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In this lab, students will construct a model to help them determine: 1. Changes in the angle of insolation at a given latitude over the course of a year 2. Differences in the angle of insolation on the same day at different latitudes 3. Latitude receiving direct rays This lab has helped my studen
Assessment task used to measure students ability to come up with a claim then support it with evidence and reasoning. This task gives students data, and they use the data to come up with their claim, give evidence and reasoning. In addition students come up with evidence and reasoning against a giv
6th - 12th, Higher Education
This lesson was designed to facilitate a better understanding of the angle of insolation and its effect of temperatures on Earth. In a quick 15 minute experiment students gain a very concrete understanding of how the angle of insolation directly correlates with the intensity of the Sun’s rays using
This lab is for students to use in a remote setting. How does the angle of the Sun’s rays affect the rate of heating?Angle of insolation refers to how high the Sun is over the horizon. In this activity you will describe the relationship between temperature and the angle of insolation and how it rela
7th - 10th
The following file contains a PDF version of a SAMRT Notebook Note Template for the unit that I created and continually updated after teaching Earth Science in New York State for 10 years. If you have access to a SMART Board or display and students have laptops, this is a perfect template highlighti
The following includes a two-day lesson plan on the topic of Earth's seasons and the cause for the differences in the amount of daylight hours, insolation, and seasonal changes as they relate to the position of the sun in the sky throughout the year. Students have several activities to complete whic
This is a complete set of practice questions for students to use in preparation for a test or quiz on the topics of apparent motion, the seasons,End insulation.  This is a great way for students to practice Regents style questions as well as prep for an exam in a structured and effective way. The qu
An article worksheet with 14 questions on the topic of the changes to the intensity of insolation at various positions on the globe. Students use two graphs/diagrams to engage in learning. Answer key included
7th - 12th
This worksheet has 22 Earth Science Regents questions about intensity of insolation. Questions relate to seasonal changes in angle of insolation, duration of insolation, and location of direct rays. This makes a great homework sheet or in-class review. An editable Word document for this worksheet i
This Gallery Walk makes use of graphics, text, and climate data to show students the effects of the angle of insolation (solar radiation) on climate. Students will be required to make observations and inferences based on the information found at each station. They will travel to 6 different location
If you have an observation, this mini-lesson will impress your principal. The 23 PowerPoint slides are just the right amount for the mini-lesson part of your entire lesson. Every slide contains samples from songs, movies, television, and/or sound effects. The transitions between slides all ha
The Earth's temperature is driven by angle of insolation. This is a fairly simply concept: the sun's light does not strike the surface at a right angle in most locations. Rather, it strikes it at an oblique angle, and it is this angle that causes different areas to experience different temperatures.
6th - 12th, Higher Education
This zip file contains many different activities (61 pages of student handouts and a 2 PowerPoints with a total of 138 slides) which can be used to compose a unit involving Insolation and the Seasons. Concepts addressed but not limited to include the insolation interactions with the earth's surface,
NO FLASH REQUIRED! DURATION OF INSOLATION VIRTUAL LAB SIMULATION is a step-by-step online lab. Students will explore how the tilt of the Earth plays a role with seasons and how the hours of daylight change with each season. This is an excellent interactive lab activity for remote or in-classroom
Students will utilize Google Slides with embedded notes and diagrams to learn about the different layers of the atmosphere and how the Sun’s energy interacts with our planet. * If you teach in NYS, this lesson incorporates the atmosphere diagram on page 14 of the ESRT.
6th - 9th
This seven page activity uses simulated data (with graphics) from the Astronomy Education website at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln to help students relate the angle of insolation at different latitudes to the intensity of solar insolation. Data is provided to assist teachers and students w
8th - 11th
These are the guided student notes that accompany The Ultimate Insolation Mini-Lesson. Important words and vocabulary are left blank for students to follow. This way, the students write the important words and can listen to the rest of the lesson, This pdf includes auto-fill blank boxes so no
Presentation includes discussions on: - Definition of Insolation - Earth's energy budget (% of what's absorbed, reflected, radiated and conducted throughout the atmosphere) - Major factors affecting insolation (angle of incidence, Earth's surface characteristics (materials, colours, texture), intera
This presentation is to help students do the Angle of Insolation Lab for Earth Science. This is the lab where you use thermometers and heat lamps at different angles to see how temperature is at different latitudes. Vocab terms: Insolution, rotation, revolution, intensity and rate of change. Easy to
8th - 10th
This worksheet has 19 Earth Science Regents questions about duration of insolation. Questions relate to how the duration of insolation changes by season and by latitude. This makes a great homework sheet or in-class review. An editable Word document for this worksheet is included. -----*-----*---
It is a perfect review and reinforcement tool that is a two-page worksheet on angle of insolation. It stresses on why it is hot in areas around the Equator and colder in the areas around the Poles, how to find angle of insolation using shadows, how the angle matters when Sun's rays hits the Earth's
Three page lab where students measure the temperature of thermometers angled at 30/90 degrees. Use heat lamps just about 18 inches away. Students then graph and answer questions. Relate this to how season are created by the tilt of the earth's axis. The lab involves the vocabulary: rotation,revoluti
8th - 9th
Print-ready "insolation, weather, and climate" unit vocabulary strips for classroom use! Words are displayed on long strips with definitions, examples, memory tips, and paired images/graphics. If the term corresponds with an ESRT page, it is indicated. What better way to practice studying with a
This file contains a compilation of 134 NYS Regents questions on the topic of 'Insolation at the Earth's Surface', These are multiple choice questions. There is a total of 36 pages (including answer key).Sub-topics and breakdown of questions:Angle/Shadow:There are a total of 68 questions.Duration:Th

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