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Calculus: Integration Bundled Unit
AP Calculus AB, BC, Calculus Honors, College Calculus: Integration Bundled Unit Here is the bundled unit for CALCULUS AB, BC, or CALCULUS HONORS. The unit is presented in 10 lessons which includes all TRANSCENDENTAL FUNCTIONS. Every lesson includes ✎ A set of Guided Student Notes ✎ A daily hom
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Frog and Toad are Friends Integrated Unit
This is a unit about two beloved characters- Frog and Toad! This 59 page unit includes literature responses, crafts and math and science activities. See exactly what's included below: Activities for each chapter: Spring: Story map graphic organizer and Frog and Toad character bubble map The Story:
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Circuit Training - Integration Bundle! (calculus)
Are you interested in getting EIGHT calculus circuits for a reduced price? This integration set has many popular circuits that are for sale individually. Separately they would be $32 but you can get all seven of them for $23. Please copy and paste the link to read each product description (and to ma
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Graphing: An Integrated Approach - Lessons to Add to Any Math Unit
Look at graphing in a totally different way! There are 20 different graphing activities in this this unit that can be integrated into all of your math instruction! This graphing unit contains at least two graphing activities for each of the math concepts below: -Place Value -Addition/Subtraction -

Get this as part of a bundle: 3rd Grade Math - Math Workshop & Guided Math Bundle

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Calculus: Applications of Integration Bundled Unit
AP Calculus AB, College Calculus, Calculus Honors: Applications of Integration Bundled Unit This is the bundled unit for UNIT 6: APPLICATIONS OF INTEGRATION. Each lesson provides: ✎ A set of Guided Notes which is a full-sheet skeleton format of the lesson, ✎ Teachers have a fully-editable SMAR
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Art Activities Geometry Integrated
Math-integrated art activity ideas. Students use and interpret geometry vocabulary, apply their knowledge of geometric and other math terms, use measuring skills, consider symmetry and three-dimensions, and work on estimating skills, all in the context of creating art. These are not comprehensive,
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Money Counting Coins:  Spelling Activity Center -  Math Literacy Integration
Money Counting Coins: integrated With Word Work! Cross-Curricular Resource... ★ Editable! You can type in your own words. Your students can practice money coin counting skills while they learn the spelling of words. This can be used to reinforce sight vocabulary as well. Common Core State St
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Telling Time with Salvador Dali - Great Art Integration Activity
Telling Time with Salvador Dali: A Surreal Art Activity for Classroom Teachers for telling time! Learning to tell time can be boring for spice it up and teach telling time in a way they will never forget! Introduce students to the surrealist artist Salvador Dali and his famous painting "Th
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Immigration Simulation!  A Month-Long Integrated Cooperative Project for Gr. 3-6
Immigration is an amazing subject to study and students LOVE this project! The scope of this classroom-tested, fabulous integrated immigration simulation covers myriad curriculum areas, and is terrific fun for students to collaboratively complete! Additionally, they apply concepts introduced durin
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Back to School Math Art Integration Activity: Addition Review Poster
Fun, colorful, classroom collaboration math poster that practices addition up to 20. Use this poster any time of the year or to start out the year with a collaboration project while kids dust off the cobwebs from summer with this collaboration addition poster. Each student solves the math problems o
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Calculus BC  Calculus 2  Techniques of Integration Bundle
Calculus 2, AP Calculus BC Bundle of Activities for Techniques of Integration Unit Here is a great bundle of Lessons and Activities from the unit on Techniques of Integration. Students need so much practice in this unit. Resources include Task Cards, Guided Notes, Homework assignments, Graphic Or
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Oviparous Animals: a unit integrating literacy, math and science
Students will love learning about oviparous animals with this engaging oviparous animal unit! Included in this unit (download free preview for pictures of each activity): - Oviparous Animal word wall - Word Wall center activities - materials for an oviparous/not oviparous whole-class sort - center
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Circuit Training - Applications of the Integral Bundle! (calculus)
Are you interested in getting EIGHT calculus circuits for a reduced price? This applications of the integral set has many popular circuits that are for sale individually. Separately they would be $32 but you can get all five of them for $24. Please copy and paste the link to read each product descri
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Art Lesson Geometric People Integrating Art and Geometry
Integrate Art and Geometry with this failure-proof collage lesson that introduces students to average and standard proportions of the human body. Students work with geometric shapes to create a one-color collage that represents a human figure in motion after observing and discussing art work by Amer
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Solar Oven -- Integrated Science & Regression - 21st Century Math Project
If you are trying to integrate an international flair into your science and math curriculum, solar ovens are a great place to start. This 21st Century Math Project helps you get there. Students will design, build, test, and present a solar oven design with the objective of heating a hot dog the hott

Get this as part of a bundle: 21st Century Algebra 2 / Pre-Calculus Math Project Starter Bundle -- Common Core

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Cinderella Around the World {Fairytales} Integrated Unit
This unit was created to correlate with the 6th Common Core suggested unit for first grade. However, it would be perfect for any fairytale unit in the K-2 classroom! Checkout my blog posts on this unit for pictures and ideas for how I use these materials in my classroom! This is part of my year l
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