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Graphic organizer intended to go with Religions of China PowerPoint. It can be used during the presentation of after as a worksheet! Students review information about Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism.The Religions of China PowerPoint is also available at out store!_________________________________
Students complete this either during or after reading the Inca PowerPoint or Inca Printable Notes posted. Students answer key concepts questions about the rise and the decline Inca Empire. Can be used as a graphic organizer or guided practice homework activity._______________________________________
This is a fun activity that has students analyze the varying perspectives of the Aztec people and the Spanish Conquistadors though a primary source Aztec pictograph. Students can either make a "cut out shadow silhouette" or "black" out the shadow with marker. Both options have examples and picture i
Students create their own cut-out character doll that shows accomplishments and ideas of scientists during the Scientific Revolution. This mini-project is fun and easy to do with a template paper doll.Includes an example!This assignment fits perfectly with the Scientific Revolution Notes andGraphic
This is a one pager of concise notes covering the geography, religions, key leaders, resources, and economies of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. Students then can use the notes to create a folding project about the most important leaders (Mansa Musa, Sundiata, Askia the Great) and accomplishments of West
This product has been completely revised and check for understanding questions have been added! This is a great, dynamic and concise PowerPoint that has interesting visuals.The notes detail the geography, achievements, social classes, leadership and contributions government/republicanism, economy an
This is a 27 page awesome PowerPoint that covers all of the major standards for the Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties. It was recently revised to include key check for understanding questions! The PowerPoint also has a handout available for the five dynasties of Medieval China also posted. T
This PowerPoint was recently completely redone with new graphics and check for understanding questions. It covers important key figures of the Enlightenment including Baron de Montesquieu, Beccaria, John Locke, Voltaire and Mary Wallstoncraft. We also have a printable notes and fill-in-the-blank gra
This is a common core worksheet or graphic organizer used with the Aztec PowerPoint also posted. I have it both as a graphic organizer during the presentation or as a a worksheet to be done after notes. This covers all of the key points of the PowerPoint and is a great way for students to process th
This notes and fill-in-the-blank graphic organizer comes in both a printable and Google Ready version. It covers important key figures of the Enlightenment including Baron de Montesquieu, Beccaria, John Locke, Voltaire and Mary Wallstoncraft. It also has a recently updated Enlightenment Thinkers Pow
This interactive lesson teaches students how Mayan hieroglyphics evolved over time! Students defend claims with evidence from the text and write reasoning in an engaging writing guide. Then, students write in hieroglyphics like the Maya. They learn how to write the word "jaguar" and then write a wo
Snap chat is the second largest app being used today and its user base is surpasses Instagram. In these two pre-formatted Common Core worksheets students create an engaging Snap Chat Story on an iPhone template. Students detail his major accomplishments in a life story. They draw pictures and suppor
This lesson is easy to teach and engaging. Students first read about the Maya solar and religious calendars. They learn how the calendars worked and what the Maya used them for. Then, students answer main idea and claim, evidence, reasoning based questions. At the end of the assignment, students use
Students first read about key figures during the Protestant Reformation in a two-page cloze note format. They fill-in key vocabulary in a graphic organizer that accompanies the notes. Then, students create a leaflet by Martin Luther that details his accomplishments and his beliefs about church corru
This is a great, concise set of notes with interesting visuals. It includes a graphic organizer that includes key common core vocabulary for social sciences. The notes detail the rise and decline of the Maya including Palenque, trade, achievements, religion, Pacal, government and the eventual myster
This is a great Common Core primary source activity that is accessible for students. Two-page notes on key explorers, a graphic organizer, a primary source quote page and an answer key are all included. The notes relay the good, bad and ugly parts of exploration of the Americas. The following explor
This activity is student-centered and literacy and writing focused! First, students read a brief history of the famous Alexander the Great. Then, they analyze some of his more controversial accomplishments and evaluate his "greatness". Next, students formulate an opinion and use his accomplishments
This assignment is fun and will get your students thinking critically about the Ancient Indian caste system brought by the Aryans. First, students read a brief history of the caste system. Then, they compare the school staff to the Ancient Indian Caste system by creating their own school staff pyram
This is both a printable notes and graphic organizer or a Google Ready slide graphic organizer that explains feudal Japan's military society. Notes include references of the Heian period, the Mongols, and why protection was needed in this era. It's a simple graphic that effectively explains the esse
This is creative, easy to implement and FUN! Students create a music playlist with an iPod or iPhone template provided that shows the accomplishments and ideas of scientists during the Scientific Revolution. Each scientist can be covered or analyzed by creating a song title and album name about his/
Recently revised with MORE primary source documents, this is a great PowerPoint with tons of interesting visuals. It details the rise and decline of the Aztecs. Students are asked to evaluate different artwork of the era from both the Aztecs and Spaniards. Check for understanding questions have also
This 22 slide PowerPoint covers the religions of China in a fun mnemonic device format. It includes Taoism (Daoism), Confucianism, and Buddhism. Three multiple choice check for understanding questions are at the end of the presentation. Students fill out a graphic organizer titled Religions of China
This activity is FUN, current, engaging and Common Core!Students create a Sumerian King Instagram post that asks them to analyze characteristics and achievements of a chosen famous king like Hammurabi, Sargon, or Shulgi. They draw the king and describe what he would most likely be doing based on wha
This activity and note bundle covers the Golden Age of Japan. You can pick and choose from five separate note formats and activities that can be used with or without technology, but still have a current flair for the 21st-century student.1. Tale of Genji Common Core Primary Source Document Analysis

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