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Ahoy! Thar's different ways to teach Systems 'o Equations 'n Inequalities. Take a voyage with me! (NOTE: This project is not written in English it is written in PIRATE). In this 21st Century Math Project, students work develop their graphing linear equations and inequalities skills through three different pirate adventures. There is a basic graphing linear equation assignment, a graphing systems of equations assignment and a graphing systems of inequalities project. A pirate crew must navigate t
This is a project that brings one-variable inequalities to real-life. The student surveys six different groups of people and turns the results into 6 different inequalities (<, >, less than or equal to, greater than or equal to, =, and not equal to). Directions for the student, a grading rubric, directions for the teacher, and a finished example are all included.Can be finished in one class period (after students have gathered their data) or completed outside of class for extra credit. Dow
6th - 8th
Count the calories, make a fitness plan, watch weight, and practice linear inequalities in this 21st Century Math Project. Students will use real world authentic calorie data from common foods, popular fast food restaurants and also will use calorie burning measurements in a variety of activities. Students will look at meals and exercise in a completely different way as they help a cast of characters make dietary choices, plan meals and choose physical activities to remain fit. Although students
Inequalities is a new topic to grade 6 because of the new common core. Test your students knowledge of inequalities using this creative summative performance assessment. Use it as an inequality test or project. Keep them interested with this fun and real world application of inequalities. Students will make a brochure for their own amusement park. They create rides and complete tasks on the inequalities they have learned about. Document Includes: Project Directions, Brochure Template, Stud
Solving and Graphing InequalitiesInequality Project - Graphing Inequalities - Solving InequalitiesStudents work independently on this tiered algebra assignment to write an inequality, solve, create an “image”, and make a graph to match the inequality. If students do not know how to solve inequalities yet, no problem! There is a direction page and project rubric for a simple version of the project as well. The solving and graphing inequalities projects can be created and submitted electronical
This group project is an investigation, both globally and in the United States, of the inequalities in Income, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, & Age. Students explore 5 different topics inside of each inequality, comparing the inequalities in the United States to the World, and examining the history of the inequality. Project includes a very specific rubric for grading/scoring. Rubric is divided in 3, scoring for an individual paper, the group depth and clarity of presentation and the group cr
9th - 12th, Higher Education
Practice modeling multistep linear inequalities in this 21st Century Math Project which asks students to compute and consider ramifications of carbon emissions. Students will use real world emissions data from transportation and food creation. The unit will tie together in an epic Amazing Race style showdown to see who can make it across the country with the lowest footprint. Students will look at transportation and food in a new way as they help characters make choices about their lifestyle. Al
A creative activity for applying systems of linear equations or inequalities to real world scenarios. This project allows students to be creative while exploring systems. I have used it the past couple of years in my 8th grade Algebra I class and am always pleased with the projects and creativity of the students. The project has two versions: Systems of Equations or Systems of Inequalities In either version, students are given the option of making a poster, powerpoint/video, or folder abou
The purpose of this project is for students to relate linear functions and inequalities to events in their daily lives. By completing this project, they will have a deeper understanding of how linear functions can be used to solve problems and make predictions in meaningful real-world situations. An easy grading rubric is included along with examples of excellent student work.
8th - 12th
Students will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of absolute value inequalities in a real-world setting by performing the following: •Define absolute deviation•Research a type of product and record the various prices•Find the mean of the prices•Create and solve an absolute value inequality based on the mean price and the absolute deviation•Graph the results on a number line•Analyze the results•Record all of the above information in a Google Slide PresentationINCLUDES:Note to Teacher (
Humans have been eating insects since prehistoric times. Although in some world regions, including America, it is considered taboo, the reality is 1,000 species of insects are eaten in over 80% of countries in the world. Insects are a dietary staple in regions of Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin America.In this 21st Century Math Project, you will be given a mapping to the Content Standards, an outline for how to implement the project, 2 assignments and one project for students to use. ***THIS PRO
Thanksgiving Project - Grocery Store - Writing, Solving Inequalities & Writing, Solving Systems of Equations - Printable & Digital Math Project Based Learning Activity (EDITABLE). Use this project in your classroom to have your students incorporate critical thinking, and Real World Thanksgiving Math in a fun way.It is a math project designed for students to complete independently or with a group. Each group/student may get different problems or each can get them all.Students have to ship
"When will I ever use this?" The famous question asked by every Algebra student. Give your students a REAL application of systems of inequalities with this mini project!When textbook application problems aren't cutting it to spark your students' interest these "When Will I Ever Use This" mini projects will give them the real life application they are craving to know. From doctors, to accountants, to business owners, and beyond, algebra is used everyday by a variety of professionals. Profession:
This is a four page project that is focused on compound inequalities. It is based on creating data from movie time lengths from the 70's-00's. It is a cute activity and our students loved it! We were able to incorporate it into our Reading classes, as well! This could be used as an in-class assignment, or a short out of class project.
7th - 10th
Students will first examine a model company working to maximize profits within certain supply, demand and cost constraints. They will then create their own company and their own constraints. They will find the solutions to a systems of linear functions in order to maximize their own profits.
This project allows students to practice graphing systems of linear inequalities to create a picture made up of shaded areas. Includeds detailed directions and a grading rubric. I provided my students with graph paper to do their draft on, then large poster size grid paper to do their final project. Students worked in groups of 2 to 4.
8th - 11th
This activity has been created on google slides for my 6th-grade resource/co-teaching classroom. Students will review the first two slides of notes on inequality keywords and graphing inequalities (they can refer back to this as they work). The next two slides are an example of how to complete this activity. In this activity, students will determine and write real-world inequality examples. They will then have to write the inequality for their scenario and complete an inequality graph (an option
6th - 9th
Get your students creating, up engagement, and rigor with this board game project and Rubric. Clear and concise directions for students to create a board game with a math focus on equations and inequalities. Take a day and have the students play the created games and provide critiques back to the creator. Use this for your next Project Based Assessment!!!
5th - 10th, Adult Education
This review project consists of four tasks under the theme of escaping from an alien ship. The student must solve word problems to climb a ladder, scale the pyramid of like terms, navigate the equations maze, and decode the inequalities code to escape the ship and complete the project. Works as a stations activity, in small groups, or individual assignments. Review equations and inequalities with ease!Terms of UseCopyright © Nemecek Learning Academy. All rights reserved by author. This product i
7th - 9th

Also included in: Pre-Algebra Project BUNDLE!

First, students will need to make sure all inequalities are in y-intercept form (y = mx + b). Then students will graph five distinct linear inequalities on the same coordinate place. These inequalities vary in type of line (solid or dotted) and are shaded either above or below the line based on the sign. When finishes, students will see a star. The fun is in choosing the colors themselves so each design is different. Perfect for art to hang in the classroom! Solutions included.
This project involves the calculation and graphing of linear inequalities in 2 variables including the determination of various properties for these types of lines. This topic is typically studied in my Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and Math 1 classes. I have my math students complete this project toward the end of the unit on linear inequalities. It is an excellent way to review the characteristics of these lines prior to taking any unit test or assessment on linear inequalities. The table of conte
Assignment pages for students to sketch a house using a system of inequalities.
8th - 10th
This project is rooted in Project Based Learning best practices. It asks students to think about economic inequality in their local city or town, review real proposed solutions, and act as a politician making suggestions to solve the issue. This project works great when paired with a local election, but can work any time of the year and is highly customizable. I have used this project as an interdisciplinary collaboration across history and ELA class; however, it could be applicable for a wide r
This project includes 4 real world situations. Students write the inequality, solve the inequality, and graph the inequality. Students then answer 3-6 questions about each situation to apply their knowledge. All keys are included with explanations.ATTENTION: Preview does not work on Safari for some reason. The preview is the entire PDF, minus answer keys, and can be seen and downloaded on google chrome.
6th - 8th
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