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This is a group activity designed to introduce the student to Graphing Linear Inequalities in Standard Form. In the activity, students work together in groups of 4 to determine where to shade the line. The line is already graphed for them and each student checks a point (each point conveniently loca
Students work in groups of 4 - each with a different colored pencil to graph Linear Inequalities in Slope-Intercept Form. Each student answers one question and then passes the paper. Questions include:determining if the line would be solid or dotteddetermining if the line would be shaded above or be
This is a collaborative and fun copy and paste activity on polynomial inequalities. In each slide students are given 4 similar problems as the problems increase in difficulty with each next slide. There are included inequalities with polynomials factored at the left side, inequalities where polynom
This group activity could be done in the physical classroom or in breakout sessions on Zoom or Google classroom.Each student will be responsible for a set of 6 problems applying the concepts you have taught in class. Together, the group will solve the logic puzzle based on clues that result from the
This is a class activity for groups. The class is shown a word problem (there are 4 in this file) and an inequality and asked if their inequality is true for the word problem and to defend their answer. I used this with my students and had better discussions than we usually have with other activit
This is an engaging and collaborative dinosaur themed group activity (groups of 2,3 or/and 4) on solving absolute value inequalities. In each slide partners are given four similar inequalities. Thus members of a group can work together and help each other with methods. The slides are 8 (a total of 3
This is an engaging and collaborative group activity ( for groups of 2,3 and/or 4) on solving one step inequalities. In each slide members of a group are given 4 similar problems. The slides with problems are eight (a total of 32 problems). The problems increase in difficulty with each next slide. T
Ready to go solving inequalities group activity for math lab, small groups, or full-class review activity. Students match one, two and multi-step inequalities with their solution and coordinating graphs. Student worksheet includes thought-provoking questions, analysis of problem solving strategie
Students will practice writing an inequality from a word problem, solving it, graphing it, and interpreting the solution. The catch is that they will be doing this in a group of 4 and only able to see what the person before them did. This activity makes them focus on solving the inequalities one st
6th - 8th
This includes four quadratic inequalities to graph. Each group needs four students. Each problem takes four steps to solve. One student in each group is in charge of completing one step. A student is to complete each step by the time they finish the four problems, meaning that one student can't
Print the document. Cut the document so that there are 6 problem cards. Split students into 6 groups. Give each group one problem. Have students put 1-6 on a piece of paper. Have them write an inequality for each situation on the problem card. Make sure they write the answer on their paper on
In this activity, students work in a group of 3 to create graphs of quadratic inequalities. Students should be familiar with graphing a parabola in standard form as well as graphing other inequalities on the coordinate plane in order to be successful with this activity.
9th - 12th
In this fun Interactive Google® Drive activity your students practice graphing inequalities of one variable on a number line. IncludedPDF with links to the product. You do not need to grant TpT access to your Google™ Drive or your school's Google Drive to use this product.Detailed illustrated instr
Ready to practice reading, writing and graphing inequalities in an interactive and engaging way that reaches your students through real-world situations? This Flippable Download includes: → Task Card Holder Label, Directions, Student Objective and Answer Key (sized for Task Card Holders) → 32 Task
I CAN Math Games are the perfect way to make math fun! This 6th Grade Math Game focuses on Equations and Inequalities with Variables, and Analyzing Relationships Between Two Variables, and provides students with practice in the form of multiple choice or short answer questions. QR codes (optional)
NEW! Now a part of the common core worksheet bundle: CLICK HERE :o) This worksheet focuses on the Math 7 Common Core Standard 7.EE.4 (mainly part b). With this worksheet, students will practice solving inequalities with integers only. Remember, we need to have students solve inequalities with rat
6th - 8th
Methods of Proving Triangles Similar Cut, Match and Paste Group Activity In this activity students are asked to examine 14 sets of triangles to determine if they are being shown similar by Side-Side-Side (SSS), Side-Angle-Side (SAS), or the Angle-Angle (AA) methods. Some figures appear to be repre
This bundle covers the ENTIRE British Columbia Social Studies Curriculum - Grade 6 Unit: Global Issues and Governance. It has 2 types of products: Reading Comprehension Passages and Activity Worksheets. There are 9 products included and over 150 pages total in this bundle. The following topics/elabo
Use this fun activity to give students a real world connection to inequalities. It’s a great introductory activity! Students will practice translating words into inequalities. Background information: When a building is constructed, it must be up to code. One set of codes is known as the ADA Codes,
6th - 7th
There are three mazes included in this product each of varying difficulty. Students will solve multi-step inequalities that involve two or more steps, the distributive property and variables on both sides. In addition, there are some inequalities that require students to combine like terms and fli
7th - 10th

Also included in: Math Mazes BUNDLE

I CAN Math Games are the perfect way to make math fun! This 7th Grade Math Game focuses on Solving and Graphing Inequalities with Word Problems, and provides students with practice in the form of multiple choice or short answer questions. QR codes (optional) make this game even more interactive as
This one-step inequalities activity is an excellent way to reinforce and review introductory one-step inequalities lessons. They can be used for individual work or for group work. This activity is also perfect for math centers and rotating math stations. Preparing the cards is simple: just cut the
5th - 7th
This resource is just what you need when teaching or reviewing inequalities. You will find the activities easy to use, and they make inequalities more engaging. Differentiate and scaffold based on student readiness levels.In this resource you will find: ♦ Inequality Mini PosterThis mini poster can b
This foldable provides organized notes & practice writing & graphing inequalities. There are a total of 12 problems within the foldable, asking students to graph the solutions on the number line or write and solve a one-step inequality. This foldable is PERFECT for interactive math noteboo

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