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Are you looking for more interesting nonfiction texts to keep your students engaged? These no prep, leveled nonfiction passages are designed to ignite lively classroom debates while building a wide variety of vocabulary and comprehension skills. This highly engaging resource is differentiated and ha
Practice social inferences and basic social understanding with these 30 pictures. Each page includes 1 picture and a short space for students to explain their social inferences. These are specially designed for middle and high school students, with photos of older kids.Digital VersionRevised to incl
Are you looking for interactive ways to teach middle and high school students about understanding social cues and making social inferences? Are your students in speech therapy or social skills less than excited about most social skills activities? It's time to try Boom cards for social skills!
This is a bundle for high school students for an INFERENCING unit of study.It would definitely work great for distance learning during this difficult time!✤ This is the first unit I do, during the first week of every English class, because it's so important for students to be actively reading and ma
This is an inferencing activity that I use with my high school students.Every year, inferencing is the first unit of any English class I teach, because it's critical for students to learn the skill of active reading - and always making connections, and reading between the lines for meaning.This asks
Two class periods devoted to inferring the story inside art pieces - it's a short time with big results. Kids practice creativity, building a narrative, and using fact-based inference skills. Their enjoyment will enhance the powerful effect of the lessons. Included: Narrative Writing prompts, bookma
This is what I teach my grade 10 and junior high school students to teach "inferencing skills" every year, as our first mini unit, the help them work on their analysis skills.The inferencing unit teaches students how to actively read and use their PAST KNOWLEDGE + context clues to make sense of what
Distance learning activity for google slides™/google classroom. Social and behavior skills for teens. Social emotional learning skills for middle and high school students.This is the google slides™ ONLY activity of my interactive PDF and print activity here: Interactive digital social and behavior i
6th - 12th
Middle & High School Speech Therapy Inferencing Activities. Items included in this product are:- LOTS of Inference Explanations + Visuals- Making Inferences in WH-Questions (Who, What, When, Where) + in Text Explanation + VisualsNO-PREP Practice Questions + Activities - Making Inferences with Vo
5th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Included are 18 scenario cards to help target inference goals for the middle and high school population.Students will read the cards and use the clues to figure out WH's (where/what/when/why/who) and feelings of the characters. A follow-up activity would be to have students write their own inference
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Your students will get plenty of practice in "reading the room" using YouTube videos showing scenes from popular shows where the character is simply NOT reading the room well!Many of my students really struggle with this. Yes, they can now make inferences about an individual's thoughts or feelings u
This download contains one engaging activity to increase inference skills in middle school and high school classrooms. This fun activity can be used as individual assessments or as group projects. They make for meaningful and productive classroom discussions. Best part? This activity can be used for
Inference is a skill widely taught on all levels. Yet, the importance of this skill will be used in our lives and live for a lifespan. Students must practice this skill in order to become proficient. The poems enclosed are contained in my chap book entitled, "Sparkle." This lesson has been design
High interest, low reading ability, fiction reading comprehension developed for older, struggling readers. Stories with a twist in the tail and step-by-step understanding to improve comprehension and inference skills.This story has a Flesch Reading Ease of 84.0Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 3.7So many
Inferencing is the first unit in every high school English class I teach, and this works simple sheet really well with various activities.The students are provided with printed photographs (there's two options in my shop for a PPT with these images, or print your own) that they fill out this sheet b
Check out this inferencing packet using an excerpt from Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens. What's included:Common Core StandardsTips for Comprehension HandoutExcept from Barnaby Rudge By Charles DickensFirst Impression worksheetPhrase-by-phrase breakdown worksheetsFinal Look worksheetTeacher Answer
As reading becomes more complex, many high school students lose confidence in their ability to comprehend and may become reluctant, unengaged readers. Reinforcing complex reading skills for high school students gives them the tools to advance with the complexity of the texts they should master.This
This assignment gives word problems for students to infer the outcomes. Students will have to use context and clues from the paragraph to make inferences as to explain what is happening.There are 4 different sets so students can work in groups of 4, then share their results and thinking.
8th - 10th
Digtial Interactive PDF BUNDLE for social skills for TEENS social emotional distance learning. GOOGLE SLIDES OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR ALL OF THE ACTIVITIES WITHIN THE BUNDLEA social skills bundle for teens (middle and high school) for social emotional learning. Included are 3 different activities that
7th - 10th
Print and no print digital PDFs and Google slides for Google Docs/google classroom social skills activities for teens distance learning. Being a middle and high school student and teen is tough enough. Having to learn, understand/follow social rules and have good social skills makes it even tougher
Christmas Shopping Inferences is a great way to target problem solving and critical thinking with Christmas Spirit in your Speech Room! Each student is presented with a description of a person they might know in their family or community. Given "clues" about each person's interests or likes, your s
This product is designed to strengthen a student's testing vocabulary throughout an entire school year, with one word used per week (with a total of 40 words) in a regular classroom, speech therapy room, ESL/ELL room, or Title I room. This is appropriate for upper elementary, middle school, and hig
Teen level topics with language support, now with a link for an editable student Google slide version for distance learning/ teletherapy! Do you have problems finding appropriate materials for solving problems with your older special needs students? If the level is right, the problems may be too you
Nonfiction Article of the Week Club, Article #8-20: When High School Football Turns DeadlyTeach reading informational text standard RI.8.1, Citing Text Evidence, Including Literal Comprehension and Drawing Inferences, with this article about the dangers of high school football injuries, specifically

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