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Results for incomplete dominance genetics

91+ results

Thanksgiving Incomplete & Codominance Punnett Squares Worksheet

Created by
Schilly Science
Do your kids need some genetics / heredity practice with incomplete dominance and codominance? This adorable Thanksgiving themed genetics worksheet is a great reinforcement activity. Students will differentiate between incomplete dominance and codominance, decipher genotypes and phenotypes, and use Punnett Squares to determine the probabilities of offspring.Included in your purchase is a PDF file that includes TWO VERSIONS of the same 2-page worksheet and a 2-page answer key. One version present

Switched at Birth

Created by
Kendra Morse
A great fun way to end your genetics inheritance unit!This assignment is used as a summative assessment tool to tests the students ability to utilize Punnett squares with a variety of inheritance patterns: simple dominance, incomplete dominance, multiple alleles, co-dominance, sex-linked inheritance.


Created by
Brainiac Teacher
Student Biology Review: OVER 135 CONCEPTSMitosis, Meiosis, Genetics(Monohybrid, Dihybrid, Incomplete Dominance, Codominance, Blood Type, Sex-Linked, and Pedigrees), Replication, Transcription, Translation, Mutations, and Genetic Engineering...This Student Review Guide is Ready for Print and the KEY is included.

Incomplete Dominance and Codominance Quiz

This printable or digital resource is a 2 page genetics quiz on incomplete dominance and codominance. Each problem is accompanied by a Punnett Square for showing student work, as well as additional questions pertaining to each problem. The student will determine the genotypes of the parents, fill in the 4-box or 16-box Punnett square, and answer questions about each problem. Punnett squares are included on the quiz as well as adequate workspace for students to show their work. You can use th

Incomplete Dominance & Codominance Worksheet Bundle

Created by
Schilly Science
Do your kids need some genetics / heredity practice with incomplete dominance and codominance? These adorable genetics worksheets are great reinforcement activities with different seasonal options for any time of year. Students will differentiate between incomplete dominance and codominance, decipher genotypes and phenotypes, and use Punnett Squares to determine the probabilities of offspring.Any new incomplete & codominance worksheets that I create will be added to this bundle.Each product

"Monster Mash" Genetics Project (Mendelian and Nonmedelian Genetics)

Created by
This project was made for an 11th grade Biology class and covers genetics topics including monohybrid crosses, incomplete dominance and codominance, sex-linked traits, and pedigrees.

Incomplete Dominance and Codominance Worksheet 2.0

Created by
Jeffrey DeBlase
This is a fun worksheet that gives students an opportunity to practice genetics problems using incomplete dominance and codominance.

Punnett Square Review

Created by
iLearn Science
This is a paperless review of the many Punnett squares in the genetics unit. It includes the following:Dominant vs. Recessive TraitsHomozygous vs. HeterozygousGenotype vs. PhenotypeMonohybrid CrossDihybrid CrossIncomplete DominanceCodominanceBlood TypesSex Linked TraitsThis resource includes drag and drop activities. This is a great tool for a quick end of the unit review!

Genetic Inheritance Lab Station Quest

Created by
Pinecorn Studios
Behold! A comprehensive genetic inheritance activity with stations dedicated to the 6 classic modes of trait inheritance: Complete dominance, incomplete dominance, co-dominance, polygenic inheritance, multiple alleles, and sex-linked traits. All stations are represented with 6 task cards each, varying in type and difficulty of questions. This is a perfect review module for biology classes before a quiz or test on Medelian Genetics. They will get exposure to multiple Punnett squares, definition a

Genetics Test

Created by
Biology Mania
Genetics Test for a college preparatory class. Includes both a writing and scantron (multiple choice section). This test covers topics such as: Mendel, Mendelian genetics, Codominance, Incomplete Dominance, Dihybrid and Monohybrid crosses, Multiple Alleles and Blood Types, Pedigrees and Sex-Linked Traits

Genetic Counselor Fictional Case Study: Monster Mayhem: Story based/ PBL

Hello!I designed this as a project to follow in my unit after dihybrid crosses. This "review" project includes topics of Punnett squares, Mendelian genetics, Dihybrid crosses, genetic probability, incomplete dominance, and recessive and dominant genes. This is designed as a "case-study" where the student is in the role of the genetic counselor. The student must analyze information about the monster's genetics (provided in the file) to draw answers for the couple in genetic-counseling. Every prob

Genetics Unit Final Exam

Looking for a FREE Genetics Unit Test for your biology class? You have come to the right place!! Genetics Unit Test was designed to cover all of the major subjects covered in most genetics units. Topics includes mitosis, meiosis, incomplete dominance, complete dominance, Mendel's laws of genetics, Punnett squares, and pedigrees. Fill in questions 6 and 7 with your own pedigrees! This test contains 10 open response questions related to major topic covered in genetics. Use this test is perfect

Biology 1 Unit Test- Genetics and Heredity

This is a unit test for biology 1 that is appropriate for a CP or honors level introductory class. It has forty multiple choice questions and it uses model analysis and data analysis in many of the questions. The topics include meiosis, non-disjunction, Mendelian genetics, non-Mendelian genetics (linked genes, sex-linked, incomplete dominance, codominance, multiple alleles, etc). The questions can also be good for end of course review if your biology class has an EOC. This is editable so you can

High School Biology- Karyotyping Lab Activity!

This karyotyping lab activity allows students to cut out chromosomes and determine the genetic disorder eg. Klinefelter Syndrome.First Lesson on DNA Structure, Replication & Cell Cycle: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/DNA-Structure-Replication-Cell-Cycle-LESSON-PLAN-3176986Second Lesson on Mitoisis:https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Middle-and-High-School-Mitosis-FULL-lesson-plan-3176991Third Lesson on Meiosis: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/High-School-Meio

Biology- Unit Plans Daily Lesson Plans for the ENTIRE YEAR!

This is a great package that contains detailed lesson plans, labs, worksheets, handouts, scripted teacher notes, quizzes, assignments, tests for each unit! It is foolproof and requires little to no prep for the teacher for the entire length of the course/semester! The units covered include:1) Diversity of Living Things:https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/High-School-BiodiversityDiversity-of-Living-Things-ENTIRE-UNIT-3158217(taxonomy, dichotomous key, morphology, phylogeny, prokaryotes, e

Science Bell Ringers Vol. 5 (Editable Google Slides) | Google Classroom

Created by
Brilliant Dust
Stay organized this year! These no-prep bell-ringers/ warm-ups promote creative & critical thinking, review relevant subject matter content, and provide valuable structure to a class period or learning at home. This resource contains 30 writing prompts (6 weeks' worth of material) on the following topics: Meiosis (10 slides + title slide)Topics: autosomes, sex chromosomes, gametes, sex determination, diploid/haploid, homologous chromosomes, crossing over & mitosis vs. meiosisThe Central

Biology - Genetics - Escape Room Challenge

Created by
Blue Milk
Escape Room Time. This Challenge has 6 levels. Each level can only be unlocked when the previous level has been completed correctly. Included is the Excel document which self-checks. It will give a 4-digit code to open the lock and the lock will give a 6-digit code to unlock the next level. In addition is a pdf explaining how to use the excel file to complete. It is locked so that only the windows for answers can be inputted. This is a great assignment to assess students knowledge of the int


DescriptionYour students will be completely immersed in solving Punnett squares and seeing the outcomes of genetic crossings. This unit will keep students actively engaged by participating in a variety of hands-on, creative projects. Your students will have the opportunity to practice a variety of Punnett Squares. The topics of codominance and incomplete dominance are included. Students will practice these types of Punnett squares, with a variety of unique and varied outcomes. This unit also inc

Genetic Crosses Exam (Google Forms)

This google forms exam contains 100 multiple choice questions. These questions have a ready answer key and will automatically record student scores. This item may edited to suit your needs. It not only useful as an exam, but could also be used for a review activity or assignment. This activity may be used in a regular learning or remote learning setting. Save time by utilizing this online activity for your students.The concepts addressed in this exam include, but are not limited to:Mendel's Work
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