saharan trade routes from their inception in ancient times through the rise of the Songhai Empire in 1450. This PPT covers material from before 1200 (the start point for the new AP course) but this provides important context and gives students an understanding abou
Infographic shows the changing design of the Winter Olympics Torch since its inception in 1952. For use as a class poster or handout. This infographic was designed for media publishers, but made available to teachers so classes can be related to live news events. For further information: https://ww
Black women have served as a vital part of our society from its inception. In “Sankofa” you will be able to learn about just a few (of many) of the contributions of Black women throughout history. These strong women have excelled in every realm of society. From out of this world astronauts, multi-mi
viewing questions for the 2004 film, Finding Neverland, about J.M. Barrie and the inception of his play "Peter Pan". This viewing guide consists of questions that span several levels of Bloom's.
These Boom Cards trace the history of the Civil Rights Movement from the inception of slavery in 1619 through key moments in the 1960's. A non-fiction text spans most of the cards, with 4 multiple choice questions interwoven in the text. There are also two drag and drop comprehension activities an
This file includes all content needed over Georgia's Westward Expansion (SS8H4abc). Topics include UGA inception, Abraham Baldwin, Westward Expansion, Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, Atlanta, Headright System, Land Lotteries, Yazoo Land fraud, Eli Whitney, cotton gin, slavery, railroad

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