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Initial Consonants Worksheet
This worksheet helps student practice identifying initial consonants within a short story. Initial Consonants by Jenna Festa is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

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Beginning Blends Worksheets (Fun Worksheets for Initial Consonant Blends)
Beginning Blends Worksheets (Fun Worksheets for Initial Consonant Blends)7 different beginning blends worksheets where students cut and paste the pictures to the correct blend. These are simple yet effective learning worksheets. All 7 are provided in both full color and also in black and white that

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Initial Consonant Blends - Worksheet Package - Multisensory
Fun Worksheet Tasks including cut & paste, sorting, drawing, sentence construction, and writing. Each Unit has 5 extra pages with fun writing prompts for your high flyers and early finishers. Includes practice with 6 words for each two-letter blend and three words for each three-letter blend.

Also included in: Blends BUNDLE ~Word Wall, Word Work, Activities, and Punchers


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CV Word Car Mats for Apraxia and Initial Consonant Deletion
These CV Word Car Mats are designed to provide picture cueing for students who are just starting to put consonant-vowel sounds together or who exhibit initial consonant deletion. The mats help students put early developing consonants together with vowels to form real words. The highly motivating car

Also included in: CV Words Activities Bundle for Apraxia and Articulation


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Initial Consonant and Short Vowel Word Sorts
Word sorts are an effective and efficient way of teaching reading and spelling skills. Work with students in small groups or have students complete word sorts independently. Word sorts with pictures prompt student to think about the sound at the beginning of each word! The visuals and routine based

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Phonics Multiple Choice Task Cards (Initial Consonant Blends) LEVEL 2A
Vocabulary Task Cards: Learn basic comprehension and "process of elimination" strategies while practicing decoding skills (initial consonant blends). OPTIONS 1) Print for use as a worksheet. 2) Print and cut into individual work cards (48 cards) 3) Print, cut into individual work cards and lamin

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I-Spy Initial Consonant Sounds Distance Learning
I Spy sheets can be used for distance learning. Show students a page and let them find objects. You can mark with annotating tools as objects are located. There are a fun no-prep activity for learning initial consonant sounds. I use them in individual lessons and as homework for my youngest student

Also included in: Letters, Sounds, and CVC Words: A Learning to Read Bundle


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Minimal Pairs, Phonology, Initial Consonant Deletion, Articulation
Minimal pairs are an effective method for teaching students to discriminate sounds receptively and expressively. The goal of this packet is to let the student see how changing sounds will result in changes in word meaning that impacts communication. Real life activities provide motivation within t

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Minimal Pairs Interactive Book: Initial Consonant Deletion
This interactive book works on reduction of the phonological process of Initial Consonant Deletion in a fun and silly way. This book uses minimal pairs and silly pictures to teach students that omitting the first sound of the word changes the meaning.This product is part of a money saving bundle!8 i

Also included in: Minimal Pairs Mega Bundle


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The Blend Buddies - Initial Consonant Blend Activities
Activities with initial consonant blends including fl-, cl-, sk-, br- and tr-. Here's what's inside.. Anchor Chart An Original Story Starring the "Blend Buddies" Blend Buddies Missing letters Recording Sheets for Story Color a Blend Highlight a Blend Spin a Blend Game Word Sort Cards, Sorting Mats

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Word Work - Initial Consonant Blends Set 1
All of the activities and words in this pack use: Initial Consonant Blends with Short Vowels. Included in this product: Word Lists – The 35 words are displayed on lists that can be cut and used as you need. When cut apart, you will have 6 short lists. The last two have more challenging words. G

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Smartboard Interactive Initial Consonants with sound and flash
This is a Smart Notebook 11 interactive file (15 pages) on initial consonants. Pg 1-2 Click on the picture that starts with the letter shown (includes sound and correct or incorrect answer) Pg 3-4 Click on the picture with the beginning letter (includes sound) Pg 5-6 Sorting words starting with B

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Word Work - Initial Consonant Blends Set 2
Here is another set of words and activities using the initial consonant blends and short vowels. Included in this product: Word Lists – The 35 words are displayed on lists that can be cut and used as you need. When cut apart, you will have 6 short lists. The last two have more challenging words.

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Trunks and Elephants: An Initial Consonant Deletion (ICD) Game & Activities
"Trunks and Elephants" is a fun and engaging preschool game for targeting the phonological process of initial consonant deletion of bilabial sounds (/p/, /m/, and /b/). The visualization of adjoining the elephant’s "trunk" and adding the word's initial “nose sound" assists in improving your student'

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Orton-Gillingham NO PREP Word & Sentence Dictation Initial Consonant Blends
Thank you so much for purchasing this time-saving Orton-Gillingham NO PREP Word & Sentence Dictation for Initial Consonant Blends! I think you will find it very beneficial in your weekly OG planning, as the Word & Sentence Dictation worksheets and assessments are extremely neat, efficient, r

Also included in: Orton-Gillingham NO PREP Word & Sentence Dictation for Blends BUNDLE


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Cut and Paste Initial Consonant Sounds
This is a great activity to use when teaching Kindergarten or First grade beginning consonant sounds. Every consonant, with the exception of X, is represented visually as well as in written form. Each activity comes with a set of twelve sound cards. There are six matching sound cards for each ac

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Foundations for Reading: Teaching Initial Consonant Sounds J-R
This resource is great for teaching/reinforcing initial consonant sounds J-R. This kit includes: A Flash Card Set (consonants J-R) A Sorting Board with adjustable sorting board letters. (Directions included) Sorting picture cards and letter cards Bingo Board (students can fill in their personal b

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Initial Digraphs Worksheets & Activities (No-Prep Phonics Worksheets)
These initial digraphs worksheets are perfect for your phonics word work centers. They focus on initial digraphs with short vowels and include 87 NO PREP printables to practice initial digraphs. The digraphs in this set of phonics worksheets include: SH, CH, TH, and WH. PH is not included. The di

Also included in: Digraphs Worksheets & Activities (No-Prep Phonics Worksheets)


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Initial Consonants - Drag and Drop BOOM Task Cards {NO PREP!}
This Boom Deck has 42 paperless, NO PREP, drag and drop digital task cards WITH SOUND. This deck will allow your students to practice identifying the beginning sound in words displayed as pictures. Perfect for even your English Language or Low Language Learners lacking much vocabulary... they simply

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Initial Consonant Sounds-Center Activity
These word family cards can be printed and copied to use in skill groups or literacy centers. They also help with spelling and writing. Each page has 2 word families on it that can be cut apart to make 8 different cards. Once they are laminated the cards can be used over and over again with dry e

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Minimal Pairs Bundle 2: Initial Consonant Deletion, Voicing, R/L Blends,
Bundle and Save Minimal pairs are an effective method for teaching students to discriminate sounds receptively and expressively. The goal of this packet is to let the student see how changing sounds will result in changes in word meaning that impacts communication. Real life activities provide mot

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Orton-Gillingham Sounds: Initial Consonant Blend Packet
Blends Bonanza! Take this Initial Consonant Blend Packet and throw in some multisensory tools and it is all you will need to introduce or review blends! I have included blend sound cards (all 2 and 3 letter initial blends) and word ending cards to combine with blends to make words (real or nonsense)

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Initial Consonant Fun: Sorts, Bingo, Scoot
•Seven colorful pages of sort cards, 3 pictures for each consonant (2 for “X”). Black and white set included as well. Great literacy center activity. Differentiate by pulling out the consonants you need, or use the entire sort. •Initial consonant Bingo game, with cut-apart cards for the caller and 8

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Initial Consonant Blend Sort
Looking for a way to get students differentiating between consonant blends? These initial consonant blend sorts are perfect for word work! Cut, sort, and glue initial consonant blend words.Multiple pages included for these consonant blends: st-/sp-bl-/br-cl-/cr-gl-/gr-fl-/fr-pl-/pr-sc-/sk-These p

Also included in: Phonics Sort BUNDLE


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